Deposition of John Holmsted

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Date: 1643-05-25
Identifier: 814250r154


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: King's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Robbery
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Sterne
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 250r

Com Regis &c.
John Holmsted late of Clonahane in the Kinges County and nowe of {the Citty} of Dublin Gentleman being duely sworne vppon the holy Evangelist {deposeth} and saieth That since the begininge of this presente Rebellion, and by {meanes} and occasion thereof of this present Commo t i on he hath bin robbed pillaged and dispoyled of all his personall Estate as followeth
Inprimis his dwellinge house pillaged and burned by the sept of the Molloyes and others, the vjth of December 1641 with six <A> other English Tenements and also a faire new barne of 60 foote in length, a good stable and mault house of 50 foot in Length and 20 foot in breadth of Cage worke, with an English kilne built with lime and stone, these later burned by the Garrison of Birre for preservacion of the said Garrison amountinge to
my losse and damadge of ____________________________________________200 li.
Item great store of Corne taken out of my haggard about December 1641. and a great Reeke of hay burned by the Molloys & others all which were standinge in Reekes in the said haggard with great store of Corne in the Barne, and all my stocke of Corne then in ground newly sowen, vizt 45 acres of wheate and beare or thereabouts in Clonahane aforesaid, and also the Third Sheaffe of a great proportion of Corne of all sorts in two other villages more, belonginge to mee, which was all cut & carried away by the Molloyes and other fforces the haruest followinge vizt. 1642 togethir with a large proportion of hay burned by the Molloyes and others about that time, all which was done in the view of the said Garrison of Birre, all which Corne and hay of both yeares provision amount to my loss and damadge to the value of ___________________ 25{ } li.
Item lost in Cattle and horses 105 whereof 60 milch Cowes, the rest heifers in Calfe, and steeres of 3 yea: old, for the most parte of good English breed all which were (one with another) well worth 50 li. per score which amounts to 262 li. 10 s. as also a herd of 58 swine English and Irish worth sterling 22 li. besides a herd of goates to what number I doe not well remember all which Cattle were lost and taken away at seuerall times, some by the Molloys, some by the kennedyes and other people of the Countrey and some by the English Garrison at knocknemese for their releif when they were in distresse, the some of which losses amount vnto ______284 li. 10 s.

fol. 250v

Item in Leases of Lands for longe Terme of yeares yet to come (the most parte) sett out by me to vndertennants for terme of yeares which Lands (according the rates I sett some & haue bin offered for the rest) would yeild me clearely (all Rents and charges deducted) the somme of 92 li.: 10 s. per Annum which after the vsuall rates that the like Leases or Rents were comonly sold at vizt. seven yea: purchase in this kingdome amount vnto the some of 647 li. 10 s. sterling
Togither with my interest in reuersion after the decease of my ffather (whom God long preserue) of a lease of certeine lands in Mountrath wherevpon there hath bin expended in buildinge neere sterling 400 li. now all burned downe the interest whereof as aforesaid A value at 100 li. and vpwards And alsoe certeine hopp ground consistinge of 2 winchester acres or therabouts, planted 3 yeares before this presente Rebellion at or neere Clonahaue within mencioned being now all wasted and demolished to my Losse of 40 li. sterling in all
amounting to the losse of ____________________________________________787 li. 10 s.
Item lost in debtes due vnto me, some in moneys some in Corne bought and paid for before hand, some for areares of Rents due before this Rebellion, some of which debtes are due from poore pillaged and despoiled English, and some due from the Irish now in Rebellion all which sommes aforesaid amount to _________________________________________________220 li.
Item lost in the Castle of Birre when it was taken by Generall Preston and his Armie in household goods vizt bedding linnen, woollen, pewter, brasse, pannes, potts, Iron ware, a great deale of new broad Cloth, provision of victuall vizt wheat pease malte, oatemeale, salt, good store of salt beefe, some bacon, money and plate, Armes vizt six good, fire locke peeces or gunnes with somme ten pownd of powder, with many wooden ware vessells and other goods etc. to the valew of ____________________________________________________ 130 li.
The totall somme of all the Losses aboue named amount to _________________1877 li. sterling
J: holmsted
Deposed Maij 25o 1643
Hen: Brereton
John Sterne

Deponent Fullname: John Holmsted
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Kings County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: * Molloyes, * Preston
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel