Deposition of Julian Johnson

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Date: 1644-02-08
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County: Galway & Roscommon
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words, Succour
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, Henry Jones
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 140r

Julian Johnson the Relict of John Johnson Cleark Preacher of gods word parson of Athenry & Donmoore in the County of Galway sworne and examined saith That since the present Rebellion began in this kingdome vizt a little before Christmas 1641: Her said husband (then alive) and shee were at Athenry aforesaid robbed and dispojled of their meanes goods & chattells & expelled from there meanes there to their losse of one thowsand six hundred fifty five <A> powndes ster By and by the meanes of the Lord Clanmorris whoe with his souldjers at first came in a fawning and seemeing faire manner (as a man seeming to partake with the right honorable Earle of Clanrickard) came into their howse there, & by his promisses of Loyalty to his Maiesty & in love to the her husband & her husband was kyndly entertained: but when he by insinuation had discouered & searched out where all their goods were there, he then discouered his former dissimulacion & treachery & deprived them of all their said goods there of the value aforesaid: But before that tyme vizt about the begining of November 1641 her said husband & shee were alsoe forceibly deprived robbed and dispojled at Corruddy in the County of Leitrim & in places thereabouts of their other their goods & chattells worth 760 li. ster By the treacherous Rebell Owen รด <B:> Quillan their Bayliff & receiver of rents there & others whose names they cannot expresse, And afterwards her said husband & shee forsakeing both those Counties for saffty retyred to the Island called the Inch in the Kings County to the howse of Captaine Robert Smith and stayd there about 5 weeks. And then her said husband & her eldest sonn and one Mr Baxter a minister and the said Captain Smith & 20 more protestants of their <20> company being in a skirmish all slaine by the sept of the Moloys & their souldjers: shee this deponent afterwards was by the same Rebells robbed at the said Captain Smiths howse of goods & chattells worth 241 li. more And then and there the said Captaine Smiths wiffe was alsoe robbed of all their her goods and she & the deponent after for seuerall dayes restrained among with those Rebells & were constrained to eate & drinck <C:> amongst them that had murthered their husbands And saith that Pawle

fol. 140v

o Moloy a frier was the principall man in that slaughter & robbery whoe quickly after in a triumphing & reioyceing manner sayd It was a brave sport to see the yong men (meaning some of the yong English then slaine) defending themselues on euery syde & their twoe eyes burning in their heades: And then alsoe those Rebells robbed her of her clothes And that frier (thoughe often required) would giue her none of her clothes againe becawse as he said, and as in deed was true, she was a ministers wiffe And then all the protestants there were turned out of the Island stripped of all they had, & denyd of that their meate and provision which the Rebells had surprised, almost surfeited on and then had throwne vpon dunghill: And although this deponent and the said Captains Smiths wiffe escaped away & lived, yet many of the rest (they being in all about 140) being turned out naked without their cloths dyed of hunger & starveing. And the deponent <A> being after her comeing from the Island brought to one John mc ffarrells howse she heard some of the cruell Rebell souldjers then and there bragg and boast of the brave sport he had then had by putting fyre to the straw which a stript English woman had tyed about her, and how bravely the fyre then made the English Jade dance: But before they came out of the said Island the said mris Smith and this deponent deliuered vnto one <B> Cosny Maloy & John mc ffarrell 2 Rebells vpon thier promisse to keepe them for them) ix li. of hers as shee said, & 5 li. of the deponents and 5 g o ld rings of hers 6 of the & 9 rings & a Jewell of the deponents: of which noe restitucion hath bin had, And the deponent afterwards with much difficulty & after many miseryes endured comeing to dublin was there deprived & dispo s spoyled of goods rents & benefite of howsing of the value, and to her losse of CCxx li. ster Soe as her whole losse by meanes of the Rebellion amounteth <2876 li.> to the summe of twoe thowsand eighe hundred three score &

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sixteene powndes terling att the least, where now shee is in great want & misery. Her former suffrings being too many to relate: & she charged with nyne small children: Whoe for a yere haue bin manteined by the right honorable the Erle of Clanrickird Captain Chidley Coote and Captaine Parsons out of their meere worthy bounty and charitie
Julian Johnson
Jur 8o febr 1643
Hen: Jones
Hen: Brereton


fol. 141v


Galway o
Julian Johnson Jur viijo
febr 1643
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Deponent Fullname: Julian Johnson
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Widow
Deponent County of Residence: Galway
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John Johnson, Lord Clanmorris, Owen , * Moloy, Pawle o Moloy, Cosny Maloy, John mc ffarrell, Earle of Clanrickard, Chidley Coote, Captaine Parsons, John mc ffarrell, Robert Smith, Mr Baxter, mris Smith
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Succour, Succour, Succour, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Victim