Deposition of Roger Markham

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Date: 1642-02-15
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County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Captivity, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, Henry Jones
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 17r

1. A N ote of what passages hapened in the Com of Tyron and Londonderry senc e the 22th of October 1641
deliuered per me Roger Markham now servant and souldier vnto Captain Bagnall sworne & examined according to the best o f my knowledge the 14th day of f febr saith That
vpon the 23th of October being Sathursday <1.> in the afternoone 1641 I the deponent being at my his then master Sir Tho: Staples his Iron workes or mills with his eldest sonne newes came to vs them by some of the people of the towne that moneymore was burnt [ ] was seconded presently after they hard that moneymore was taken by the souldiers, we & they imageneding that might very well be true, because then the were gathering souldiers, as report went to goe for spaine, vpon which wee repaired whome.
my The deponents master Sir Thomas Staples being then absent from whome, at Cookes Towne a place which he had newly purchassed of mrs May then of dublin, for which purchase he gaue 300 & 40 pound not a full weeke before, he sent 2 or 3 of his men whom to Certifie his Ladye that he hard that Charlemount & Dunganon and Monioye were taken
And as I the deponent heard him Relate, first newes newes Came to him that Charlemont & Dungannon were taken by the spaniards which he was Confident of to be falce then presently Cameth newes that Charelemont dunga and montioye was taken but by whom they Could not Certainely know,
<{ } & secrett Intelligencer in Dublin to Sir Phelim o Neile. vnder [ ] exam [ ] Maxwell Com Armagh>

fol. 17v

Soe some gentlemen being present with him hee desired them that the would take there horses and Rid with him into the feild, which was a where comeing vnto a hill somwhat neer James Stewards where they had more Certaine newes that Moneymore was taken with the afore named places by the Irish.
vpon which newes hee sent a man whom desireing his Ladye to send him his plate and that she and here children should Come to him and that his seruants should make good the house, but before this bearer Came home to my Ladye there Came diuers of the Irish being most, ore all of them his Tennants neere lisson the Cheife of which was Phillimie Mother O <a> Haghane, Patrick Mallon, Neale Oge O Quins sonn, & the Prest, and which told my Lady{e} if she pleased to except of there seruice the would secure here from all danger for that night, shee haueing sent most of her men to Quard home my master and the newes growinge more Common she being much astonished with feares and the foresaid Phillimie mother O Haghan with the Rest walkeing neer the house with about 50 ore 60 more of the Irishe, she gaue them leaue to come into the house prouided that the aboue named men should not let all the of them Come in.
I The deponent being at hisy masters house all this tyme his plate being put vp in a sacke I The deponent desired thes Irish gentlemen aboue named, that they would be pleased to leaue the house for a little space.

fol. 18r

2. when seeing them out of doore I he turned into the house, but they followed him into the house very Close which mayd vs him & the rest to doubt them much thing of them but through much perswasion and many words vsed the followed my Lady towards the gate, whoe maid as she would goe to my the deponents master it being after twiligh. The deponent with the help of a litle boy who did serue my master did Conueaye they plate out of the house apoynting the boy to stay withe it till the deponent Came to him Soe the dep: and a Scochman tooke each of vs. one of my masters Sir Tho: Staples horses which was then Ready sadled in the stable I & the deponent putting one his masters eldest sonnes sword went where the boy was standing whoe Guided us them throught the inclosed feilds They both being strangers in those partes soe we meet with another youth which my master sent to direct vs whe r we should Come.
Soe Comeing to the hill neer James Stewards and not fare from Cookes Towne I the deponent found there neere a 100 gentlemen and som 2 or 3 houres after there were assembled of the gentlemen of the Countrie both of Scots and English about a 150 men at which tyme these words was spokenby Sir Thomas Staples Gentleman now what is to be done, desireing them you that they you would goe home with him mee and take his my Lady and Children and soe march towards the Countie of antrum for if any place in those parts was be safe it was is that Countie because there wer small store of Irish
But ansuere was maid that Dublin and Derry and all the parts in Ireland

fol. 18v

was were taken, as they hard som of the Irish say and Report
Agayne these words passed that the Irish did not meane to Rob and spoile the Scots but only the English.
But it was agreed vpon for most voyces Carried it that they should as many as would depart home to there Lodgines for that night and the next day to meet vpon Tullioge hill being Sunday.
vpon 24th day being sunday They meet according to promisse still not knowing any thing but that all Ireland was vp in Armes where the Cheife of the Gentry of those parts writt vnto Dunganon to Sir Phillimie O Neale which letter and was Carried by 2 gentlemen of that Contry the one of them is this present day in Dublin that was the bearer of it, whoe Can Certifie both the Contents and answere of it as well as any on Can as I verely beleeue, his name is mr Cardiffe a minister I this deponent spoke with him vpon the 13th day of f frebr february in this Citie of dublin.
vpon which 24th day of October towards the [ ] euening it was agreed vpon that euery one should betake, them to what Course the thoug{ht} fit of for that night.
In the Entrim Came newes that mr Bradliffe hous a Justice of peace in thes parts was a pilliging with a 100 or 200 of the Irish in of these parts. Soe that my master Sir Tho Staples, mr Bradlyffe and som 10 more Rid as fast as we Could to mr Bradlyff [ ] house where we sawe many of them.

fol. 19r

3. They had broken one place of the house and some had entred in but yet his seruants kept them for do ing getting any spoyle at that tym and soe soon as they see vs Com they Ran away but we Calling to some of them they stayed and what answere was sent by Sir Phillimi O Neale of our letter was sh oune Related in full ore part to them soe the departed for that present but what words passed I haue forgotten.
Vpon the 25th day being Munday my master sent Letters home and as I remember was interceipted by thos that was in his house soe that his Lady Could not haue a veiw of them and then they began to pillidge some of the Scots Soe that we vnderstood that it would proue ill with vs.
vpon the 26th day being Tusday we Rid as I remember to Tullioge wher we meet but a small Company of our party but ther we Receiued som relation by one that liued there of Sir Phillimi O Neales ingagement to vs of faire quarter in Large and full ample words
Vpon S the sday 27th day as I remember there did aproch of the Irish in thos parts which lived in thos places about a 100 ore aboue and the Came and besett the house in which we was in. I mean vizt mr Bradlyes house and the brought a basket or Clift with Turfe and straw but we Called vnton them Soe one of the Cheifest of them Came into the house to vs whoe seeing Sir Phillimie Neales Grant, to vs departed and left the house, but went and toke mr Bradlyes sheep but as I Remember mr Bradliffes seruant Rescued some of them from the Rebells

fol. 19v

Vpon the 28th day as I remember my master and I went thinking to haue gone towards his one house he haueing sent many letter and Could receiue noe answere of them, thought at last my Ladye Came to haue the sight of some one sent by my master but Calling at James Stewards as we were a goeing we see my Lady Comeing towards vs Soe we tooke her back to mr Bradliffes with vs but after som few houres past she would needs Returne back to her children mr Bradliffe goeing along with her to Lisson the place of her abode.
presently after my master with mr Bradlye mr Cardiffe and another minister, with other present with them took horse to Rid wher they hard many of the Scots and English were gathered, but about 1/2 mile from mr Bradliffes house we meet with diuers Scotmen which said they were of Capt. Robert Stewards Company soe after a short tyme of discorse they went back with vs to mr Bradliffes house were we meet with Captaine Robert Steward.
Soe we vnderstood that we should meet that night about 2 of the Clock in the morneing at Tullioge where we should Consider what was to be done.
vpon our departing from mr Bradley But soe soon as we Came home to mr Bradliffes some of the Company belonging to Capt. Stweward kept my master horses from him toke away my sword and vpon our departure from mr Bradliffes house took away his Caddowes and shits of from his bed took away his horses Soe that for ought as I know that was the Cause he was left as a pray to the Rebell and when I demanded from the said Capt Robert Stuart his sword and his I received this answer that I might better have looked to it and that he know not how to { } it and when the said house of Mr Bradley was robbed the {said Robert} stuart { } quarter of an hour he knew of it { }

fol. 20v

Soe Comeing to the Ogher about 8 or 9 of the Clock in the night that present day before the enimye had abroched neer vnto to the towne and as the Related were about 500 men but they of the Ogher issued out about 80 horse men and killed about 80 of the enemie and took 16 prissoners and lost but one man which were ther Capt. and he was shot as ther wer a marching with a foulling peece by on lying in a dich.
The next day we march into the feild vpon a hill neer the Ogher were it was thoug we wer about 15 or 16 hundred men being much incoraged by the former day Conquest of our enimye desireing to goe to dunganon agaynst Sir Phillimie but som of our sid went abroad and took much Cattell and our Randevoze was apoynted next morneing at the Clogher.
where we meet all or most of vs with a thursting desire to see the face of our enemye but presently Came notice to vs that Sir William Stewart would Returne back to his owne part and did accordingly where my master asked William Steward what his intention was as I hard my master relate whoe answere to my master was that it was best for him for and for his owne safegard to goe along with Sir William Stewarte for he knew non other way but that they must goe and mak there peace with the enemye if the Could, soe my master went along to newtowne with Sir William Stewart which night after we Lodged at the Omie.
which night Came Capt. Marvene to the Omie not knowing of our being ther but was intended as he said to goe to newtown to gett some 50 men from Sir William Stewart to fecth away his wiffe and Children

fol. 21r

5. and other goods, the next morneing he desired 50 men of Sir William Steward to fecth away his wiff and children whoe denied him any helpe soe Capt. marvene vowed to god he would goe with thos 3 or 4 men of his owne thought he perished.
morouer Capt. marvene desired but a 100 or ther aboute of men and he would keep garrison at the Omie which he denyed him likwise.
Soe my master with other few gentlemen went within a day or 2 to derry wher about a week after we hard that Collonell Sanderson was Comd to newtowne and about 200 men with him.
After we parted from Ogher leaueing William Steward and Collonell Sanderson with thos 600 men or ther abouts that lived in the glines the Ralation I hard by some that was there was thus.
after our departur the staied a day ore 2 and then marched from the Ogher with an intention to goe for there owne parts but they was not aboue a mile or 2 from the town before the saw the towne set one fir by the enemye but vpon march and after, words passed betuixt william Steward & Collonell Sanderson Collonell Sanderson returned back to newtown with about 200 men wher he meet with Captaine marvene at the Omie and his wiffe and Children who Cam along to new town with him.
But william Stweward with about 3 or 4 hundred men with him went back toward the glines, who Comeing to his sones house say thes words as I heard reported
Gentlemen I haue brought you safe hether now shift for you selues which we hard was all Cut of by the enemy or mad slaues to them and was sworne to obserue ther Commands besid many wemen and Children that perished they said william Steward was turned Rebell James Steward & Andrew Steward

fol. 21v

To the great incouragment of the enemy for whillest were were all at the Ogher, many would haue taken protection but after our departur the grew most desparat as many did Relat.
before I Cam from derry Capt. marvene marched as I hard Reported both by others and himselfe to Releeue the Ogher Cast Castle in which was said to be about a 1000 wemen and Children at which tyme he went and tooke dannagh mcQuere Castsle in which they killed about 14 men he burnt diuers parts ther about and took much spoyle soe mr Askin and all the rest left the Ogher.
But I hard mr Askin Relate this that he offered to a 100 men 200 li. for euery 3 weeks they staied there he layd them 60 li. vpon table and for the rest he would ingage his lands nay he sayd moreouer if 6 men would stay with him he would not leaue it.
for I hard diuers say that Sir Phillimie O Neale and Rory mcQuere layd seige agaynst them for a week and shot kontinually agaynst them in the night with a feild peece which entred the Roofe but Could doe them noe hurt the enemy aproched soe neer the watt that they lay hold one ther pikes and on the mouths of the muskets but but they left ther seige with the lose of many of there men
Likwise I hard Reported whilest I was ther that Sir Ralfe Gore with about 200 hundred horse and 3 or 4 score foot slew 100 of the enemy and lost not one man Soe I left the Citie of derry.

fol. 22r

6. vpon a munday night the Bishop of derry the bishop of Clog Sir Thomas Staples mr Newberye mr Browne and ther attendance tooke boot to Com to there shipping which laye in the Lough almost agaynst Redd Castle wher passing by Killmore it being a very Calme moon shine night exspecting to haue him stayed there but we hard not the left stire thought which we did much admire that ther nectlet should be soe great in such dangerous tymes.
Ther was much admireing that Sir John Vaughan would trust shan O cahan with Armes for 1000 men whoe after we Came [for] from derry brook forth into Rebellion as was told us for Certaine.
It had bin often desired by my master and others that they would put the Irish out of derry which we hard the did 300 men in one day and pulled downe the subberbe we staied in the Lought from munday night till Satursday morneing following where we vnderstood by Sir John Vaugham that at Garuagh the enemy Cutt of our scouts and soe Cam suddenly vpon the town and of Cutt of all our garrisson which as the Report went were about 4 or 5 hundred of our men after which.
As we were a ship bord we see for 2 dayes and 2 night alwayes some towne or place a fire.
at soms tymes in the night we did see litle lesse then 20 fire at a tym which some of thos them present knew to be the Nuffe Ballykilly newtowne Athlow & Lemonaddy and as we hard all within a mile of Colrane and within a mile of derry was Burnt by the enemye

fol. 22v

for my owne losse in particular
I have lost what I haue laboured for euer sence I was 17 or 18 yeares of age I have lost all my labours and study which I valued worth much when another would think them worth litle
I have lost all my written hand Books both of Arithmaticke and Geometrie.
I have Lost my Instruments both Arithmaticall and Geometricall.
I lost all my Cloaths but what I had one my back with som money all which might not haue been worth 10 li. to another yet I had Rather haue Lost 20 li.
for my master Sir Thomas Staples I haue oft hard him say he had lost 4000 li. personall estate besid the Reuenews of his lands.
This is the Relation of Roger Markham seruant and souldier vnto Capt. Bagnall th the 14th day of ffebruary 1641
Roger Markham
deposed before vs Jur febr .15. 1641.
Hen: Jones
Hen: Brereton

fol. 23r

<T> Roger Markham further deposseth that he hard my Lord of Derry say that he was Comonly Called Rebell by some of the Scots or English in those parts, further I hard his man Relate to him that 80 of the Scots & English Came to the ffaunnit to billet ther and to eat vp what prouision the Could get heareing of ther vpon which newes he intended to Come along with Sir Thomas Staples for Dublin.
Roger Markham


fol. 23v


Roger Markham
Com Tirone.
febr. 15.

Deponent Fullname: Roger Markham
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Soldier
Deponent County of Residence: Tyrone
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Phelim o Neile, Phillimie Mother O Haghan, Patrick Mallon, Rory mcQuere, shan O cahan, * Bagnall, Sir Tho: Staples, James Steward, Neale Oge O Quin, William Steward, Earle of Tyrone, Capt. Marvene, Collonell Sanderson, dannagh mcQuere, mr Askin, Sir Ralfe Gore, Sir John Vaughan, mr Bradlye, mr Bradliffe, mr Cardiffe
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Victim, Witness