Deposition of John and James Redferne

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Date: 1642-11-07
Identifier: 839100r068


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County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Captivity, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, John Watson
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 100r

John Redferne thelder Late of Maharefelt in the Countie of Londonderry gent sworne & examjned And alsoe James Redferne his second sonne Late of Cusheney within the par{ish} of desertlin in the said Countie sworne & examined depose and say And first the said John Redferne: for and by himself seuerally saith That since the begining of the present Rebellion vizt about the xxvjth of October 1641 Hee this deponent was by the Rebells at seuerall his farmes and places within the Countie aforesaid depriued robbed or otherwise dispoyled of his meanes goods & chattells of the values following vizt of oxen Cowes & horses worth Corne worth Cxx li . CCxx li. howsholdgoods & apparell worth 50 li. By howses burned at Maharefelt worth CCx li. his charge of fenceing & improveing his landes farme at Maharafelt C li. other howses burnd at disart Martin worth liiij li., Rents & proffits of land a farme there clerely worth vj li. xj s. per annum: Rents of a farmes at Tawnedise worth clerely iij li. x s. per annum, clere proffits of a myll worth xxx s. per annum: & of the Rentes and proffitts of 3 towne lands & a half in the parish of Arbowe & County of d Tirone which he held in Leas for threscore yeres from the lord Castlestewart ffor which he paid the fyne of CCl li. & 40 li. for the bark of the oake trees there growinge all clerely worth vnto him besides the lords Rent xxxviij li. iij s. iiij d. per annum His interest o f a farme at Mulliglasse worth thirty P o w ndes Of all which farmes he hath already lost one yers proffitt; which together with his other present Losses by the Rebellion doe amount in all to the some of Eight hundreth thirtie three powndes xiiij s. iiij d. And this deponent is like to be deprived of and Loose the future proffits of his farmes & meanes worth xlix li. xiiij s. iiij d. per annum Vntill a peace be established: And the said James Redferne for & by himself sayth That at or about the tyme aforesaid Hee this deponent was robb deprived Robbed or otherwise dispoyled by the Rebells within the said Countie of [ ] of his Cattle horses & Mares worth 104 li. of his corne worth 100 li. of his howshold stuff { }
<presente losse 683 li. 14 s. 4 d.
future losse 49 li 14: 4 d. per annum>

fol. 100v

when the Rebellion began vnto the deponent x li. per annum, whereof one yeres proffits is already lost & he is like to loose the future <{ } li. per annum> proffitts thereof vntil a peace be setled worth 10 li. per annum as aforesaid & in the Charges of the fenceing thereof which he hath bestowed the some of 40 li. And the Rebells burnd the howses standing vpon the same, The building whereof cost the said Mr Tho: Sanders 100 li. at least And this deponents wholle losses already susteined by meanes of the Rebellion doe amount <314 li. presente losse> to the sume of three hundreth & fowrteene Powndes ster
And this deponent further sayth That John Redferne the yonger his brother Late of Desert Martin aforesaid yeoman was by the Rebells about the time aforesaid forcibly deprived robbed or otherwise dispoyled of his meanes & goodes following vizt of Nyneteene Cowes a Mare, and a horse worth Lv li. Malt, barly & oats worth xxv li. howsholdgoods & apparell worth xxv li. & had his howses burned by the Rebells which cost him in building Cix li. & of the possession & proffits of a farme which he held by leas for 40ty yeres of the Bishop of Derry in Desert Martin aforesaid which was clerely worth vnto him ffifteene Powndes per annum, whereof he hath Lost one yeres proffitt & is like to loose the future proffits vntill a peace be setled And this deponent John Redferne the e lder further sayth that the Rebells of the County of Londonderry hereafter mencioned & their Complices or some of them did not only soe as aforesaid deprive robb & dispoyle him this deponent and his twoe sonns, butt all others the English and Scottish people in the Cuntrie there v pon abouts & stripped them of all their clothes & soe exposedng them to the Cold of the winter by meanes whereof many perished and djed & they the Rebells most cruelly murthered divers protestants & fyred & wasted the most of the howses of the protestants in the said Countie: & have amongst them forceibly entered & intruded vpon all or the most of the landes in the Cuntrie thereaboutes & clayme the same to be their owne & have not as this deponent is perswaded Left any either english or scottish protestant{s} amongst them but have either slaine or { } them { }
< 229 li. {prese}nt losse { } li. per annum>

fol. 101r

of Toinlatt in the said County gent leman whoe was the cheife Rebell in the said <b> Countie and first tooke the Castle of Monymore and the towne & robbed and sakt the same, and Captain Shane ô Hagan his sonn An arch Rebell, And Captain Neile oge ô Quin Late of Lisson in the said County whoe seised vpon and tooke Sir Tho: Staples howse and was & is a cruell RebellCaptain Ever ô Neile Mc Cull of Druminaghe And Captain Phelomy Groume ô Neile whoe forceibly seised vpon & tooke the howse of Raph Whistler Esquire at Salterstowne & one Donnell ô Neile, whoe is Captain of Maghera & possesseth the howse of Lieutenant mc Lellans and claymes much Land in the Killetrie, and Captain William <c> Tate of Cowkestowne an arch villanous Rebell most cruell and merciles towards the protestants and one that fyred or cawsed to bee fyred the most of the howses in the Cuntrie & Captain Cormuck Mc James ô Mullhallane whoe forceibly possessed Mr Tho: Dawsons how{se} & Landes: & he & he & the rest of the Rebells aboue named claime the better half of the Lands within the said County of Londonderry to belong to them Captain Shane ô Hagan of Balline{gh}kreene & Captain Phelom [y] Groome ô Hagan whoe is now Captain of Kilcroughan <d> & one Cormack o Neile whoe is a Captain of Ballyneskreene whoe murthered Mr Matche tt a grave and ancien{t} <d> protestant minister , and Captain Patrick ô Donelly of Maghara (a most notable & villanous Rebell And further saith that the parties hereafter mencioned all whoe are being notable cruell & villanous wicked Rebells & have robbed distro y d & destroyed the Cuntrie round about them & doe all or the most of them live within or nere the parrish of Maharafelt are theis that follow vizt Abraham buckston Walter Downeing Patrick downing his sonn Art ô Mullane ffrancis Bath Turlogh Crone mc Muckian Robert ô Cane Owen ô Hagan Henry ô Hagan Art Moder ô Hagan Shane ô Hagan: Gillaspick mc Gowgan Owen mc Gowgan patrick ô { } Owen mc Nevell { }

fol. 101v

<e> arch Rebells Patrick ô kergan William o kergan: & Laughlin ô Kelly & Patrick ô Hanlan and Jenkin ô Dowle whoe are alsoe most notorious Rebells. And further sajth that Patricke oge ô Dowle and Mortagh Magowgan both of Donnemony Did murther one Hugh Russell of Monymore Merchant & George Higginson of Lissene Clark of the Church as they were goeing through Maharefelt to escape out of the Cuntrie And that the said Captain Cormuck ô Neile cawsed Mr Matchett parson of Maharafelt (a grave & learned minsiter) to be murthered nere the howse of Lieutenant Thorsby: and that one mc Cavill yeoman a Rebell did did murther a scottish woman great with chyld & five smalle children of hers, which were with her in Monymore, And that <f> one Henry Backaghe ô Mulhallan yeoman did murther in the streete of Moniemore one Archy Logan & one Thomas Hutchins & one woman by the instigacion and meanes of Neile oge ô Quinn Captain in Lisson: And that Edward Ludman & Thomas Ludman were murthered Andrew Yong & his sonns and Richard Genings with with many others whom this deponent cannott Remember were alsoe murthered at Lisson When the said Neile oge ô Quin was Captain there And that the said Shane ô Neile being Captain of a place called Killaman did keepe a greate meny of Scottish people all winter to plow and sow his Corne, & when they had done, at Maie the Rebells came vpon them in the night and murthered them all & there was one ould woman amongst them which they did make to sitt vpp in her bedd untill that they might (as they did) shoote her to death And the depont James Redferne the sonne: further sayth That he hath beene credibly told by some of the English that came from in the towne of Coleraine that since the Rebellion began there dyed there of Robbed and stripped people of protestantes that thither hadd fledd for succour the number of seven thowsand or therabouts: besides those of the towne that hadd anciently dwelt there and that the mortalitie there was such & soe great That seven hundreth or eight hundreth [ ] more dyed {on} 2 dayes there { }

[continued on fols 103r-103v]

Deponent Fullname: John Redferne, James Redferne
Deponent Gender: Male, Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman,
Deponent County of Residence: Derry,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Tho: Sanders, Lieutenant Thorsby, Neile oge , Mc Cull, Phelomy Groume , Donnell , William Tate, Cormuck Mc James , Shane , Phelom Groome , Cormack o Neile, Patrick , Abraham buckston, Walter Downeing, Patrick downing, Art , ffrancis Bath, Turlogh Crone mc Muckian, Robert , Owen , Henry , Art Moder , Shane , Gillaspick mc Gowgan, Owen mc Gowgan, patrick , Owen mc Nevell, Patrick , William o kergan, Laughlin , Patrick , Jenkin , Patricke oge , Mortagh Magowgan, Cormuck , * mc Cavill, Henry Backaghe , Neile oge , Shane , Raph Whistler, Lieutenant mc Lellan, Hugh Russell, George Higginson, Mr Matchett, Archy Logan, Thomas Hutchins, Edward Ludman, Thomas Ludman, Andrew Yong, Richard Genings
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim