Deposition of Roger Puttock

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Date: 1642-03-01
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County: Meath
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Robbery, Words, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Sterne, John Watson, William Aldrich, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 132r

Roger Puttocke of the Novan in the County of Meath Clark, duly sworne and examined deposeth, That aboute the 25 of 9ber last in this rebellion he was robbed and dispoyled by the meanes of the rebells that came from the County of Cavan to the Novan, and by the hands of the poople and inhabitants in and aboute Novan aforesaid, (as he verily beleiveth, and for more certainty referreth himselfe himselfe to the depositions of William Robinson and Charles Cranford of Novan formerly taken) from whence this deponent was glad to fly with his wife, and 2 children, disguised, and to leave one child behinde him in the hands of the rebells, in regard that this deponent was shott at in the Novan <A> by one Robert Lollard of Novan (as he verily beleiveth) on Munday night even ing the 25 of 8ber Last, which shott mist this deponent very narrowly
Imprimis this deponent was dispoyled and robbed of and in Corne, hay, and fireing, at Novan to the value of _______________________________________________________350 li._00_00
In all sorts of Cattle to the value of ____________________________________280 li._00_00
In househould goods, necessaryes, and provision to the value of _____________300 li._00_00
In bookes, manuscripts, and apparrell __________________________________080 li._00_00
In ready money, hid, and since found (as he is credibly inforced) by the rebells _040 li._00_00
In buildings of and aboute the Abay of Novan, now defaced, to his damages of
aboue ___________________________________________________________ 200 li._00_00
This deponent is dispossest of two farmes, Shanbo, and Clonemalevin, near Novan, the intrest wherof cost this deponent for 51 years to come, or therabouts, the sume of one hundred and threescore pounds by which he gayned de claro per annum 23 li. at 3 yeares
value ____________________________________________________________069 li. [ ]
The intrest of Tulkanstowne and Ballinardan for 21 years, or therabouts, to come, on which this deponent was to enter this last Hollantide, cost him 71 li._10 s. which would have bin worth to this deponent de claro per annum at lest 12 li. in 3 yeares __________________036 li._00_00
On the lands of young Mr Ledwich of Cookstowne near Kells this deponent had a rent chardge for at lest fifty yeares to come, as this deponent beleeveth of the summ of six pounds, per
annum ___________________________________________________________006 li._00_00
On the greatest part of the Lands of Boyardstowne near Novan, disburst by this deponent 174 li._13 s. to hould the same for some forty years to come, which was worth to him at lest per annum 30 li. in three yeares __________________________________________090 li._00_00
On the 60 acres of Land neare Nealstowne, to hould the same rent free for 7 yeares to come cost this deponent 80 li. which he sett to tenants for 19 li. per annum
valued at 2 yeares __________________________________________________038 li._00_00
On Tankerdrath near Novan disburst, to the Landlord Alex: Plunkett 155 li._19 s. and in buildings and fenceing, and improveing 30 li. more worth de claro to be held for 99 yeares, paying onely a peper corne per annum worth to this deponent de claro aboue 30 li. per annum valued at 3 yeares __________________________________________________090 li._00_00
On John ffitzwaters Land of Dunnamore a rent chardge of 30 s. per annum _____001 li._10 s.
On George Cusack of Angelstowne his said farme of Angelstown e___________118 li._00_00
On that part of the Abey Land at Novan that this deponent bought of Robert Plunkets executor disburst 30 li. at lest it would have bin worth to this deponent at lest 5 li. per annum for some 20 years to come at 3 yeares ____________________________________________015 li._00_00
More this deponent is dispossest of diverse houses
One at Arbrackan bought of Rob: White of Boyardstowne, cost this deponent Ten pou eight pounds sett for per annum 1 li. at 3 yeares value _________________________003 li._00_00
An other in Ardbrackan that cost this deponent from Thomas Burgess of
Ardbrackan ______________________________________________________1 li._16 s._00
An other at Novan bought of James Warren for 12 li. 10 s. sett per annum for 1 li._5 s. at 3 yeares __________________________________________________________3 li._15 s._0
An other at Novan of the Baron of Novan, cost 10 li. to be held rent free for 8 yeares to come sett for per annum ____________________________________________________2 li._00_00
On 4 houses on the orchard wall at Novan disburst some 10 li. to be held for some 20 yeares to come. They were worth de claro aboue 1 li. _ 3 s. per annum at 3 yea res value __3 li._9 s.
On Will: Reelys houses and Lands at Novan, disburst 31 li. to hould them dureing his intrest, they were worth at lest per annum 5 li. at 3 yeares ________________________15 li._00_00
On Richard Paniters house at Novan disburst 26 li._9 s. for to have his intrest it was worth at lest 5 li. per annum at 3 yeares __________________________________________15 li._00_00
Payd to a gent of the Lord of Dunsanys for the next Adrowsan of the Rectory of Kentstowne, which is in hazard _________________________________________________14 li._00_00
More this deponent, being farmer to his Maiesty for 3 Impropriations, and being worth in his Churchliveings some 200 li. per annum, is dispossest of all for the present. And for the time past through his patient forebearing of his tithe mony, and some other debts, some 3 years, some 4 years together, verily beleeveth he hast lost all the debts, herevnder specefied, the parties being either robbed, or rebells: valueing his Liveings at 3 yeares they come to _______600 li.
At Novan Pat: Maning 16 li. Tho: Cusack 25 li. 12 s. Shane Hone 10 li. to the cheife Burgesses of Novan for the building of their Towne house l ent 23 li. __________________74 li._12 s.
At Ballreske Cormuck Neal 8 li. 10 s. Tho: Metcalfe 149 li. 19 s. Tho: Kevan 8 li. 10 s. James Malone 5 li. 10 s. Pat: Duggenan 8 li. Donel McKee 10 li. Nichol: Anthony 8 li. 198 li._9 s.

fol. 132v

At Knockcumber Rob: Nettervile 11 li. James Delahide 4 li. 10 s. ____________ 15 li._10 s.
Mr Brimingham of Dorramstowne 14 li. 5 s. Tho: Teeling of Tankardstowne 3 li. Alson Knock of Lascartan 4 li. 1 s. 6 d. Martin Nangle of Rathmore 3 li. Tho: Nettervile of Blackcastle 22 li. Mah Gogarty of Symonstowne 10 li._19 s._6 d. Patrick ffodegan of the upper Graggs 5 li. 10 s. Patrick Gone of Lower Grags 13 li.10 s. ________________________________ 74 li._6 s.
At Dunnamore, Donell Calon 20 li. Tho: ffarrall 13 li. 10 s. Kale Smith 15 li. 12 s. Teig McAteir 4 li. At Proudstowe, Pat: Closker 21 li. 3 s. Pat: Gillam 10 li. 9 s. ____________ 84 li. 14 s.
At Rahaldron, Pat: Cusack 15 li. at Dunmowe, Tho: Darcy 20 li. at Roestowne, Rob: Barnewell 13 li. 10 s. ________________________________________________________ 48 li._10 s.
Aboute Slane, Edward Haward 89 li. 5 s. Walter Stanly 9 li. Tho: Hal 7 li. 10 s. _105 li._15 s.
Symon Porter of Kingstowne 60 li. aboute Kenstowne, Patrick Kennan Barthol: Plunket 5 li. 15 s. Mr Crump 6 li. 10 s. ______________________________________________126 li. [ ` ]
Aboute Killmoone, Christop: Barnewell 8 li. 10 s. Patrick Barnewell 16 li. 10 s. Patrick Dillon 29 li. Darby Calon 3 li. 15 s. Walter Calon 3 li. 10 s. Lawrence White 7 li. 5 s. Rob: Walsh 6 li. 15 s. Pat: Edwards 8 li. 10 s. Rich: Andrew 6 li. __________________________ 89 li._15 s.
All amounting to the summ of [ ]313 li. 6 s.
Corne in ground 3 couples and one acre at Moorestowne by Slane 3 couples more at Boyardstowne on Rob: Whites Land. 3 couples more on James Delahides Land, and 5 couples more on Walter Delahides Land of Knockcumber in hazard to be lost valued at
3 li. per copul _____________________________________________________ 43 li.
More in debts due on diverse others in rebellion, for which he had no specialties, aboue 300 li.
The writeings, evidences, and specialties concerning the said Lands houses, and debts are in the Rebells hands o nly the deponent is guided by his privat booke
All his Losses come to ______________________________________________3332 li._1 s.
This deponent saith, that aboute some fortnight before this rebellion burst out, John Warren of Churchtowne near the Novan gent, tould this deponent <B> that within a fortnight he should see as great a chaunge in Ireland, as he ever saw or harde of. And this he avouched so confidently that this deponent much wondred at it, whether he were privy to the confederacy he cannot depose. And further saith, that the very first night after this rebellion was knowne, generally all papists houses at <Novan> were sett upon a merry pin, danceing, singing, and drinkeing, as if hell had bin broken open among them; neither could this deponent perswade <C> the Portrife or Burgesses, to have a watch kept at the gates, or any care had to defend the Towne, though the country people were vp and robbing to the very walls of the Novan, Whereupon this deponent threatned the Portrife, that the state should know his care, and that he might perhaps repent his doeing. The which (this deponent beleeveth) was the cause that this deponent was shott at. And further he cannot depose.
Roger Puttocke
Jurat primo Martij 1641
John Sterne
Joh Watson:
William Aldrich
Hen: Brereton
William Hitchcocke

fol. 133r

fol. 133v

39 Roger Puttocke his
Deposition March
Count Meath: 1. 1641
25 octo no.


the Ja

Deponent Fullname: Roger Puttocke
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Clergy
Deponent County of Residence: Meath
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: William Robinson, Charles Cranford, Robert Lollard, Mr Ledwich, Alex: Plunkett, John ffitzwaters, George Cusack, Rob: White, Thomas Burgess, James Warren, Will: Reelys, Richard Paniters, Lord of Dunsany, Pat: Maning, Tho: Cusack, Shane Hone, Cormuck Neal, Tho: Matchet, Tho: Kevan, James Malone, Pat: Duggenan, Donel McKee, Nichol: Anthony, Rob: Nettervile, James Delahide, Mr Brimingham, Tho: Teeling, Alson Knock, Martin Nangle, Tho: Nettervile, Mah Gogarty, Patrick ffodegan, Patrick Gone, Donell Calon, Tho: ffarrall, Kale Smith, Teig McAteir, Pat: Closker, Pat: Gillam, Pat: Cusack, Tho: Darcy, Rob: Barnewell, Edward Haward, Walter Stanly, Tho: Hal, Symon Porter, Patrick Kennan, Barthol: Plunket, Mr Crump, Christop: Barnewell, Patrick Barnewell, Patrick Dillon, Darby Calon, Walter Calon, Lawrence White, Rob: Walsh, Pat: Edwards, Rich: Andrew, Rob: White, James Delahide, Walter Delahide, John Warren
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned