Depositions of Anne Smyth, Susana Wright, Anne Walton

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Date: 1642-09-15
Identifier: 839102r069


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County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Stripping
Commissioners: John Sterne, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 102r

Examinacions taken before me e Sir George Sh u rley knight Lord chiefe Justice of his Maiesties Courte of Chiefe Place in Ireland the daye of September Anno domini 1642 as followe vizt
Anne Smyth wief of James Smyth of Monymore in the Countye of Londonderrye, And nowe of the Cittye of Dublin gent, sworne vpon the holy Evangelist deposeth as followe vizt
That vpon the three and twenteth daye of October last past in the afternoone of the same daye Cormacke o Hagan of Tawlett in the countye of Londonderry <a> Owen o Hagan his brother William Tath of Cookestowne in the countye of Tyrone accompaned with the nomber of aboute fortye Rebells persons more by force and armes entred the towne of Monymore aforesaid, and havinge possessed themselues of the keyes of the Castle there called drapers Castle from out of the house of one James Hartson an Inhabitant there Who had them in custodye comitted vnto him by Sir John Clotworthy knight farmer of the drapers London their proporcion of Lande in the countye of Londonderry, they then entred the said Castle possessed themselues of all the Armes & Ammunicion therein, and likewise of all the Armes that were in the howses in Monymore aforesaid manye of the housholders there not beinge then att home, and then they possessed themselues of what goodes Plate money housholdstuffe and provision that were in the howses there and carryed the same to the foresaid Castle where they keepte their Rendevous, And havinge possessed themsel u es the said three & twenteth daye of October of what best pleased them, vpon Mondaye or twesdaye nexte followeinge Lawrence Garnon of <b> Cookestowne aforesaid who maryed the daughter of Mris Hales [ ] widowe about eight of the clock in the Morneinge accompaned with Shane o Hagan sonne of the foresaid Cormack o Hagan with twoe others (the said Garnon being armed) did with fforce and violence enter the house of this Examynates husband the foresaid James Smyth hee beinge then in Dublin, hee the said Garnon th is (to coulour his rebellious & fellonious intention then saying said vnto this Examynat that hee had a cumission to serch the said house for said hee, itt is suspected there is money and the said Garnon havinge stripped this examynat to the smock, tooke from her the keyes of the chests and trunckes that were in the said house which hee Ransaked and did then take and carrye awaye with him twoe silver spones a topp of a silver salt twoe silver Beakers, twoe silver Bowles one smale trunck certen Lynnen: and other things to the value of twentye poundes & vpwards part of what the former Rebellious persons had lefte behind there v nto her, And this examynat saith the said Lawrence Garnon was one of them that keept their Rendevous in the foresaid Castle and seemed to this examinant to bee one of the chiefest of the Rebells there, stet And this s tet examinant asked the said Garnon and others his compan i ons wherefore they dealt with the inhabitant s there soe ill, hee said it was the kinges pleasure, stet And shee further stet saith that from the begining of the Rebellion there shee contynued about fortnight in s tet the said house, and ffinding the Rebells doeing worse & worse, being in great { } of death to bee killed { } to give { }

fol. 102v

<hand And> about five or sixe weeks next afterwardes shee this examinant sawe the said Lawrence Garnon in the Gayle of Londonderry, who had byn comitted (as was alleadged) vpon suspition, & as a rebellious s pye being taken walkeing on the Cittye wales there, and enquireing of the Armes and strength of the said Cittye, where this Examinant then asked alsoe of the said Garnon wherefore he dealt soe cruelly with her att Monymore aforesaid hee answered and said that hee was comaunded soe to doe, and durst doe noe other And she then and there acquainted Sir John, And this examinant saith shee with a mayde servant and fower children being by her friends att Londonderry sent by sea to Dublin knoweth not what became of the said Lawrence Garnon nor how he escaped thence, But she saith that Sir John Vaughan and the Bishop of Derry whoe were then present and divers others there knew how the said Garnon and the rest of his [ ] hadd robbed and [ ] stripped & abused this deponent and the rest
<And another deponent> Anne Walton of the age of Eightenne ye res servant vnto the said James Smyth sworne vpon the holy Evangelist deposeth that shee was present and sawe and knoweth what the said Anne Smyth her mistress, hath before deposed to bee true saveing in that this examinant was not present when her mistress did speak with the foresaid Lawrence Garnon in the Gayle or [ her ] Towne of Londonderry And further saith the said Garnon did stripp her this Examinant Briggett - this examinants fellow servant
<And another deponent> Susanna Wright of the age of seaventenne yeres daughter in lawe to the said James Smyth sworne vpon the holy Evangelist deposeth that shee alsoe was present and sawe & knoweth what the said Anne Smyth hath before deposed to bee true, saveing this Examinant was not present when the said Anne Smyth spake with the foresaid Lawrence Garnon in the Gayle or t owne of Londonderry And further this Examinant deposeth that the said Garnon did stripp her this examinant of her clothes & alsoe stripped her Bridgett servant to the said Mr Smith
Ann Smith
Susana Wright
Ann [mark] Waltons
Jurat 15 7bris 1642
John Sterne:
Will: Aldrich

Deponent Fullname: Anne Smyth, Anne Walton, Susanna Wright
Deponent Gender: Female, Female, Neutral
Deponent Occupation: Wife, Servant,
Deponent County of Residence: Derry,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: James Smyth, John Clotworthy, Mris Hale, Sir John Vaughan, Bishop of Derry, Cormacke o Hagan, Owen o Hagan, William Tath, Lawrence Garnon, Shane o Hagan, James Hartson
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim