Deposition of Henry Lord Blany

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Date: 1642-07-11
Identifier: 834171r137


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Louth & Monaghan
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: John Watson, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

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The right honorable Henrie Lord Blany Baron of Monoghan examined vpon his honor sayth That when the present Rebellion began within the County of Monoghan vizt on or about the xxiijth daie of October last 1641 one Art Roe mc Sr Patrick mc Art Moyle mc Mahone of the Barrony of Trowghe [ ] & Countie aforesaid Esquire with divers other Rebells in his Company by force and armes entered into and tooke the Castle of Monoghan belonging to this Examinant & pillaged his howse Ransacked robbed & dispoyled him the said Lord Blany of his goodes & chattells there & also robbed and ransacked the towne of Monoghan & killed divers English protestants there: & expelled & deprived this Examinant of his Rents due from and out of the Landes of Ballemeaghane Ballecastlane Ballelatlockan, contianing in all three Ballybetaghes twoe odd tats alsoe one Ballibetaghe called Balleclounre halfe a Ballibetaghe of Balletolcashell containing eighte tates: Halfe a Bellybetaghe of BallemcEnallowe containing eight tates, and alsoe one Tate called Drumlewny in the Barrony of Dartrie being free land & worth per annum one thowsand one hundreth powndes whereof his Lordship hath already lost one yeres proffitt, & is like to loose the future Rents and proffitts thereof from henceforth vntill a peace be established: & further sayth that by meanes of the Rebellion He the said lord Blany is deprived of & hath Lost in arreares of [ ] Rents due vnto him when the Rebellion began out of the same Landes or some part thereof the sume of ffive hundreth and ffiftie powndes ster And the said Lord Blany further sayth that on or about the said xxiijth daie of October the Rebell Hugh mc

fol. 171v


<b> Patrick duff mc Coll mc Mahone Esquire with seuerall other Rebells in his Company rebelliously and forcibly seized on entered and tooke his castle & towne of Castleblany & ransacked robbed & dispoyled the same of the goodes & chattells then and there fownd: & then and there alsoe by force expelled & drove the said Lord Blany from the same same & tooke his Lady seven of his children his [ ] two sisters and many of his kinred servants prisoners & the said Rebells have ever since taken & received the Rents & proffitts of the said Lord Blanyes lands hereafter mencioned which when the Rebellion began were worth one thowsand one hundreth & ffiftie powndes per annum vizt the Rents and proffitts due out of the twoe Ballibetaghes of Ballelurgan and Balleknocklusk three ballibetaghes in the Mannor of Mucknoe called Ballelisdrummaghlis Balledrumacors & Balledrumine fowre tates in the Ballibetaghe of Ballinteane twoe tats in the Ballybetaghe of Ballemcskeaghane and fowre tats of Land in the Ballibetaghe of Ballelackie being all free land, Soe as the said Lord Blany maketh accompt that hee hath Lost not only one yeres proffitt or value there of amounting to one thowsand one hundreth and fiftie pownds as aforesaid & is like to loose the future Rents & proffits thereof vntill a peace be setled But his lordship by meanes of the Rebellion is deprived & hath Lost five hundreth and threescore pownds more arreres of Rent to him due out of the same landes [ ] when the Rebellion began & which is still & due & never like to be paid
And further sayth that the Rebells aforenamed and their Complicees and Confederats have alsoe deprived robbed or otherwise dispoyled him the said Lord Blany of his goodes & Chattells Consisting of Horses Mares

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Coultes geldinges besids his lordships Ryding horses worth CCxxxvij li. Powndes Beasts and Cattle worth Eight hundreth powndes Plate worth five hundreth powndes Lynen worth five hundreth pownds sheepe worth Cxxv li. more Howshold stuff in his twoe howses worth att least one thowsand markes ready money 296 li. and due debtes 400 li. a library of books 500 li.
Besides other goodes & chattells which hee cannott now Remember an d the Rebells alsoe have burnt & dispoyled his lordships howses to his damage of 7000 li. But & saith that all his present Losses by meanes of the Rebellion amount vnto that he can for the present Remember amount vnto 13873 li. 13 s. 4 d. at the least and his future Losses that he by the Rebellion is like to susteine by being deprived and stript of the Rents and profitts of his Lands will amount vnto the some of twoe thowsand two hundreth and ffifty powndes per annum vntill a peace be established & that the same landes come to be of their former values

He: Blayney
Affirmed vpon his honor xio
July 1642
Joh Watson
Will Hitchcocke

mr Watson
Mr Hitchcock
3360 li.-0-00

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The Lord Blanys Examinacion
xio July 1642
Cert fact

Deponent Fullname: Henrie Lord Blany
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Baron
Deponent County of Residence: Monaghan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Art Roe mc Sr Patrick mc Art Moyle mc Mahone, Hugh mcPatrick duff mc Coll mc Mahone
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel