Deposition of John Wisdome

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Date: 1642-02-08
Identifier: 836014r012


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Armagh
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Assault, Captivity, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery
Commissioners: Henry Jones, Roger Puttock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 14r

John Wisdome of Ardmagh parish Clerke { } Sowrne and examined deposeth,
That aboute the twenty first second of October last pas{t} he was forcibly robbed & dispoyled in Ardmagh afores{aith?} of all his goods & to the value following
Inprimis of one Lease of a house which
Lately builte lying in Ardmagh which cost
one building neere 23 li. --------------------------------23 li.-0-0
Item of Houshould goods & wearing cloathes
which he verily beleeveth to be gone
to the value of--------------------------------------------15 li.-0-0
Item of leases of 2 other houses yearly worth
34 li. ------------------------------------------------------34 li.-0-0
Item of monies due in billes bands & Letters
of Attorney all lost, as he verily beleiveth20 li.-0-0
which did amount to the sum of -----------------------20 li.-0-0
Item one nagge & one mare worth -------------------- 3-18-0
Item one Clerkeship by the guift of the most
reverend father in god the Lord Primatte
of Ardmagh my very good lord & master
yearly worth ----------------------------------------------20 li.-0-0
81, [ ] -18-0

By the hand e s means of Sir Phelime O Neele in the name of their gennerall, Captaine Houendon alias Ovington, Richard mc Coddam of Ar magh Captaine Hugh O Donnell now of Armagh a Captaine, Manus O Cane of the Grange a captaine, Edmond Craly of Armagh a captaine formerly one of the inhabitants of Ardmagh Owen mc Coddam Antient, inhabitante of Ardmagh, these commanders with theire companies, (as neere as could be guessed,) aboute 3000 men & vpward presenting themselues before the towne of Ardmagh, in seuerall companies, parte att the one end, as the east, & parte att the other being the west end, & within a myle or less of the towne the inhabitants & others of the country, being gathered together into the church, for theire defence & saftie, resisted them, from saterday night morning, till tuesday night, on condition of then thay yealded the Rebells & promissed to giue a to giu vnto euery man whatsoeuer thay had lost & gaue it vnder hand & seale one thes tearmes & condition{s} being able to hould out noe longer we yealded vnto them but being entred the church thay would not suffer the English as thay had promised them to take all theire goods but pillaged that night most parte of the towne & tooke posession of many houses & sett a watch ouer the English that thay should make noe vse of theire corne, leaueing Ardmagh for a time As this deponent hard thay gathered themselues together nere the Ogher nere where Sir William Steward dwelt, not being able to obtaine theire desires, to reuenge themselues thay killed many of the English Welch & Scotts in seuerall places where thay mett them, round aboute Ardmagh; after this next thay went to Lisnegarue wher{e} { }rec[ ]ing the overthro thay returnd. & by the way thay kill & { } the English in seuerall places as this deponent hard comming to Ardmagh one { } slew 3 men & 1 weoman first William Wilson a S{ } one Scottchman a labourer, William { }

fol. 14v


John Wisdom
Com Armagh
febr 8
Int w

<X> Whiles I was in Carlingford staying for a wind I saw 3 boates laden with English (which were turned out of the Newry) & sent from carlingford to Greene castle & as the Irish reported thay were to be conuayed to the county of downe to redeeme som rebbells that the Scotts had taken prisoners one a boate lood of the 3 came backe againe & parte of them came away with vs, as for the rest I know not what became of them, its reported that those that were sent to greene Castle are putt to death

fol. 15r

<a> he the sayd shane confessed in my owne hearing he being { } inhabitante of Ardmagh also one Bryan O Neele of Armagh shott 4 { } shotts (as I heard) att one William Bell a Trooper & att length killed him { } the rest of the companie fired many houses aboute Ardmagh & { } whole towne called the Lurgan & brought Sir William Bromley his wife & children prisoners to Ardmagh
Att Lagall the English, being promised safe conducte from garrison to garrison till thay came to the next hauon & there to take shipping for theire owne country by the [s-] way som of them were murthered as mr{ } ffullerton parson of Ardmagh { } all & 2 or 3 others as I hard the rest which thay found at Lagall & aboute the cuntry to the number of eight score persons thay drowned att Porte a downe bridg as I was credibly informed by one Will: Pitchfork of the parish of Log{ } that was present att the death of mr ffullerton & att the drownding of the rest, & he escaped being begd of an Irish man to be his seruante I hard after this thay fired many in one house together & burnte them nere Ardmagh These parties following being English turned vnto them & went with them to Lisnegarue & fought there against the English Erasmus Dillon near Ardmagh freehoulder Richard [ ] <b> Junior 2 of John Psaltertons sons these are of the parish of Ardmagh George Litlefeild of Lagall etc these I know there are many others that I know not these I spake with att theire returne from Lisnegarue
Terelagh Ogge O Neele & collonell Richard Plunkett goeing to the Newry with theire Army those English that were in Ardmagh myselfe & others to the number of 12 or 14 desired to be convoyed by them to the Newry which they granted vs & performed att our comming thither there mett vs of the rebbells above 1500 men & as it was reported thay were to meete Sir Phelmy O Neele att Downe Paterick there lyeth att the Nury one great peice of Ordinance <which I saw> vppon a lowe wall from the Newry we came in an open boate to sea & being putt in att the Scerryes we stayd there 2 days & by vertue of a pass that we procured from Terelagh Ogge, & Collonell Plunkett we were kindly entertayned espetially by one John Maloone a fryrre after 2 dayes going to sea againe we landed at hoath & came on foote safe to dublin
This deponent further saith that mr Roger Holland said to him that he the said Roger was told by John Babe an owner of a boate in Carlingford that mrs Holland was hangd at Carlingford & delivered of a child while hanging further this deponent saith that he was told by mr Frankling of dublin who in the company of this examinant came part of the way that at the Newry a man was carried out & so wounded that he was laied for deade, but after recovering he was of againe set upon & murthered his wife also having her belly ript up & 2 children fell out. this the said Franklyn heard one Garos cheife officer of the {Newry?} relate to Colonel Plunket.
This deponent further saith that at the [ ] the Cor in the County of Arm{agh} there were drowned at once 120 persons men women & children [ ] did heare from mr Holland aforsaid. He this examinat further saith that th{e} rebells were in hand with trenching in the Newry.
John Wisdome
jurat. 8. ffebr. 1641.
Roger Puttocke
Hen: Jones

fol. 15v


John wisdom
Com Armagh
feb. 8. 1641.

Deponent Fullname: John Wisdome
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Parish clark
Deponent County of Residence: Armagh
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Sir Phelime O Neele, Captaine Houendon, Richard mc Coddam, Hugh O Donnell, Manus O Cane, Edmond Craly, Owen mc Coddam, Bryan O Neele, Terelagh Ogge O Neele, Richard Plunkett, Erasmus Dillon, George Litlefeild, Will: Pitchfork, Garos *, Roger Holland, John Babe, Lord Primatte of Ardmagh *, Sir William Steward, William Wilson, William *, William Bell, mr{ } ffullerton, mrs Holland, John Maloone
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Witness, Witness, Witness, Witness, Mentioned, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned