Examination of Magdalen Guilly

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-05-08
Identifier: 838141r200


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County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Killing, Words, Succour
Commissioners: Edward Conway, George Rawdon
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 141r

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The examinacion of Mrs Magdalen Guillymy{} wife to Captain Tho: Guillymy of Ballinderry in Com: Antrim taken 8 May 1653
Who being duely sworne saith that she heard in that time that she was neere Benburb in the begining of the Rebellion by seuerall persons that Capten Brian o Donelly now Prisoner in Carrickfergus did kil one Christopher ffossett a Glouer in Benburb towne at the house of one William O Daylings
<A> And she further saith that when she & her husban{d} gott a pass from Sir Phill: for her husband & her self & seuerall other English to goe into Dundalk Captain Brian o Donnelly was appointed to comand their conuoy & by the way she heard him say that if these fellowes that came from Mich: Harrisons doe not goe back she would cutt of their heads to which she answered he has as good cutt of their heads as to send them back againe & by her husbands aduice she priuately gott one Owen o Cullen who was there to intercede for them, & giue the said Brian O Donnelly ten shilling as from himselfe & to promise them said Bryan ten shillings more when the came neere to Dundalk, soe they went on safe till they came neere Glasdruman Castle where her said husband & one Mr Tho: Gore were taken away by a party of other Irish who as her husband told her after would haue killed him but that he mett with a seruant of his ffathers who saued him

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& brought him safe nere to Dundalk about foure dayes after & she heard that the said Brian o Donnelly drew his sword on the way to Kill the said Mr Gore but that Capten Chambers preserued him & not preuayled for him vnder whose horse neck he run to escape the blow And further saith not

Magdallen Gwyllym

Taken before vs
Edw: Conway
Geo: Rawdon

fol. 142r

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Deponent Fullname: Magdalen Guillymy
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Wife
Deponent County of Residence: Antrim
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Brian o Donelly, Phill: *, Tho: Guillymy, Christopher ffossett, Tho: Gore, William O Dayling, Mich: Harrison, Capten Chambers, Owen o Cullen
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Succour, Succour