Examination of Theophilus Jones

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1644-06-03
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County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Information
Commissioners: Earl of Roscommon, James Ware
Deposition Transcription:

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The examjnation of Serjeant Major Theophilus Jones taken before the Right honorable James Earle of Roscomon, and Sir James Ware Knight both etc and vppon oath ministred by the Clerk of the Councell by direccion of the right honorable the Lord Lieutenant & Councell the third of June 1644
<f> The said Serjeant Major Theophilus Jones beeing duly sworne and examjned saith that about 2 or 3 monthes sithence the regiment comanded by Lieutenant Collonell Saint Clere, the regiment comanded by Collonell Cambell, and another regiment whose chief Commander the examinant knoweth not were sent forth of Ireland into Scotland, and were shipped some at Carigfergus some at Belfast, some at Donoghadee, and some <g> at other ports, And hee saith that of those (as the examinant in parte observed & was generally reported) there were very many Irish papists that had been nerely before in Armes with the Irish and <h> of their partie, Hee saith alsoe that the residue of the Scottish forces yet remaining in the province of Vlster have been Lately recruited and very many Irish of the condition aforesaid taken on towards recruiting the severall

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<i> severall companies of the said remaining forces of the Scotts, All which Irish are provided for by as the rest of the said forces are, And hee conceives that the numbers of the Irish soe taken on for recruits are well=neere a fift or a sixt parte of their whole forces, And hee saith that before that new recruiting the <k> Scottish Regiments for the most parte were not above 500 or 600 men in a Regiment, but the regiment s are now by the taking on of the said Irish & some Scoth wilbe neere complete a thowsand eache, Hee further saith that vppon Major Generall Major Monroes coming with his forces to Belfast beeing about the 13 14 of May last, hee promised <l> not to disturbe any there, and yet but only take quarter for his men, and yet the next day after hee gott thither, hee removed all the English Regiment that then laye there, savng two foote companies, and Coll: Chichesters own foote companie that were in his castle <m> at Belfast, And within 3 or 4 dayes after one of the said 2 companies namely that comanded by

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by Capten MacAdam was alsoe removed from <n> thence, And not long after both the serjeants of that Company, with 350 of 53 of their men (as the said Capten McAdam himself toud the examinant, and the examinant beleeveth to bee true) marched with collors displayed to Belfast and there some stay beeing given them at the gate, they produced a warrant from Generall Major Monroe requiring their free admission <o> into the Towne and t ha t the Guarrison should bee assistant to them wherevppon they had admistion to enter, and soe they marched to the markett place, and there too publiquely tore in peeces their English Cullors, and distributed the same in small peeces [ ] and soe putt them into their hatts, and in <p> that maner wearing them in their hatts marched away to Carigfergus But And hee saith that the said Capten macAdam also tould him (which also the examinant beleeveth to bee true) that <q> hee the said Capten MacAdam lodging neere the said market place, & having had some notice of his mens disorders, hee (while hee was hastening to gett redy for it was timely in the

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<r> the morning) called at a windoe to the Capten of the watche in the said market place namely Capten Kenedy, & tould him that he had heard that his the said Capten McAdams soldiers then there, were fallen into some mutinous <s> disorder, & desired the said Capten of the watche to stay them vntil hee came downe to appease them, wherevnto the said Capten Kenedy made answer, that hee coud not stay them for that they had warrant for what they did, Hee saith that the forces Left at Belfast by <t> Generall Major Monroe at have lately deprived Coll: Chichesters Company of the guards in the Castle of Belfast, And Generall Major Monroe hath of late declared as the examinant heard from the officers of Coll: Chichester s regiment that none of the field officers Coll: Chichester and the rest of the field officers that departed thence shall have noe companies there,Hee saith that the Scottish forces about in Vlster doe generally reporte that they speake to this <effect> vizt wee have a partie h ere at Dublin & Drogheda & ou r that their Covenant at is [ ] [ ] a sweareing at Dublin

Theo: Jones

Ja: Ware

Deponent Fullname: Theophilus Jones
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Sergeant Major
Deponent County of Residence: Antrim
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Lieutenant Collonell Saint Clere, Generall Major Monroes, Coll: Chichesters, Capten MacAdam, Collonell Cambell, Capten Kenedy
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned