Examinations regarding the siege and massacre at Longford

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Date: 1653-02-17
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County: Longford & Westmeath
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Assault, Death, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Thomas Herbert, Thomas Richardson
Deposition Transcription:

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Examinacions of Hugh fferrall, Lisagh fferrall, Martha Gunne twice John fferrall, Donogh mc Culroe and levallin Nugent, taken before Thomas Herbert and Tho: Richardson Esquire two of the members of the high Court of Justice the 17th and 19th dayes of ffebr 1652 touching seuerall murthers committed in the County of Longford.

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1. John Hugh fferrall mc Richard of Lissard formerly of Mote in the County of Longford gentleman aged sixty fyve years or thereabouts being duely ----- examined.
<A> The said Examinant being demanded where hee was at the tyme of the seige of the Castle of longford in the first yeare of the Rebellion of the Irish being 1641 sayth that hee was then living on the land of Cullimote, 5: myles from longford, being his owne holding, saving that on seuerall dayes during the said seige his this Examinants Cattle being distreined & carried to longford hee was constreined to goe after them, and pay such moneys as they were distreined for towards maintenance of the Irish Army, there beseiging the said Castle, otherwise hee cold not haue restitucion of his distresses, And further sayth and confesseth that on the same day the said Castle was surrendred to the Irish by the English then within the same, it was his this Examinants ill fortune to be in the said Towne of longford in the house of Bartholomew Nangle, being Cormocke fferrall mc Rosse his quarter, hee being then Comander in cheife of all the Irish fforces there, the occasion of the Examinants being there hee sayth was to giue meeting to one william fflood now living in Athlone merchant, vppon a difference betweene him and this Examinant which was formerly referred by mutuall consent to the arbitracion & determinacion of the said Cormocke mc Rosse fferrall and ffaghny mc ffergus, And further sayth that hee then heard that the said ffaghny <B> mc ffergus and one Lis Richard mcConnell fferrall, Roger Nangle, Murrogh mcEdm: fferrall, Patricke mcKirnan or John mc Kirnan, John Reignolds and one Heslenan, had eich of them a Company or partye of men there, all on the other side the water neere the Castle which stands in the Barony of

fol. 266v

Longford, and the towne of longford stands in the Barony of Ardagh, And being demanded whether hee went over the bridge or River that day into the Barony of longford where the murther was committed denyeth that hee went over to that side at att all to the best of his knowledge but stayed in the towne in Bartholomew Nangles house all that night, and the next day went home to his owne house then at Cullimote, And further sayth that all that hee saw the day of the murther was committed was divers come over the river stripped starke naked, and saw Thomas Allein comming hastely through the River in his cloathes, and many after him with pikes and swords to kill him, but that hee was rescued by the said Conocke mcRosse and some that wold be commanded by him, and thurst thrust into Bartholomew Nangles house, but during the short tyme of his stay there (being not aboue one quarter of an hower) many of the murtherous Rebells gott fire in their hands and wold haue fired the said house had not the said Conocke with a strong guard convoyed the said Thomas Allein into the prison being a strong stone house in the towne, and denieth that hee sawe any murthered or stip stripped on either side of the p River, onely hee heard a great noyse or Crye for a quarter of an hower, while the murther was committing, and heard by the Soldiers then vppon the <C> place, that it was one Reignolds & Heslenan and their followers out of the County of leytrim that committed the said murther, And being further examined sayth that hee never was at Ardagh with Thomas mc Nebo and Bryan mc Nebo, at the house of John Crosse or Croose, or was ever acquainted with any such man in the Barony of Ardagh, or that hee ever tooke or demanded his or any other mans goods, or now mencioned ffaghny mc Lisagh fferrall

fol. 267r

vppon any such occasion as to be accomptable to him for any mans house or goods, to the best of this Examinants knowledge, And denieth that hee knoweth any thing of the murther at Callow And further sayth not.
Hugh ferrall
in the Marshalsey

2. Lisagh fferrall mc Gillernew ffarrall of fforghill in the Barony of Rathcline in the County of longford gentleman <A> aged fourescore yeares or thereabouts being duely. examined sayth that hee was not in the towne of longford at any tyme since the about three or foure yeares last before the seige of the Castle by the Irish in the first yeare of the Rebellion, nor but hath heard that Cormocke mc Rosse did command in cheife there, and who else besides himselfe had any command there hee hath heard but doth not now remember, And denieth that hee was ever acquainted with or did know one John English or Susan Steele or her husband, or ever had any meeting with Oliver ffisgerald <B> at Bogganaveele or any other place vppon the accompt of consulting the death of the said English, or any other person, but sayth that hee doth know that the said Oliver ffitsgerald in the first or seacond yeare of the rebellion did rob and strippe one John Stibbes his wife and foure children his cause of knowledge is that the said Stibbs and his wife and children came thereuppon to the house of James fferrall this Examinants sonne then in Dromore parcell of the Examinants owne lands and was releived by him both with provision of victualls and cloathes, and after the said Stibbs went to liue at Athlone hee came three seuerall

fol. 267v

tymes and was to this Examinants house to see if hee cold gett to liue quietly in the Calloe where hee lived formerly, and cold haue procured his quiett habitacion there but for Oliver ffitsgerald who was a great enemy to the said Stibbs and other English, and tooke away a Cott from this Examinant <C> because hee this Examinant had once lent it to the said Stibbs And further the said Examinant be being demanded sayth that hee did never signe any warrant with the said Oliver to putt any man to death and beleiveth that if any such warrant had bin signed by the said Oliver and sent to this Examinants sonne ffergus to execute hee the said ffergus wold not haue obeyed the same, which ffergus went for Spaine about a moneth since with Charles Dillon sonne of viscount <D> Dillon of Costillagh And further sat saith that hee hath credibly heard that it was Phelim mc ffergus fferrall of Carrowcheile deceased and others whom hee doth not now remember that forcibly tooke william Steele and Daniell Stibbs out of Sir Silvester Brownes house and hanged them at a windmill And denieth that ever hee engaged with the gentry of the Countrey against any of the English or that it was ever propounded to him, and denieth that hee hath or ever had any brother named Rory theise forty yeares past And further sayth not.
Lisagh fferrall his marke
in the marshalsey
Hugh mcRichard fferrall and Lisagh mc
Gillernew fferrall examined the 18th day
of ffebr 1652 before vs.
Tho Herbert Tho: Richardson x

fol. 268r

19o ffebr: 1652
3. Martha Gunne the wife of mr Georg Gunne of Swords in the County of dublin Clerke, aged thirty yeares or <A> thereabouts being duely sworne and examined, sayth that shee with her husband about a weeke before the seige of the Castle of Longford came into the said Castle for safety of their lyves, where after this Examinant had bin about a weeke or tenne dayes the said Castle was stronglye beseiged by one Cormocke mcRosse fferrall, Rory mc Gerald fferrall, Lisagh mc Gerald fferrall, Richard mc Connell fferrall, Murrogh mc Edmond fferrall, who had every one of them commands there, and about a fortnight after the said Castle was surrendred to the said persons, who as vppon Articles in writing signed by them on the one parte, and those in Thomas Allein, Thomas Trafford, Raph Griffin, ffrancis Martin, and John Smith, on the parte and behalfe of them within the Castle, who were by the said Articles to haue quarter for life, and such goods as they cold carry away about them, and for the rest of the goods in the Castle the said beseigers were to giue notes vnder their hands for soe much as eich of them received to be accomptable for them to the owners, and all within the Castle were to haue horses and a safe Convoy to Dublin, And further sayth that the same day the Articles were signed (being about the begining of december 1641) shee this Examinant with all the rest of the English then in the said Castle went out abou (being in all, men woemen and children about sixtye persons) went out about 12 of the clocke, having all putt about them what money and cloathes they

fol. 268v

had there that were portable, and as they went out a guard was made with pikes and halberds for them to passe, but passing from the Castlegate towards Thomas Allens house vppon the greene neere the Church this Examinant observed being in the middle or rather towards the rere of the English did observe that the Irish there fell to stripping those English that went out first, which whereuppon her mother Mrs fflawne and shee this Examinant with some others of the English (by the helpe of an Irishman formerly this Examinants servant) broke through the guard, and gott over the bridge into Bartholomew Nangles house, where her mother and shee remayned till towards evning, and then were convayed thence by John mc Kedagh fferrall, James mc Kedagh fferrall, Connell mc Murragh fferrall, and others to the house of the said Connell mc Murrogh, about 3 myles from longford where they remained two nights, and thence gott to Cloncallin being then Sir James Dillons house since Earle of Roscommon, And further sayth that presently after her getting into Bartholomew Nangles house as beforesaid Thomas Allen before named gott into the same house, and came into the rowme where this Examinant then was <C> having received a wound or cutt in his head, which hee had (as hee said) from one Richard mcJames fferrall who as shee hath heard was since killed at Athlone And the Examinant being demanded whether shee saw Bartholomew Nangle the same day the Castle was surrendred at his owne house or about the Castle or whether hee had any goods in the Castle at that tyme sayth that shee did not see him at all that day but saw his wife in her owne

fol. 269r

house there, And sayth that shee did not heare of any goods at all the said Bartholomew had in the Castle that day And further materially shee cannot depose
the marke of
Martha [mark] Gunnes

4. The Examinacion of John mcCnogher fferall of Ballileague in the County of Longford labourer aged fifty yeares or there abouts taken by Colonell Tho. herbert and Thomas Richardson Esquire Members of the high Court of Justice now sitting at Dublyn &c.
The sayd Examinantsaith that hee hath liued in the parish of Racleen in the County aforesaid for aboue twenty yeares. and that hee was not at the seige of Longford nor there when the English that past out of the Castle in December 1641 were murthered. also saith that hee cannot remember whether Lisagh mcGillarnew was at the seige of Longford (but beleiues hee was not, because the sayd Gillarnew then liued in the same Towne where this Examinant liued.) Howbeit his son fergus mc lisagh did then comand a Troop of horse vnder Owen Roe o Neale & <A> a foot Company since, but dos not know how his Collonell was called. Being demanded where he was at the tyme Daniell Stibbs & william Steele were taken out of Sir Silvester Brownes house in the Collo & murthered He further saith that hee was in the house at that tyme. and further saith that the night before that Murther was comitted hee this Examinant was at his owne house in Cashelbeg, halfe a mile from fforemoile the house of Sir Silvester Browne aforesaid and that going abroad next morning about some busines of his owne (being demanded what busines hee saith he hath <B> forgotten) about ten of the clocke he mett phillip otherwise cald Phelime ff mc ffergus ffarrall, Gerratt mcTeag fferrall, John mc Cullro in the high way betwixt Racleen & fformoile with seauen or eight other Irish men whose names hee knoweth not. somme of which were armed. Phelim mc fergus & Gerratt mc Teig fferrall being well knowne to this Examinant they desired this Examinant to go with them a little way about some busines. He answered them that he had other busines of his owne at that tyme therevpon they

fol. 269v

replyed that they had authority to command him to go with them. and this Examinant asking whither they were going & what was their busines they would not acquiant him therewith at that tyme. but this Examinant therevpon going along with them they went into the house <D> of Sir Silvester Browne aforesaid. where being entred, Phelim fferrall & Gerratt mc Teigue seing Daniell Stibs and William Steele (both which were English men and protestants) stand in the Hall, they with the other Irish men presently seazd vpon those two English men being standing there the sayd Phelim telling the lady Browne that hee would must carry them to his Collonell then about Longford. and so (Notwithstanding the lady Brownes intreatjes to leaue them there) they the sayd Phelim & his Company carryed them away towards Longford. which being disliked by this Examinant hee sayd to Phelim, Phelim if this be your busines I will go no further with yow. Neverthelesse, this Examinant going in company about a pistoll shott from the house aforesaid, hee this Examinant saith that hee went no further with them, but turnd another way towards his owne house at Cashelbeg. and within one the space of one hower after hee parted from them as aforesaid, hee this Examinant <E> being at his owne house heard of that the sayd Phelim & his company had hanged the sayd Daniell Stibbs and William Steele vpon the windmill vpon Sir Silvesters Browns land & about halfe a mile from his House aforenamed. And further saith that vpon Notyce thereof hee this Examinant with other Inhabitants of Cashelbeg went that afternoone to the wyndmill, where they found them both hanging, and a countrey fellow stripping them, who dyed within a week after. and having taken their dead bodyes downe, they buried them neare the place where they were Executed. the Names of those inhabitants of Cashelbeg were Elioner ny Conner his sister the names of the rest hee remembreth not. being questioned that hee euer vnderstood the reason of their being so apprehended & put to death hee saith hee knoweth not. ffurther hee saith not.
John ffarrell
taken before vs this 19 ffeb. 1652

fol. 270r

19o ffebr 1652.
<A> The said John mcCnogher fferrall being further exammined touching the murthering of one Henry Mead and Agnes his wife and John Bissicke (all English Protestants) sayth that about foure or fyve days before the murthering of the said Daniell Stibbe Stibbes and william Steele Stibbs foure Irish persons Rebells whose names this Examinant knoweth not, came to this Examinants house where the said sd Mead and his wife had bin harboured and entertained for halfe before, by this Examinant and his said sister, and forcibly tooke away the said Mead and his wife (being both very aged people), and led them to the windmill aforesaid, & there hanged them and the said Bissike, whom they had brought along with them from some other place, as this Examinants said sister told him this Examinant at his returne home, which was about two dayes after the said murther committed, And sayth there is a daughter of the said Henry and Agnes called ffranny Mead, living at Tecraghan with the Gouernor there, who hee beleives can giue true informacion touching the said murther, and soe can the said Ellianor ny Connor this Examinants sister now living at Rathcleene, who was present wh though this Examinant was not present when the said Mead and his wife were fetched away out of this Examinants house to be murthered as aforesaid And further hee sayth not.
John ffarrell
In the Marshalsey.

5. Donogh mc Culroe of Ballileague in the County of longford yeoman aged twenty fyve yeares or thereabouts being duely examined touching the late murther of Daniell Stibs and

fol. 270v

and william Steele and others at or neere Calloe in the said County in the first yeare of the Rebellion of the Irish saith that hee was at Roscommon living with one mr Nash at the tyme the said murther was committed where hee onely heard of it by common report but hath not heard who were the Actors in it And being demanded his knowledge of the murther at longford denyeth that hee knoweth any thing at all of it but what hee hath heard by the report of the Countrey And further sayth not
the marke of
Donogh [mark] mc Culroe
In the marshalsey

6. Levallin Nugent of Coman in the Barony of ffenagh and County of westmeath gentleman al aged thirty years or thereabouts being duely examined touching the late seige and Massacre at Longford sayth that hee was at longford many yeares since but how many hee doth not at all remember and sayth that his business was to seeke a roan horse that was stollen or strayed from him and further sayth that hee saw a great Company of people and Soldiers of the farrells then in the towne of longford, and demanded of one of the souldiers whether hee saw such a horse and was informed by the Soldier that such a horse was gone vnder a Soldier to lissar whether this Examinant went imediatly after his horse and found him there in the possession of one whose name hee knoweth not, but was not suffered to haue his horse backe againe and the same night hee went

fol. 271r

backe againe to his owne house And being demanded whether hee knew any other levallin Newgent in the said County of westmeath sayth that there is another levallin Nugent of Ballinaghtower who is now a Tory and out vppon his keeping And further sayth not saue onely that hee denieth hee was ever any Officer or Soldier at Longford or any other place of the nacion.
the marke of
levallin [mark] Nugent
In the marshalsey.

Memorandum theise 5 last Examinacions being
the Examinacions of Martha Gunne
John mc Connor fferrall, Donogh
mc Culro and Levallin Nugent
were all taken the 19th day of ffebr
1652. vizt the said Martha vppon
oath and the rest without Oath
before vs
Tho Herbert Tho: Richardson.

(endorsement on

fol. 272v


Deponent Fullname: Hugh fferrall mc Richard, Lisagh mc Gillernew ffarrall, Martha mc Gillernew Gunne, John mcCnogher mc Gillernew fferall, Donogh mc mc Gillernew Culroe, Levallin mc Gillernew Nugent
Deponent Gender: Male, Male, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman, Gentleman,
Deponent County of Residence: Longford,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Bartholomew Nangle, william fflood, Thomas mc Nebo, Bryan mc Nebo, John Crosse, John English, Susan Steele, James fferrall, Charles Dillon, viscount Dillon, Phelim mc ffergus fferrall, Georg Gunne, * fflawne, James Dillon, Earle of Roscommon, Silvester Brown, lady Browne, Elioner ny Conner, * Nash, Cormocke fferrall mc Rosse, ffaghny mc ffergus, Richard mcConnell fferrall, Roger Nangle, Murrogh mcEdm: fferrall, Patricke mcKirnan, John mc Kirnan, John Reignolds, * Heslenan, Oliver ffisgerald, Rory mc Gerald fferrall, Lisagh mc Gerald fferrall, Richard mc Connell fferrall, Murrogh mc Edmond fferrall, John mc Kedagh fferrall, James mc Kedagh fferrall, Connell mc Murragh fferrall, Connell mc Murrogh, Richard mcJames fferrall, fergus mc lisagh, Owen Roe o Neale, Phelime mc ffergus ffarrall, Gerratt mcTeag fferrall, John mc Cullro, Phelim mc fergus, Gerratt mc Teig fferrall, Thomas Allein, John Stibbes, william Steele, Daniell Stibbs, Thomas Trafford, Raph Griffin, ffrancis Martin, John Smith, Henry Mead, Agnes *, John Bissicke, ffranny Mead
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim