Deposition of Elizabeth Williams

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Date: 1642-04-05
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County: Louth & Monaghan
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Watson, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

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The examinacion of Elizabeth Williams late of Carrick in the Countie of Monoghan the relict of William Williams of the same gent taken the 9th daie of this instant Aprill 1642
Whoe beinge sworne & Examined saith That vpon the <a> 23th day of october last Patricke mc Laghlin mc Mahonne (Bayliffe to the Earle of Essex) came to the Brewhowse doore at Carrick afforesaid where this Examinat then dwelled, and findeing it shutt called to her husband to suffer him take all the weapons he had about the howse for the kinges vse as he alleaged he then promiseinge this Examinate her husband and the rest of that howshould that they should receiue no harme wherevpon the doore was opened and the said Patricke tooke away two fowleinge peeces three pistolls and a sworde. About an howre after Captaine Art mc Brian mc Mahonn came into the howse and turned this Examinates husband, her self, seauen Children and three or foure more quite out of doores into the Court of the sayd Castle where they remained till the said Art mc Brian mc Mahonne putt them into the Castle where Mr Branthwaite and Mr Blayney and a great maine More prisoners were. In that place they Continued two dayes, and then were remoued into the towne all saue Lady Blayney her two sonnes, three or fower of the Copes Mr Richard Blayney and some others whoe were sent to monoghan And this deponent further saith that <b> Coll mc Brian mc Mahonne (now a Corronell) his own man came in his masters name and gott a note of what goods this deponents husband had at that tyme in the howse which he tooke into his possession for his Masters vse promiseing when that there should be a peace the said deponents husband should receiue his goods againe

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The rest of this deponents husbands goods Garrett mc Eohee and Donell mc Cabe kept & detained from him they being in the possession of them at the begining of the insurreccion And this Examinate further saith that she her husband together with their whole family was remoued into the Towne, where they had of their owne goods onely two steares and one Barrell of oates dureing the whole tyme of 17 weekes space And further saith that on the seccond of <A> January 1641 the Rebells came abroad into the Towne and tooke her husband (Mr William Williams) Mr Gabriell Williams (her brother in law) Mr <hand> Ithell Jones her sisters husband together with a Scotchman one Thomas Tran & hanged them all in a Barne in the backsyd of their lodgings where they were in prison, That day suffered besides these fower about fowerteen or fifteene whoe were all hanged or stabbed or both in the Towne And further saith that about a month agoe this deponent took her Journey for Tredagh with her sister fower of her Children and a seruant woeman which were all stript within fower Myles of Tredagh by the Rebells but whoe they knew not And saith that
<the> Losses in goods and monies due to this deponents husband which the Rebells Conuerted to their owne vse were as followeth (vizt)

Imprimis in Corne at Peeterburrow and Maghery Clowny060:0{0: 00}
Item for xx tie Milch Cowes040:{00: 00}
Item for horsses, Mares & Colts020:0{0: 00}
Item for 120: sheepe025-0{0: 00}
Item in Bedding022-0{0: 00}

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Item in Brasse & Pewter015: 00_00
Item in hay & turffe006: 00: 00
Item in Plate006: 00: 00
Item for two Peeces: 3 Pistolls & a sworde006: 00: 00
Item in Aparrell010: 00: 00
Item in Cupboard, Truncks, Chests. Tables & other lumbard007_00_00
Monies due to her by bill bond & other Reckeninges 020: 00: 00
In toto: 237 li. 00 s. 00 d.

<237 li. 00 s. 00 d.>

Elizabeth [mark] Williams
her marke
Jurat April 5th 1642
coram nobis
Joh Watson
Hen: Brereton
William Hitchcocke

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40 Monoghan
Elizabeth Williams Jur
5o Apr 1642
Cert fact

Deponent Fullname: Elizabeth Williams
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Widow
Deponent County of Residence: Monaghan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Patricke mc Laghlin mc Mahonne, Art mc Brian mc Mahonn, Coll mc Brian mc Mahonne, Garrett mc Eohee, Donell mc Cabe, Earle of Essex, William Williams, Gabriell Williams, Ithell Jones, Thomas Tran
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim