Deposition of John Greg

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Date: 1642-01-07
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County: Armagh
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Captivity, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Roger Puttock, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

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This fift day of January anno domini 1641
I John Greg of Cloveneden in the parrish of Levileglish in the Barronie of Onelan and County of Ardmagh yeoman of the age of thirty fiue yeares A Brittish protestant duly sworne saith

That on or about the 27th day of october last hee was Robbed of and lost by the Rebels herevnder named in Corne vnto the value of one hundred pounds starling in Cattell one hundred pounds in monies thirty seaven pounds in debts due to him Eighteen pounds starling in houshold goods hay and aparrell threescore pounds starling in leasses vid one deed of a house and land to the value of forty pounds starling one lease of 60 akers of land vnder Gregory Wright Archdeacon: twenty pounds starling as alsoe one lease of two water corne mills for three liues and twentie one yeares in revartion vnder one Maister John Elcock to the value of one hundred and fifty pounds as alsoe a lease for his life of two other water corn mills and other buildings with forty akers of land after his father Nicholas Greg his disease to the value of one hundred and fifty pounds at the least as also halfe the goods of his father in law being pa James Simes being part of his wiues portion to the value of fovrscore pounds amounting in all to the sum of seaven hundred and fifty and fiue pounds

<o+> further he saith that his wife and fiue small Children are in the Rebels hands who weare most Cruelly striped before he lost them euen to the Child that sucked the brest: further he saith that his said wife when being stripped to the skin by one of the Donels was by him most Cruelly beaten by him with his drawne sword in a trivmphing and reioycing maner and with singing

<o[ ] a> further he saith one Captaine Art o neale of the parish of Levileglish aforesaid gent leman who pretended frendship to him said that vnles he would tak{e} vp armes and goe to mas ther was no hope of his life vnto whom he replied that that was great Cruelty neither to suffer him the said Greg to liue like a slave amongs{t} them nor suffer him to pas into his native Cuntry vnto whom the said Captaine replied that neither of those requests would be granted aferming that it was intended by them not to leaue an English protestant aliue in this kingdome and that ther was no hope of peace for ten yeare{s} to Come

fol. 4v

he further saith that in the foresaid parrish there were divers Englishmen most Cruelly murthered some twise some thrise hanged vp others wounded and left halfe dead Crieing lamentably for some to Come and end theire Misserie by killing them out &.

further hee saith that the names of the Cheefest of the rebe{ls} in those parts are phillomy o neale of kinnard in the County of Tirone knight and Turlag{h} <b> o neale Esquire his brother and one Coronell plunkett and Captaine manus oge o Cahan of the County of Armagh gent leman and Redmond o mallan of the grang in the county of Tirone gent leman and patrick o mal{lan} his now of Armagh gent leman who wrote proclemations in his Maiesties name and further he saith that he heard by Credible Englishmen that the said phelomy o neale afermed that his tak{ing} vp armes was by his Maiesties and the queenes Consent and the parliment in this kingdome: and further th{at} one Captaine shane o neale in the County of tirone <T> stiled the said phillome o neale with the tytle and stile of his Maiesty

further he saith that his said father Nicholas Greg an English protestant of the age of 66 yeares is likewise Robbed of and lost in Corne Cattell and monies to the value of two hundred pounds starling besids hauing his house burned by them the saide Rebels and himselfe exposed to great Missery haueing nothing left him his wife and Children but left subiect {to?} the mercie of the enemy v nder v nder god

further he saith that his father in law his wiues father James Simes an English protestant of the age of f 50 yeare or thereabout was likwise Robbed and lost in Corne and Cattell and houshold goods to the value of one hundred and fifty pounds at the least moreover him the said James Simes the the foresaid Rebels did imprisson for the space of 12 dayes dureing which time hee was most Cruelly vsed for they hanged him by the neck besids other torturs and all as they said to Cause him to Confesse monie to them which indeed he had not

further he saith that he lost his said father in law James Sims at the point of death by resan of the said torture hauing a wife of 86 yeares of age likwise in misserie if not dead
John Greg
{Jur} 7o Jan: 1641 coram nobis
Roger Puttocke
Will: Hitchcock

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the ma[ ] which

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John Greg

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[9] John Gregg Com Armaghe
Jur 4o Jan: 1641
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Deponent Fullname: John Greg
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Yeoman
Deponent County of Residence: Armagh
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Gregory Wright, John Elcock, Nicholas Greg, James Simes, Art o neale, patrick o mal{l}an, phillomy o neale, Turlag{h} o neale, Coronell plunkett, manus oge o Cahan, Redmond o mallan, patrick o mal{lan}, shane o neale, His Majesty
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Landlord, Landlord, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned