Examination of Pattrick Kelly

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1654-02-08
Identifier: 838129r191


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County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Arrest
Commissioners: Roger Lyndon
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 129r


<symbol>The Examination of Pattrick Kelly a soldier in Collonell Venables Regiment taken before vs this 8th of ffebr: 1653
Who being dewly sworne & examined saith, that hee was commanded to goe along with William Baily an other soldier of the said Regiment into the Iland Magee, there to finde out one John Wylie, & they being come into the Iland they went into a widdowes house about muskett shott from the said Wylies, where they had some milke to drinke, & as they were standing without the doore drinking of the milk they saw a woman from one of the <A> next houses runing very by fast toward the said Wylies house, whereupon the said William Bayly asked of the said widdow what made the woman run soe fast & in a discontented crying manner shee answered that shee made hast to hinder a Calfe from sucking his dame, yett this Examinant and the said Bayly still obserued what the said woemen would doe, and seeing that shee past further then the where the Cowes & Calfe were, and noe way heeding the Cows or Calfe, but houlding on her speedy space towards Wylyes house the said William Bayly skipt a little boyes bonnett from his head, & left his hat with the boy, And takeing a sword in his hand, & leauing this Examinant behinde him at the widdowes doore with a fouling peece, hee made all hast to bee at Wylyes house before the woman & did overtake her, and came to Wyleyes house before the woman and soone after his comeing thether, this Examinant goeing to him, espied him on the topp of Wylies house, & being called vpon, by the said Bayly to make hast, this Examinant made hast & came to him, & deliuered him his ffouling peece, and receiued the sword from him, and as hee directed, this Examinant went into the barne yard, and other places about the house, and at last searching for him in the barne, & thrusting his sword into straw & into sheafe corne, it happened that hee prickt the said Wyly into one of his thithes, & wished him to come forth or that hee would kill him, whereupon the said Wyly rushed vp out of the Corne, & lept in the barne floore, And then this Examinant wished the said Wylye to goe before him out of the barne, who did, & this Examinant forthwith called to his Commorade Bayly

fol. 129v


Bayly, who was still on the topp of the house and wished him to come downe for I haue found the Rogue, and here he is, who there vpon came instantly from the house topp, & tould the said Wyly that hee should goe presently away with them, yett gaue Wilie tyme to shift his cloathes & being ready to goe sundry of the people there would haue had this Examinant & the said Bayly to leaue Wyly at the Cunstable of Iland Magee that night, which they refused to consent to fearing their intents were not good, but that he might escape thence, & soe they came away towards the villadge in Brade Iland called Ballygarry & mett with two men on a horse, the one is called as this Examinant remembers Eaken, who with one John Hill came that night after them to Ballygarry, And sayth that this Examinant & his Comorade, not findeing the Cunstable of that towne they went into one McCullowes house, where they found a Company of Scotts men drinking, & one Donnelson, a dweller of that towne among them, And the said Wyly comeing into the roome where they were, they bid him welcome, but as assoone as they saw this Examinant come after him they spake little but priuatly to one another and then this Examinant went forth (leauing his charge with his comorade) to finde the Cunstable but not findeing him, returned to McCullowes, & hee & his comorade desired the said McCullowe and the said Donnelson to take charge of the Prissoner that night which they refused and therevpon they tooke away the prisoner to the Cunstables house, and there staid till hee sent for them to a house where hee was And there hee tooke charge of the Prissoner and said that hee would lett him goe home to his owne his house in the Ilandmagee that night, which the Examinant & the said Bayly would by now meanes suffer to bee done, fearing that the prisoner might by that meanes escape, and saith that the said John Eaken & John Hill of the Iland Magee, did earnestly sollicett the said Baily & this Examinant to take moneyes, and to lett the Prisoner goe, which they would not hear of And saith that that night about twelue of the clock, one Pattrick Crosson came to that towne & caused this Examinant & his fellow souldier to bee weakened from their sleepe before day, to come to him, which they did, and soone after the said Crosson fell into a discourse of aduiseing & desireing them to lett the Prissoner goe, & that they should bee well rewarded, which they would not yeeld vnto, till that the next morning, they coming in

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in the way towards Carrickfergus the said Eaken, Crosson & John Hill, prosecuted their former desires of letting the Prissoner escape, then the said Bayly tould them for <C> ten pounds hee would, and after was content to accept of fiue pounds which they would not giue, but Eaken tendered him twenty shillings which hee refused, then Eaken threw a Ryall more to him, which made twenty four shillings sixpence, which soe receiued, The said Bayly wished this Examinant to looke well to the Prissoner & cockt his fouling or firelock peece & bid them to stand of, otherwise that hee would shoote at the first man that would offer to meddle with the Prissoner, wherevpon they stood off & followed a good distance of, till they came within a mile or less of the Towne & then Eaken came to Bayly, & tould him that hee did but lend him that mony if soe said Bayly, I will pay you when I am able, and soe the Prissoner being brought into the Garrison of Carrickfergus, was drest of the wound in his thith, and after committed to prisson, And more this Examinant saith not/.

Patrick Kelly his mark

Sworne before vs 7o: ffebr 1653
Roger Lyndon


fol. 130v


7o: ffebr 1653
The Examinacion of Patrick Kelly versus John Wylye

Deponent Fullname: Pattrick Kelly
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Soldier
Deponent County of Residence: Antrim
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Collonell Venables, William Baily, John Eaken, John Hill, John Wylie, * McCullowe, * Donnelson, Pattrick Crosson
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned