Deposition of Alice Champyn

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Date: 1642-04-14
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County: Fermanagh
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Assault, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words, Succour
Commissioners: John Watson, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

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Alice Champyn the late wife & Relict of Arthur Champion late of Shanog{e} in the Countie of ffermanagh Esquire beinge duly sworne deposeth & sa{ith} That the 23th of October last past hir said late husband was lawfully in his owne Right possessed of goods & Chattles Reall & personall & seized off lands & teniments: of Inheritance to him & his heires that is to say In vizt possessed of Jewells plate & Ready money then in his Castle & Mancion howse of Shanoge Afforesaid to the vallue of 820 li. In howsehowlde= goods =stuff, hangings carpetts beddinge lynen & other implements & ffurniture of howsehoulde=stuffe & Nessesaries to the vallue of 500 li. In Cattle beinge to the Number of 70tie hea de of English breed Cattle to the vallue of worth 110 li. one hundred & Twelufe sheepe of the vallue of worth 30 li. Corne in the grounde sowne & in the hagyearde & Chambers & other winter provision of the vallue of 110 li. In of leases lands howlds of the Cleare yearly vallue of 75 li. per Annum which for three yeares purchase is were worth 225 li. Of debts by bond spetialties & other Conveyances & Assurances for money lent & trusted <6971 li.> to the vallue of 6971 li. In A nd seized of mannors lands teniments And heriditaments of Inheritance As ffoloweth vidz: off The Manner & lands of Shanoge & other lands in the barrony of Clankelly & Countie of ffermanagh of the yearly vallu{e} <140 li. per annum> of 140 li. The Manner & lands of Castle Coole Alias cast{ } Alias Castle Atkinson lyinge & being in the halfe b arrony of Coole & in the Countie Afforesaid of the Cleare yearly Rent duringe both theire liues of Capt Roger Atkinson <20 li. per annum> & Edyth his wife 20 li. per Annum & After the discease of Either of them of the Cleare yearly Rent of 100 li. per Annum & After the death of the survivor of them [then the] the whole proffitts and rents of the said Mannor & lands of Castle Coole Alias Castle Atkinson Afforesaid to Remaine vnto him the said Arthur Champion & his heires for Euer beinge of the Cleare yearly Rent of 200 li. per Annum & vpwards And out of the Mannor & lands of the Right honorable the Earle of Kildare lying & beinge in the province of l yn Munster & Countie of <200 li.> lymbrick of the yearly Rent of 200 li. per Annum for & dur duringe the time & space of seaven yeares yett to come or thereabouts Makinge in the whole for that time the some of 1400 li. In lands teniments howses & leases for yeares some for 40tie yeares & some for 60tie or thereabouts in & Neare Adioyninge to the Cittie of Dublyn

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<{5}7 li. per annum> off Dublyn of the Cleare yearly Rent of 57 li. per Annum or thereabouts which vallued At three yeares purchase Maketh in the whole the some of And this deponent ffarther saith that the said <A> 23th day of October the said Arthur Champon hir said late husband was Assaulted & Crewelly Murdred & killed before his Owne gate At Shanoge Afforesaid by the Maguyres & others theire Adherents whereof shee well Remembreth that there were present At the same Murdringe of him Don Carrage Maguyre of in the Countie of Ffermanagh gent & Edmond Carragh Maguyre of Annaharde in the said countie gent Redmond mc Owin Maguyre of in the said County gent And Pattricke oge mcRoss Maguyre of Borsalla in the said Countie gent, & others to the Number of 100 persons or thereabouts And that they Murdered & killed with him the said Arthur Champion six other persons At Shanoge Afforesaid As Namely Thomas Champion Tho: Iremonger Humphry Littlebury & Christopher Lynis gentlemen John Morrice & Hugh Williams yeoman And that Afterwards they Killed & Murdred thereabouts the Nomber of 24 English men more or thereabouts And that shee hath heard the said Rebells say that they were spetially comaunded & Directed by the lord Maguyre Now in the Castle of Dublyn that they should not spare the said Arthur Champion her said husband but Murder & kill him & all the Crosses that were his folloers & tenants And saith that After they had killed him the said Arthur Champion they Murdred & killed Henry Cross & did hang vpp Joseph Cross As they were Comaunded by the said <A> lord Maguyre And that Afterwards they had soe Murdred & kilded kiled the persons As Afforesaid they fforceibly Entred the said Castle of Shanoge Afforesaid & vpon all other the goods & Chattles Jewells money plate howsehould stuffe stocke of Cattle mor corne Mannour & lands Afforesaid within the said County of Fermanagh aforesaid And Immediatly after they had soe Entred the said Castle Afforesaid they burned it downe to the grounde A s Alsoe they burned the Castle of Coolle Alias Castle Atkinson Afforesaid which said Castles & buildings are vallued At 1600 li. ster: And alsoe saith that by the generall insurreccion & Rebellion

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of the Irish in this kingdome shee this deponente saith that shee hath bine & still is in hassarde of the loosinge of all hir Rents howses & lands Adioyninge into in or nere the Cittie of Dublyn aforesaid And this Deponent ffurther Saith that shee hath heard it spoken by the Rebelliouse Irish in the said County that they had Done Nothinge in this theire Rebellion but what they had the kings broad Seale to shew for what they had d one & that the now Byshop of Dery London Derry was to take the Cittie of London Derry Afforesaid one theire behalfe And that they had done Nothinge but what hir Majestie well knew of & was privy vnto: And ffurther Saith that they said That Sir Pheylemy Roe O Neeile had should be kinge of Ireland & that he the said Sir Pheylemy O Neile had Receaued divers <[hand]> letters from hir Majestie to this purpose that they went not About theire worke wisely whereof Donnogh Maguyre vnkle to the said lord MaguyreLikewise the said Rebells said that the late Earle of strafforde was the first plotter of this treason theire Rebelliouse Rysinge of treason & if that the said Earle had bine livinge they should not haue had soe much trouble in vanquishinge of Ireland as they haue had, & that the said Earle of strafford his sonn was gone ouer into England to Raise forces to come ouer Againe into this kingdome to Releiue & helpe them the said Rebells, And this deponent ffurther Saith that shee hearde the said Rebells alsoe say that they would sende 15000 Irishmen ouer into England before Midsomer day next to Releiue the papists And that they would giue A greate some of money in <[hand]> Condicion that they had our gratious kinge Charles his heade <B.> And ffurther Saith that the said Rebells would not permitt & suffer the Corpes of the deade whoe weare soe Murdred at the Castle of Shanoge Afforesaid to be buried vntill such times As A quarter of one of the said persons soe murdr{ed} was devoured & Eaten by doggs & that the said Rebells did burne As shee hearde them boast themselufes In the castle of Lisgole & Countie of ffermanagh of Scotch & English men woemen & Children to the Number of 90tie persons or there abouts & that After one of the said women whoe leaped out At A windoe to saue hir selfe from beinge soe burned war cruelly Murdred & Killed by them & the next

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Next Morninge they ffindinge of A younge Childe of hirs lyinge suckinge of the deade Mothers brest, the fforesaid Rebells killed the said Childe, & when the said persons were in the said howse was soe A burninge, the said Rebells said Amoungst themselufes, Reioycingly, O how sweetly doe they ffrey And ffurther this deponent saith that shee hearde them alsoe say they had killed soe maney English men that the greese or ffatt that thereby Remained vppon theire swords & skeynes might have {m}ade An Irish Candle, And alsoe As shee likewise hearde That At the towne off balturbott in the Countie of Cavan the said Rebells had drowned of English woemen & Children to the Number of 30tie <B.> persons or thereabouts And for her Cause of Knowledge further saith That shee beinge was At the very first Restrained & kept As A prisoner with & by the said Rebells with whome shee soe Remained for the space of xixtene weekes After & vntill shee gaue vnto one Laughlyn Roe mcMahon one of the said Rebells the vallue of 20 li. pounds for A Reward & his paines to Conveye her from them & Carrie hir safe vnto one Mr Edw: Dowdall of Munkstowne in the Countie of Meath Neare vnto, the hill of Tarra, which hee did & there left her whome the said Mr Dowdall did furnish with men & horses to haue brought hir safe vnto Castle knock wherewith by the direccions of the honorable Sir Charles C oote A troope of horsemen to haue conveyed hir thence to Dublyn but vppon hir way About Dun shaghlyn Certaine other Rebells there Mett hir, & tooke from hir, hir said horses & forced hir to Retorne back vnto the foresaid Meunktowne Where shee Remained vntill the late Expedicion of & goinge out of the English Armey into the countie of Meath when one Sir Richard grenefeilde & Sir Thomas Newcomen Cominge vnto the said Mr Dowdalls howse At Munktowne Afforesaid where this Deponent then was (And the said Sir Thomas Newcomen happely knowinge of this Deponent) shee was by them Deliuered & Conueyed vp by A safe gvard to this Cittie of Dublyn & within that time of hir soe beinge Amounghst them heard & saw what shee deposeth

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And further saith That divers Rebells comeing from Tredarth divulged & comonly gave out that the Erle of Ormond the lord Dillon and the lord of Howith hadd surprised and taken Dublin & had parted it amongst them soe as they in the north needed not to troble themselues to come there: And that the Consultacion at Tredarth was that the lord of Ormond should for that exploit be m{a}de k{ing} made king of Ireland But afterwards when the Rebells heard that the Erle of Ormond wo had not taken Dublin but contrarywise did pursue the Rebells Then they greevously exclaimed against him and cursed him Calling him the base and treacherous lord of Ormond or t and traitor & vseing other fowle and opprobrious words Against him
Ales Champin
Jur 14o Aprilis 1642
John Watson
William Aldrich

Present loss 10577 li.-0-010577 li.
future losse: 211 li. -0-0

fol. 200v


Alice Champin Jur
14 Aprilis 1642
Cert fact Exr
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the [m urther?]

Deponent Fullname: Alice Champyn
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Wife
Deponent County of Residence: Fermanagh
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Arthur Champion, Roger Atkinson, Edyth *, Earle of Kildare, Pheylemy O Neeile, Earle of strafforde, Richard grenefeilde, Thomas Newcomen, Erle of Ormond, lord Dillon, lord of Howith, Don Carrage Maguyre, Edmond Carragh Maguyre, Redmond mc Owin Maguyre, Pattricke oge mcRoss Maguyre, lord Maguyre, Laughlyn Roe McMahon, Thomas Champion, Tho: Iremonger, Humphry Littlebury, Chirstopher Lynis, John Morrice, Hugh Williams, Henry Cross, John Cross, Edw: Dowdall
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Succour