Deposition of John Mountgomery

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Date: 1642-01-26
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County: Louth & Monaghan
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Apostacy, Assault, Captivity, Desecration, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Sterne, Roger Puttock, William Aldrich, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 130r


John Mountgomery late of the parrish of Clounish in the Barrony of Sat Saincterny and Countie of Monoghan gentleman sworne and examined saith That about the first of November now last past Hee this deponent, was by the Rebells forceibly robbed and dispoiled of his goods, and Chattells & of the values hereafter menconed vizt in the County of Monaghan of corne of the value of one hundreth nyne pownds tenn shillinges or thereabouts In hay viij li. In horses Mares and Colts Lxvj li. or thereabouts in Beasts and cattle Cl li. In sheepe 50 li. or thereabouts In plate and Jewells worth 10 li. 16 s. or thereabouts In howsholdgoods 20 li. in apparrell 50 li. In armes and furniture for eight men worth 10 li. in hogg hoggs powltry & implements of husbandry 7 li. And then this deponent was alsoe robbed of his lease & expelled and driven from his owne howse and land grownds which he had at Drumill are Loghowny in the said County for 39 yeres or thereabouts in being from Sir Geo: Wentworth and Sir Robert Loftus Knights this deponents estate and interest therein being worth [ ] with the corne now vpon & in the ground 400 li. In bonds and specialtyes for moneys owing to this deponent in the County of Tirone 46 li., of leases of farmes which he had in the County of londonderry from Mr ffreeman and Mr Henry Awbrey for seuerall yeres yet in being this deponents interest therein being worth 152 li. of specialties for debts owing him [ ] in the County of Downe xiij li. of leases and farmes which this deponent had and held within the said County of downe for seuerall yeres in being from the right honorable the lord of Ards of which & from which he was expelled & stripped by the Rebells worth 500 li. ster: Soe that in all this deponent is is robbed dispoyled and hath lost by the present Rebells and rebellion in all the some of 1591 li. -6 s. 1592 li. 6 s. at the least, And saith that soe many of the Rebells

fol. 130v


as he can now remember that soe robbed & dispoyled him & and were in action within the same Rebellion within the north of this Kingdome were theis that follow vizt Hughe <a> Mc Mahowne of Goolaghe in the County of Monaghan eldest sonn to Arthur Roe Mc Patrick Mc art Moyle Mc Mahowne of Annahagh a Baron of the same County one of the cheefest of the Rebells & both of them Cap tayne Rebels of 500 men a peece and the said Arthur himself, & Patrick ô Connelly mc Tirlogh oge o Connelly of the parrish of Clounishe in the county of Monaghan gentleman all three Captayne Rebells of 7 score men Captaines of Rebells Con mc Rory Mc Mahowne in the parrish of Clownishe in the County of Monaghan <x> gentleman: Patrick mc Person ô Connelly of the same parrish and County gentleman Brian mc Hugh mc Rosse mc Mahowne of Tedownat in the County of Monaghan Esquire: Captaine of about 300 Rebells Art mc Brian Sana mc Mahowne of Gla the parish of Glaslock in the same County gentleman an old Rebell of that Countie <Sir Phelim o Neale b> James Tate of Glaslock aforesaid gent, and his sonn and son in law whose names he Knows not Patrick mc Maghowne of Tedownatt aforesaid gentleman Art mc Maghane his brother Art mc Murphy of Tedownat aforesaid gentleman and donnoghe mc Murphy of Kilmore within the County of Monoghan gent Brian ô Connelly & Conn ô Connelly mc il Parsens ô Connelly of Clownisse aforesaid gentleman Hugh mc Ward and donogh duff mc Ward of the parrish of Kilmore aforesaid and Hugh mac ward his brother Patrick mc Rory Mc Maghowne, E & Ever mc Redmond mc Maghowne, and Art mc Redmond mc Maghowne his brother all of the parrish of Clounisse gentlemen Edward owens and Nicholas owens his brother of Kilcorren in the parrish of Clounisse & County aforesaid gentleman: Coll Roe o Connelly Phelemy Mc Aghy ô Connelly William Dooe mc Meny Neny Patrick mc Neny his brother Brian ô Quillin Phelomy ô Quillen Patrick Mother o dullen all of the parrish of Clonnisse gentleman Rory oge mc Maghowne of the parish

fol. 131r



of dartie in the County of Monoghan gentleman, a Captaine or Comander of 50 five or six hundreth Rebells there Redmond mc Maghowne Owin o Quin both of the same parish and County 2 other Captaines of Rebells there Ardall Mc Maghowne, Toole mc Maghowne, Edward Boy Plunkett all of the parish of dartry gentleman Rory oge mc Patrick mc Moyle, mc Maghowne, of or nere the Parrish of Clownishe Henry Captaine of the castle a guard of Rebells within the towne of Monaghan Henry shargull of nere parish of Clownisse gentleman Capt: Rebell of a hundred men Nicholas Shargall of or nere the Parrish of Clounisse aforesaid gentleman: Patrick Shargall their brother a Romish preist: Patrick ô Connelle of dunsnapp in the said county another popish preist Patrick dooe ô Connelley of dunsnapp aforesaid gentleman Robert ô Connellen of or nere Dunsnapp aforesaid gentleman: ffrancis Woottowne of the towne of Monaghan gentleman Patrick woottowne his brother of the same gentleman Patrick Mc Murphy Thomas <b> Tate Robert Capellô daly Edward woottowne all of the towne of Monoghan gentlemen Brian mc Maghowne of the same gentleman: Art mc Mahowne of the parrish of Tehollin in the same County of Monoghan gentleman Hugh mc Maghowne of the same gent Ever Mc Maghowne of the same gent, Patrick woottown sonn to ffrancis Woottoun of Monoghan gentleman John Crevan of the towne of Monoghan gent, Art Roe mc Rory mc Maghan & Art oge mc Rory mc Maghan of or nere the towne of Castleblany twoe Captaines of Rebells there, and divers Captaines an officers and souldiers of the names of the ô Duffys & the Murphys whoe are most notorious Rebells at or nere Castleblany and other placs within the said County of Monoghan: Cull mc Brian Mc Maghan of Car or nere Carrick mc Crosse in the same County a notorious Rebell and Collenell of 4000 men at the least all Rebells alsoe, and twoe or three of the sonns

fol. 131v



of the said Cull mc Brian all three called Captaines though one of them is but about 11 yeres old William <d> Kelly of Carrick mc Crosse aforesaid gentleman And one Thomas ffleeming of the Cabrough in the County of Cavan Esquire a Collonell of 1000 rebells or thereabouts James ffleming of or nere the towne of Drumconrow <xx> in the County of Lowth gentleman & James ffleming of Stevenstowne in the Countie of Meath Capt: of 300 Rebells And this deponent further saith That after that the first named Rebells had soe as aforesaid robbed and dispoyled him this deponent, and stript him & his wiffe and children alsoe of all their clothes they inforced this deponent to goe and March along with them & to serve them as a souldier for otherwise they would have taken away his life as he is verely <symbol> perswaded And saith that in their Jorney & marching within out of the County of Monoghan where the Rebells <1.> indeed was murthered of his knowle d g at the least fowrscore – protestants & comitted a number of other wicked barbarous and notorious actions Robberyes & actions: haveing & by their owne Relacion robbed stripped naked, killd and drowned fforty five of <2> the scotts at one tyme, and that the same Rebells alsoe murthered one Mr Blyth <3> and Mr Mathers, (twoe constant protestant preachers, within the County of Tirone & murthered on Mr ffullerton parson of Loughgall in the County of Armagh & nere 4 fowrscore <4> english more of protestants more by drowning and throwing them all over the bridge of Portedown e in the same County into the River of the Bann: And further saith that the Rebells aforeaid or some of them confessed vnto him & soe he was told alsoe by divers St Scottish men that they the same Rebells when they came to Armagh soe Monoghan & Dungannon sett all the prisoners at Liberty and that they broke open & defaced the Church of Armagh & burned the pews pulpitt and the best thinges in the said Church And this deponent whilest he was with <5> the same Rebells sawe them to pull in peecs kicke kipp kill vpp &

fol. 132r



<Montgomery 2>
downe, deface and spoile all the protestant bibles & other protestants bookes that they fownd in any place where they came: so & neither this deponent nor any other protestant prisoner, nor other, durst not soe much doe as to save or looke any of them, or looke vpon any of them in their sight <6> Nor would they willingly suffer any one to speake the <T> English tongue, And further saith that this deponent with others of the Rebells souldiers was entertained at the howse of the said James ffleming: and thence marched towards Tredarth & came & stayd at the howse of the Lord of Slane, and Martched over the bridge there to the lands of the Right honorable the lord More within a myle of Tredarth: where they incamped and stayd for three or 4 nights, and in that tyme assaulted or attempted the towne of Tredarth: but were repulsed or discovraged and after they incamped nere the howse ofdarcy of Platten Esquire where they stayd 2 nights and from thence marched back over the River of Boyne & incamped n ere in the howses of Sir John Netterveele and Thomas Hale where they were entertained and where he saw one called the Abbott of Mellefont whose names as he thinckes is Barnwell & vncle to Mr Barnwell of Bremore and oneô Brian a Monck; & from thence Martched away & came againe seuerall tymes as occasion served, And sayth that in all, this deponent stayd above 5 weekes as a restrayned and forced souldiers for and amongst the Rebells against Tredarth, and was amongst them Rebells when they againe assaulted Tredarth but were repulsed with the losse of about 6 twelve or thirteene rebells as he thincketh and some taken prisoners: & dureing this deponents stay at before or nere Tredarth he this deponent took notice that divers papists by stelth & by secretly meanes fled and gott out

fol. 132v



out of the towne of Tredarth & run to the Rebells, all those all those fugitives being before merchants of the said towne And this deponent further saith That during the tyme of this deponents with the lying with the rebells before the said towne of Tredarth theis percones persons hereafter named were vpp in rebellion & were [ ] before and against the said towne & against his Maiesties forcs, vizt within the County of Lowth the lord of Lowth oneTate a yong gent & a Rebell Captaine and oneBarnwell nere Mellefont gent quartermaister of the County of lowth for the irish Army before Tredarth <f> Patrick ô Mellan late of Tredarth gentleman being the man by whose meanes this deponent after escaped away. William Moore senior senior liveing about a myle northwards o ffrom Tredarth Barthol Sainct Lawrence of Criston in the County of Lowth EsquirePl Captaine of about 120 me n men RebellsPlunkett of [Colminwell] Castlelummett another Capt of about 50 Rebells: and so John Plunkett <g> his brother both gentBedlow of or nere Carnton within the County of Lowth gentleman Captaine of 300 Rebells or aboveBath an old man of or nere Carnton gentleman another Captaine of Rebells Shane Ô Neale of granchild to Sir Turlogh Mc Henry ô Neale, a Captaine of Rebells Henry <symbol> ô Neale ofin the County of Lowth gentleman a Collonell of Rebells:
and divers others of that County whose names hee cannott re now remember, but in deed as he hath credibly heard & is perswaded most of the inhabitants of ability of that County of lowth were in actuall rebellion at that tyme, And further saith within the County of Meath dureing the time of this deponents inforced being before and against the said towne of Tredarth theis persons hereafter named were alsoe vpp in

fol. 133r



Rebellion and came to the Rebells campe nere Tredarth aforesaid and assissted the said Rebells vizt the honorable <h> viscountPreston lord of GormanstoneDarcy of Platten EsquirePorter of the old bridge within a myle of Tredarth gentleman within whose towne 2500 Rebells then did lye:Brittagh ofge Esquire the lord viscount Nettervile of Balligarth, MrPreston brother to the lord of Gormanston
and divers others whose names he remembreth not And of the County of Dublin there were then alsoe in actuall Rebellion against the King & the towne of Tredarth and such as assisted the Rebells before Tredarth aforesaid theis other persons following vizt Pasmere of an Inkeeper of Balruddery and his sonn a popish preistBrimidgham whoe lives about a myle northwards from Corduff Esquire, Marshall of the Rebells of the County of dublin
and divers others whose names he remembreth not And this deponent further saith That the Rebells of the County of Monoghan generally and some of the County of Lowth Tho did say That they did nothing but what they had warrant for from the King and the queene of England or to that effect, and that they hadd the <x7.> King & queens hand for the same directed vnto them by a Jesuite: And that the King cold have noe <8> voice in Parliament And that the English or <x9.> Parliament howse had taken away his pre rogative and had hangd & quartered the queens preist And that the queene vpon that discontent went for ffrance sweareing she wold never returne vntill the King was

fol. 133v



should be Restored to his prerogative and might be enabled to performe his promisse made with his Maiesty of the King in ffrance her brother for her freedome of Religion: And that there vpon the King and queen <10> of England sent vnto them vnto them That if they were not their owne Maisters & shold not keepe the tyme appointed for surpriseing of Ireland the tyme appointed They wold be prevented: ffor that it was agreed in <(*)> the Parliament howse of England that The nobility and gentrie of Ireland shold be sent for to Dublin vnder coulor of passing patents of their lands: and there shold be imprisoned vntill such tymes as they shold either goe to the protestant Church or should be putt to death: And if they shold goe to the Church yet not to be released vntill they hadd given security that their followers shold goe to the Church alsoe otherwise to bring them in to be Censured, And further saith that when the Rebells of the Countie of Monaghan had surprised or had Comand of all that County: some of them sayd That they wold be governed by the Roman lawe, & some by the English lawe which they knew better, & said further That when they had taken Dublin and Tredarth <11.> Derry and Knockfergus th which they did not doubt but to Conquer before Candlemas then next they wold have a Parliament, and wold settle a goverment but h would have noe protestants amongst them: But that they would suffer English or Scotts to be deputies or lords Prov Justices or Judges soe that one of the Irish nation might be ioyned with them, & soe that all shold goe to Masse, And the

fol. 134r




same Rebells publiquely & generally alsoe sayd that <12.> they made noe accompt but to keepe Ireland for ever In regard they had of their owne souldiers two e hundreth thowsand fighting men besides laborers & they expected from the King of spaine according to his promisse fifteene thowsand souldiers & armes & mony fitt for them, and from the King of ffrance some ayde becawse the queene of England his sister was soe deprived of Liberty of Religion And the same rebells alsoe further sayd th in this <13> deponents hearing That in all forraigne parts It was agreed & resolved that all protestants or others that wold not goe to Masse shold be putt to the <T> sword: And this deponent saith that the Rebells which this deponent did see mustered vpp and in Rebellion were very many but few well armed: haveing but very little gunpowder but such as they had from the Newry: Charlemont & dungannon, which this deponent thincks was not very much, only the Comanders of the Rebells to incorrage their souldiers would boast of much powder shott munition strength & m assistance from forraigne nations & number of their souldiers <B:> And this deponent further saith That when as he this deponent had by inforcement gone with the said Rebells for Eight or ny ne weeks together or thereabouts: Then and hadd endured much slavery, Cold want & misery vnder their most disordered cruell and base comands Then at the length whenas the many of the Rebells Comanders were somwhat overtaken with drinck at a meeting in the night this deponent procured them to give him a passe to goe to the lord of Howiths to gaine some clothes: vpon promisse of his retorne to them againe: And then this deponent that very night

fol. 134v



gott away from them: And yet vpon pretence that that this deponent hadd counterfeited his passe & had run away from the Rebells secretly and without their consents he this deponent was many tymes disturbed in the way from Tredarth aforesaid to Dublin (whither in deed he ment to goe & is comen accordingly And especially this deponent was very evilly intreated at the lord of Gormanstons howse where he was stripped turnd naked and in a most shamefull manner not fitt for modest eares searc intreated inspected & stra ngly searched, vpon pretence that he carried some letters against the Irish Rebells: & this deponent was alsoe restrained & hindered in his passage by the said Mr Brimidgham nere Corduff: the lord Gormanston denying to give him a passe to Mr Brimidgham but saying That if this deponent were not goeing to Howith he would hang him and save Mr B Brimidgham a labour the Marshall of the County a labour, calling this deponent a Rogue, & giving many other threateing and evill wordes: Howbeit after many hindrancs & examinacions of the s Rebells this deponent escaped to dubljn dispoyled and stript of all he hadd where his frends haveing only furnished him with clothes hee is vnprovided & putt to great want of meate & drinck And this deponent further saith that he this deponent in his comeing from Tredarth to Dublin observed that the said Lord of Gormanston had built was makeing a great trench crosse the high way at Gormanston nere his owne howse purpossly to keepe & hinder the Kinges forces for goeing towards or against Tredarth, And some of the said lords servants told him this deponent that the said lord of Gormanston could suddenly raise a force of 3000 men: And this deponent did see that 2 Courts of w guard, were kept on the owtsyde of the howse of Gormanstone, and one

fol. 135r



<symbol> within, all nere the gate: And this deponent further sayth that he this deponent did heare the said Neale mc Kenny Barron of the Trough nere Glaslock a notorious Captaine of the Rebells say: That the King had sent directions from Scotland, That Sir Phelomy Roe ô Neale knighte should be generall of all his majesties forcs in Ireland against the englishe, and that he the <k> said Neale mcKenny should be governor of the 3 Counties of Tirone Armaghe and Monaghan: And that therefore he the said Neale Mc Kenny and the rest <14> of the Irish forcs would after their conquest of Ireland goe into England & there by the assistance of the English papists would alsoe conquer the same, And that from thence they wold goe into Scotland and by the like assistance subdue that Kingdom and settle their Religion in all places And further saith that he this deponent was in the County of Armagh credibly informed by some scotts & the same was confessed and confirmed to be true by some of the Irish: That oneMc Keoone nere Cregance in the same County and his souldiers: did take a scottish man & a woman & tortured them by hanging them vp in a rope to confesse their moneys <T> but still before they were dead lett them downe againe & that at Boltons mylne in the County of Armagh there was a guard of Rebells to hinder the passage of both Scotts & <L> English from goeing to assist the Scotts in their army <symbol> <A> And saith further that one Brian mc Erwny Erowny a Captaine of Ringleader of Rebells in the County of ffermanagh <symbol> and his souldiers kild one Captaine L ancient Lloyde & Robert Warkman both of the same County gent s and 4 of their servants, one of which they haveing wounded but not to <15> death, they buried quick: And this deponent was credibly <symbol A 16> informed That the daughter in lawe of one fford in the parish of Clonnish <hand> & County of Monaghan being delivered of a chyld in the hills The Rebells whoe had formerly Kild her husband and his father: Kild her alsoe & 2 of her children and suffered their doggs to eate vpp & devowre the said new borne &

fol. 135v



her said new borne chyld which they fownd with her in that place, And saith further that the said <m> Coll mc Brian mc Maghowne the Colonell and his souldiers havein did Kill and murther at Mellefont the said Lord Mores howse, xxxviij t of the said lord Mores <17> servants, and would not suffer the greater part of them to bee buried but to ly vpon the grownd & be devowred by doggs Crowes & ravenous creatures, And this Deponent had & hath seene & observed the Like to be done by the rebells [ ] since this Rebellion began within the County of Monoghan to divers others protestants that they had murthered

Jo: Montgomerye [mark]
Jurat 26o Januarij 1641
John Sterne.
Will: Hitchcock
Roger Puttocke
William Aldrich
Hen: Brereton

Mr John Mountgomery
Com Monaghan
Jan. 26. 1641
Tho. fleming Rebell

fol. 4

Sir Jo Netteruile

Deponent Fullname: John Mountgomery
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Monaghan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Geo: Wentworth, Robert Loftus, Mr ffreeman, Henry Awbrey, Hughe Mc Mahowne, Arthur Roe Mc Patrick Mc art Moyle Mc Mahowne, o Connelly, Con mc Rory Mc Mahowne, Patrick mc Person , Brian mc Hugh mc Rosse mc Mahowne, Art mc Brian Sana mc Mahowne, James Tate, Patrick mc Maghowne, Art mc Maghane, Art mc Murphy, donnoghe mc Murphy, Brian , , Hugh mc Ward, donogh duff mc Ward, Hugh mac ward, Patrick mc Rory Mc Maghowne, Ever mc Redmond mc Maghowne, Art mc Redmond mc Maghowne, Edward owens, Nicholas owens, Coll Roe o Connelly, Phelemy Mc Aghy , William Dooe mc Neny, Patrick mc Neny, Brian , Phelomy , Patrick Mother o dullen, Rory oge mc Maghowne, Redmond mc Maghowne, Owin o Quin, Ardall Mc Maghowne, Toole mc Maghowne, Edward Boy Plunkett, oge mc Patrick mc Moyle mc Maghowne, Henry shargull, Nicholas Shargall, Patrick Shargall, Patrick , Patrick dooe , Robert , ffrancis Woottowne, Patrick woottowne, Patrick Mc Murphy, Thomas Tate, Robert Capell , Edward woottowne, Brian mc Maghowne, Art mc Mahowne, Hugh mc Maghowne, Ever Mc Maghowne, Patrick woottown, ffrancis Woottoun, John Crevan, Art Roe mc Rory mc Maghan, Art oge mc Rory mc Maghan, * , * Murphys, Cull mc Brian Mc Maghan, Cull mc Brian, Thomas ffleeming, James ffleming, James ffleming, Mr Blyth, Mr Mathers, Mr ffullerton, James ffleming, Lord of Slane, lord More, * darcy, John Netterveele, Thomas Hale, Abbott of Mellefont, * Barnwell, Mr Barnwell, * , * Tate, * Barnwell, Patrick , William Moore, Barthol Sainct Lawrence, * Plunkett, John Plunkett, * Bedlow, * Bath, Shane ԠNeale, Turlogh Mc Henry , Henry , viscount Preston, lord of Gormanstone, * Darcy, * Porter, * Brittagh, lord viscount Nettervile, Mr Preston, * Pasmere, * Brimidgham, * King, lord of Howith, Phelomy Roe , Neale mc Kenny, Brian mcErowny, * Lloyde, Robert Warkman, * queen
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Creditor, Creditor, Creditor, Creditor, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Mentioned