Deposition of Ann Gasgein

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Date: 1653-05-24
Identifier: 831133r116


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Leitrim, Sligo & Mayo
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Succour
Commissioners: Richard Coote
Deposition Transcription:

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The Deposition of Ann: Gasgein the widow of John Stanoway now Liweing in Bondoran takne befor me the 24o of May 1653
Ann Gasgein being of the age of fiftie years or thaireabouts being duely sworne vpon the holy Ewangelists, and examined sayth that shee Liwed in Sligo att the begineing of the rebellion, and efter that the English in the town had gott quarter for thair Lwyes, this deponents husband John Stanoway being desyrous to <A> Leawe the towne, was caried from Sligo by Owen McDermott towards his owen house att Drumbo, wher efter that the said deponents husband. John Stanoway had remained for the space of three weeks; out of a Longeing desyre to bring alongs this deponent and being his wyff and thair children; cam back again to Sligo and l or a nagh nigh to Sligo wher they remained till such tyme as the murder was committed Whervpon, this deponent sayth, Andrew Crean sent away this deponent with her husband and Children towards Drumbo to be kept by the said Owen mcDermott; And vpon thair comeing to Drumbo (the said Owen mcDermott being than from home att Bellimoatt) this deponent with her husband and Children wer kept out wer commanded to be caried out of the hous by the wyff of the said Owen McDermott to be murdered, which this deponent heareing prayed that they might be kept alyve till such tym as the said Owen McDermott should come home, so that with much adoe they gott thair Lywes preserwed for two or thrie nights, Dureing which tyme shee this deponent, saw burdens of bloodie cloaths come into the hous, which did belong to sewerall protestants who wer all of tham murdered vpon the Curlewes by the serwants and souldiers of Owen mcDermott, which strook a great fear vpon the deponent and her husband who wer informed by the serwants of Owen m cDermott that mischeif was intended for as this deponent sayth, not only wer thes bloodie cloathes receawed vnto the hous, but also the said Owen mcDermott his souldiers when they wold be cleansing <B> thair skeins after the committing of thes bloodie facts, they wold bragg and say that within few dayes, they hopped to hawe the harts of a hundreth English and Scottish Leaping vpon thair hands: And this deponent further sayth that efter the said Owen mcDermott cam from Bellimoat to his hous he begun to examin this deponent and her husband concerneing thair moneyes and goods, and efter that he had gott from this deponents husband, a silk girdle with twelf lib into itt, hee the said Owen McDermott apprehending that thair was no more to be gott from by the said deponent and her husband, hee thrust out this deponent and her husband with thair children out of doores, and commanded tham to go shift for thamselwes, The deponent and her husband apprehending death with great earnestnes prayed him to secure thair Lywes, and nott to expose tham to be murdered, as vndoubtedly they wold, whervnto the said Owen McDermott answered that they needed not fear, that thair was no danger, and by oathes thought to frie <C> himselff of the importunitie of the deponentt and her husband, and further he said he wold send alongs his waiting and man and some four of his souldiers to guard tham; and that they should sie tham safe within the bounds of the garison of Boyll; whervpon this deponent with her husband cam away; and vpon the way on of the four souldiers brok off from the rest, which this deponent sieing shee asked Owen mcDermott roe (being the forsaid waiting man of Owen mcDermott) whitther that man was goeing, who answered that he was goeing towards the Irish camp which than Lay about Bellinafad, And when this Deponent with her husband and Children wer goeing forward towards the boyll, vpon the bogg.

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shee this deponent sieth this man who had caried the Letter comeing back towards tham, and att his comeing he spoke priwatly to his comerades, and so soone as they had ended thair discourse, one of thes souldiers who caried a chyld of this deponents, threw away the chyld, and sayd that hee wold no longer cary any <D> english whelp, Yett notwithstanding this deponent with her husband and Children went forward till they cam within the stone wall of the Deir park nigh the boyll att which tyme the forsaid Guard Left tham, and vpon Leaweing of tham, they whistled with a Loud sound, which this deponent knew really to be a signe of treacherie, and thair vpon prayed her husband to escap for his Lyff, which hee was not being able to doe, yett one of her boyes being light and swift escaped into the boyll, and this Deponent and her husband wer apprehended by an ambush of seavin men, whereof fywe of tham fell vpon the deponentts husband and stobbed him to death with skeins and the other two stripped this deponentt to the skin
Ann: [mark] Gasgein her: mark:
Signed, and acknowledged before mee as wittness my hand
Rich: Coote

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Ann Gaskeines examinacion
against Owen mcDermot

Deponent Fullname: Ann: Gasgein
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Widow
Deponent County of Residence: Donegal
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: John Stanoway, Owen McDermott, Andrew Crean, Owen McDermott roe
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned