Abstracts re Lord Maguire and Hugh McMahon

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Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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County: Dublin
Deposition Type: Miscellaneous
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Multiple Killing, Words
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An abstract of the examinations concerninge the Lord Mcguire & Hue mcMahon
<s> It aperes by the examination of Owen Oconnely vpon his oath first that beinge sent for by Hue mcMahon he found him at his lodginge neare the boote in Oxmanton, in the suburbes of Dublin whence they both went to the lodginge of the Lord mcguire wher not finding him they said Hue at the Lord mcguires lodginge the said Hue told the said Owen that ther were & wold be that night great numbers of noble men & gentlemen of the Irish & papists from al the parts of the Kingdome in this towne of Dublin who with himselfe had determined to take the castle of Dublin & possesse them= <t> selues of al his maiesties amunition ther, & that the next morninge beinge Saterday they intended first to batter the Chymnyes of the towne & if the City wold not yeilde then to batter downe the houses & so to cut of al the protestants that wold not ioyne with them.
<v> 2 he saith that the said Hue then also told him that the irish had prepared men in al the parts of the Kingdome to destroy al the English inhabitinge there vpon the said Saterday by ten of the clock
<w> 3. That vpon that night al the protestants in al the sea ports & other townes in the Kingdome shold be killed & that al the posts that cold be cold not preuent it.
<x> 4. That he said moued the said Hue to forbeare executinge of that busines & to discouer the same to the state who said that he cold not helpe it. & that it was done for the tirannicall gouerment that was ouer them & to imitate Scotland who had gott a priuiledge by that course

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<y> it aperes by the examinations of Hue oge mc Mahon
ffirst he saith that he thinks ther wil be troubles this day beinge Saterday the 23 of October throughout al the kingdome of Ireland & that al the fortifications of Ireland, wil be this day taken as he thinks & that he thinks that it is so farr gone by that time that all Ireland cannot helpe it
<z> 2ly he saith that he was told this by Capt: Brian O neale & that Capt Brian O neale & Capt: Hue Birne were designed for surprisinge the Castle of Dublin & that if he the said Hue were one for the surprisinge of the said Castle of Dublin those 2 Captaynes were principalls therin.
<a> 3ly he saith that the place of meetinge was to be at this examinants lodginge, & that twentye prime men out of euery County in Ireland were to be at Dublin vpon friday at night the 22 of October last concerning that matter & that they were to consult of it that mor saterday morninge at the said Hues lodginge & that ther weapons weare to be swordes & skeanes; & that the Captaynes that were raising men in the Irish Countryes were they that shold send men hether to Dublin to second the busines
<b> 4ly That when they had Dublin they made sure of the rest & expected to be furnished with more armes at Dublin
<c> 5ly He said to the Lords I am now in your hands vse me as you wil I am sure I shal be shortly reuenged
<d> 6ly Beinge demanded whether the Lord mcguire was one that was appoynted to this Busines he at last said he thought he was.

fol. 19v

<e> It aperes by the examination of Edmund Relly preist that he the said Edmund heard the said Charles Kinselagh taylor say that the on saterday morninge beinge the 23 of October last he had bine with the said mcguire at in a taylors house in Cokestrete dublin haueinge bine sent for thether by the said Lord mcguire & that vpon his cominge to him the said Lord told him that his life was in daunger & desired him to helpe him to conuey him away & that thervpon the said Charles answered that if his Lordship wold conceale himselfe til fiue of the clock in the afternone he wold endeuor to conuey him away in a womans apparell by the way of Colmans brooke
<f> It aperes by the examinations of John Longe preist That vpon the 26 of October beinge tuseday he heard Edmund Rellye preist say that one Charles Kinselagh a tailor had reported vnto him that he had bine with the Lord mcguire the day that he was apprehended & told him that the said Lord mcguire might haue escaped if he had bine put into womans apparell & conueyed an by the way of Colmans brooke. & that the said Charles told him the said Relly that he wold haue endeuoured if the Lord mcguire had not bine apprehended when he was to haue conueyed him away by that meanes
<g> It aperes by the examinations of Humfry Pole & Owen Hart beinge taken vpon oath that vpon the murtheringe of Arthur Champion & others to the number of 22 in the County of ffermanagh vpon Saterday morninge about 8 of the clock the 23 of October last the said by the mcguires the Rebells said that it was a Saints day with them & the day & houre appoynted when the Lord mcguire shold take the Castle of Dublin & al the other strengthes of the kingdome shold likewise be taken by others of the Irish nation
<h> 2ly That the said Rebells then also affirmed that they were vnder the Command of Capt Rory mcguire brother to the said Lord mcguire & that the said Capt: wold be with them the next morninge & that the said Champions wife & other prisoners shold not be released before the said mcguire or Capt: mcguire gaue directions therin

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<i> It aperes by the examination of Charles Kinselagh taken the 28 of October 1641
1 that he did not see the Lord mcguire within a month, &
2 that vpon fryday the 22 of October last Edmund mcMahon a seruant of the Lord mcguire told the said Kinselagh that his Lordship desired to speake with him the next morninge, & the next morning sone <k> after 9 of the Clock in the morninge he went to his Lordships lodginge at mr Neuills house & not findinge his Lordship within he came to his owne house where his wife told him that the Lord mcguire had bine twice knockinge at ther dore but went away before the dore was opened,
<l> 3ly That he hearinge that the Lord Mcguire was apprehended in at Kernans house in Cooke streete he sayd that it was twenty to one that the Lord mcguire might haue escaped if he had taken the other side of the way & passed through Colmans brooke

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Bre of the examinations
concerninge the Lord
mc Guire, Hue mc
Mahon & Charles

Deponent Fullname: Owen Oconnely, Edmund Relly, John Longe, Humfry Pole, Owen Hart, Charles Kinselagh
Deponent Gender: Male, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Male
Deponent Occupation: Priest, Priest, Tailor
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Lord Mcguire, Hue mcMahon, Brian O neale, Hue Birne, * mcguire, Rory mcguire, Arthur Champion, Edmund mcMahon, mr Neuill, * Kernan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned