Examination of Donogh Lord Viscount Muskery

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-11-29
Identifier: 826220r232


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County: Cork
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Multiple Killing, Robbery
Commissioners: Francis Willoughby, Robert Meredith, Thomas Richardson, William Arnop, William Edwards
Deposition Transcription:

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The Examinacion of donogh lord Viscount Muskrey taken before ffrancis Willoughby and Sir William Gilbert knight, Coll William Edwards leivetennant Colonell Arnop and Tho: Richardson members of the high Court of Justice sitting at Dublin by Order of the same Court the 29th day of November 1653
The said Examinant being duely examined sayth that in the yeare 1642 in June or July the Castle of Kilfinny in the County of Limericke was beseiged by Generall Barry and the fforces then vnder his command but never by the Examinant, nor any fforces vnder his command And sayth the said seig continued about fyve or six dayes to his best remembrance, And further sayth that the said Castle was surrendered vppon quarter that all the English then in the Guarrison shold haue theyr lyves but whether any goods or noe hee doth not now remember, but sayth that the Irish found in the Guarrison were to be left not to haue any quarter for life at the dispose of the Generall his cause of knowledge is that hee was present o r in the ffeild nere the said Guarrison when the said quarter was given agreed vppon and heard had bin there about foure or fyve dayes before the tyme the Castle was surrendered And further sayth that hee never heard til (to the best of his remembrance) till hee came to this Citty of dublin that there were any executed in the said Guarrison after quarter given, And denieth that any person or persons were there executed in his presence or by his direccion knowledge or consent, nor did see heare that any were punished for any such fact, or for breakeing of quarter by killing or murthering any after quarter given at Kilfenny e And the Examinantt denieth that ever hee knew on Roger Skinner, or any person of that name to his knowledge or best remembrance And denieth that ever any such person was apprehended and brought before him or executed, to the best

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<B> of his knowledge, nor or that hee ever heard of the killing or executing of any such person, till hee found himselfe charged therewith since his coming to Dublin, And the Examinant further confesseth that hee was seuerall tymes in Campe neere the River lee on both sides, all along during the rebellion but denieth And sayth that after hee tooke too Armes had comand (which was in or about march 1641) hee gaue seuerall Convoys to English, but denies that ever hee gaue Convoy to John Millett and two other English men or woemen who were afterward executed, or ever knew such persons or that they were murthered, or that they were with him the day before they were murthered in his the Camp or elswhere to the best of his k n owledge And denieth that ever hee heard of any person or persons being murthered vnto whom hee gave Convoy at any tyme, save onely some that were sent from Macroome, mencioned in one of the Charges against the Examinant, of which murther hee sayth hee never heard till about two monethes after the same was perpetrated, but sayth that hee then heard that about foureteene or fifteene English (formerly the his owne Seruants vnto whom, hee had appointed a Convoy of their owne choosing to Convoy them from Macroome toward Corcke) were all murthered by the Countrey people, after the Convoy had left them, And denieth that any of the said persons that had Convoy as aforesaid desired to goe to Bandon or, any other place then Corcke) to t he best of his remembrance And further sayeth that hee did did recommend it to the Generall and afterwards to the then Supreame Councell as they called it to prosecute the murtherers, And sayth that donogh McTeig was the Constable that had the principall

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charg of the said Convoy which donogh is since dead of the plague (as this Examinant hath heard) And sayth that his direccion was the Convoy shold conduct the said persons as neere Corke toward Corke, And hath heard that <C> it was within a mile of Blarny (being then a Guarrison and of the Irish, and commanded by one leivetennant John Reredan who the Examinant hath heard is now in the County of Corke and saw him there himselfe since his coming from Portingall, And the Examinantt denieth that ever any Englishman that came from St Christophers or any other place, was brought to him by one John Goggin or any other person, or that hee gave order for, or doth knowe of the hanging of any such person, or gaue order for the hanging of any woman or that doth know that they were hanged, or for what cause to the best of his remembrance And the Examinant being demanded whether hee knew of any other murther or massacre to haue bin committed since the begining of the rebellion of the Irish, and of whom, and by whom, sayth that hee doth not at present remember any save onely of the murthering of one Scott and his wife and child who were all murthered in the Barony of Muskrey in the first yeare of the rebellion, by two of the Relyes and one mc Cartye, which murtherers were all hanged by this Examinants prosecution And further sayth not./

Taken the day and yeare first
within written before vs
Fr Willoughby
Will Edwards
Rob Meredith
Will Arnop
Tho. Richardson

fol. 221v

The Examinacion of
Donogh Lord Viscount

Deponent Fullname: donogh lord Viscount Muskrey
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Lord Viscount
Deponent County of Residence: Cork
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Generall Barry, donogh McTeig, John Reredan, John Goggin, * Relyes, * mc Cartye, Roger Skinner, John Millett
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim