Deposition of Christopher Parmenter

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County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Assault, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Edward Piggott, Henry Brereton
Deposition Transcription:


Christopher Parmenter of Killenure in the Countie of Donegall gent sworne and examined saith That since in the begining of the present Rebellion that is to saie the xxiijth of October 1641 [&] & since, hee this deponent at Killenure and elswhere was deprived robbed or otherwise dispoyled of his Armes horses mares Debts proffitts of lands leases & hadd his howses ruynated burned and spojled to his damage and losse <480 li.> of fowre hundred fowrscore pownds xviij s. ster. And this deponent is like to further sayth that the next day after the rebellion broke out he this deponent with his wiffe and family for saffetie of their liues fled from his howse at Killenure aforesaid to Wilsons Fort in the same Countie where they contynued vntill May last 1643: But saith that one Robert Kilpatrick & his family protestants that stayd behynd vizt about 6 of 7 were murtherd by the Rebells: And this deponent hath heard of divers other murthers & cruelties in the Cuntrie thereabouts but saw none neither did he see any other extreame outrage (thoughe he is perswaded and hath heard there was many: Only hee was a spectater when some of the Rebells nere Wilsons fort seised on and tooke a poore Smith that hadd made and headed pykes for the English whose hands therefore they cutt of and gaue him a cruell wownd in the face cross over his nose and gaue him other cruell wownds and then left him saying (as hee after affirmed to this deponent) that they said said they would not kill him outright but leave him to languish in misery vpon those wownds: And he heard (but was not present when the Rebells the same day kil l d hacktgled mangled and cutt in peecs 2 Englishe men Scottish men within half a myle of Wilsons Fort aforesaid: whose mangled & dead Carkasses this deponent afterwards sawe: And further saith That the Rebells in the Countie of Tirone have burnd with fyre and distroyed the Churches of Newtowne and of Cappey, the Church of Ogher the Church of Clogher, the Abb ey and {Church in} the Countie of Tirone, And the Abbey & Chappell of Rathmullan in the County of Donnegall, & by report the Church of Killabeg in that County And this deponent hath heard it credibly reported That the Rebells in the province of Vlster haue consumed with fyre and distroyed the Churches of Clownisse the of Balliheys, of Cavan, Belturbett Armagh Yoghall Ballimore Charlemont & generally most of the Churches of & within the Province of Vlster And

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indeed this deponent hath heard & verely beleeveth that the Rebells haue spared vnburnt & not spoiled none of the protestant Churches at all other then such Wherein they fortify themselues and keepe their amunition armes and or provision: And further saith That Mris Ann Bastard the Relict of William Bastard late of Dunwest in the Countie of Tirone Esquire (who is a gentlewoman of good creditt) tould this deponent That the Rebells at Dunwest when they came to robb her howse and endeavoured to kill her husband (then [ ] 80 yeres ould at least) but being prevented they threatened to kill her if shee offered to stirr or resist them, And for revendg & as a testemony of their anger [ then ] one of them rushed vpp suddenly one of her owne children being a yong boy and held [ ] him vpp against the wall And with that another bloudy mynded vallaine run att the Chyld soe held vpp with his sword But seuerall tymes But still mist & could not hytt him The point falling still downe or a contrary way: Soe as he had noe power to kill him but desisted Leaving the Chyld vnhurt, which child this (soe by god almightie preserved) this deponent hath since seene in health, comen to Dublin
Chr: Parmenter
Deposed Julij 28o 1643 before
Hen: Brereton.
Edw: Pigott

And this deponent Christopher Parmenter further saith: That hee hath bene Credibly tould both by the Scottish and jrish: That becawse the irish in the Rebe begining of the present Rebellion gaue out that they would not hurt nor entermeddle with any of the Scotts: therefore the Scotts did not partake with nor assist the English, but suffered them to bee Robbed, stript and slaine in their presence, And one who was a yong man Scotchman by name John that had formerly formerly beene servant to mr James Stewart amongst others confessed asmuch to this deponent, & sayd that he himself was for one, helped & ioyned with the said jrish Rebells in robbing the English & gott some silver plate & seuerall other thinges from the English which the irish afterwards tooke from him againe: Howbeit this deponent observed, that after the Rebells had overcomen & weakened the English Then they fell vpon and robbed the Scotts: And this deponent hath beene tould by divers of the English of very good Credditt That one Henry Crosse whoe dwelt nere Clounisse in the County of Fermanagh gent in the begining of the Rebellion comeing home to his owne howse & fynding the Rebells robbing & sacking his said howse asked them by
<Henry Crosse>

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by what authoritie they did it: For which cawse, or demand, & alsoe by reason that they hadd formerly borne mallice towards him The Rebells then & there assaulted & sett vpon him with their pitchforks skeines swords & such other weapons as they hadd: But hee seing their armes & number being on horsback fled away to saue his liffe And that not Long afterwards The Rebells fynding him out in a lymekill where he had hidd himself They then and there first robbed and stripped him of all his clothes and then drive him before them stark naked to a bogg syde, & there they hackt hewd slasht & cutt him in peeces euery one striving whoe could giue him the greatest wownds
Chr: Parmenter
Deposed vt supra
Edw Pigott
Hen: Brereton.

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Mr Christopher Parmenter
Jur 28o July 1643
K K C.f.

5 w c

Deponent Fullname: Christopher Parmenter
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Donegal
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Robert Kilpatrick, Henry Crosse, William Bastard, John *, James Stewart, Ann Bastard
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Witness