Letter from the commissioners to Henry Jones

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Date: 1642-07-20
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No 16

Reverend Sir
We received about the begininge of July your Letter to the Clergy: and as of the vijth of June, an answere wherevnto wee have hitherto Laboured for till the receipt of your seacond Letter to vs of July the 5th which came to vs the 15th of July instant the Clergie resolved to send Mr Sterne to represente a fresh the miserable condicion of the Clergie here: As hopeing that ought much conduce to theffecting of your agencie wherein they would Joine him with you. But now understanding of your retorne to bee soe sudden; that resolucion failes; which we conceive howsoever (for many reasons; had taken none effect) To an answere of your Letter in the 2 particulers of our present condicions. and a certeine consideracion for your paines. We cannott procure them to meete: Nor fynd them (with whome in private we discourse) any way way inclinable to allott xviij d. per pownd, as conceiving it overmuch) Theire generall desire is: That you would referr your self to their gratefulnes at your comeing over with a thanckfull acknowledgment of your great paines and protestacions that you should bee noe looser thereby: Some were ill pleased with vs for procuring hands to what we formerly sent, If it lay in our power to des obteine you the desired incorragement yow shold not after soe much expence of time purse and paines, stand to vncertaine curtesies: If your paines in this be answereable as we presume it is, to what they would have been in procureing a speciall collection: We conceive that what you alreadie have: will at least be a good leader and the annalogue in equitie will hould even in their owne apprehensions. If our president therein may ought further you: We promisse (vpon your Letter by the next post) you shall have it vnder our hands, And in the meane time we shall try if we can prevaile with some of the more eminent to Joyne with vs, The numbers of dispojled ministers in this Citty not Inferior to what you gaue in vpon conjecture but increaseth daily and doe will we conceive alreadie reach that & farr exceed it, with ymmuneration of widowes & orphants of ministers takeing each widow with all her orphants for one: The ministers sufferinges are exceeding greate, many readie to perish with extreame want of all thinges, turned for want of mony: out of their lodginges, ther cloths worne out & their frendes overburthened & disinabled to contynue those smalle allowances which hitherto have kept liffe & sowle together & our wants in writ wilbe farr greater by reason of thincreaseing scarsity of all thinges: And we are confident that many of those ministers which are in the Cuntrie, are in greater want then wee ar here: To such miseries as it hath pleased almightie god to bring vs That being vtterly dispoiled of our meanes: those few here that are able to releeve vs, are vnwilling or wearyed, the most vnable, to afford any thinge: And our chargs of wiffe & children soe great that vnles it please god to inlarge the Compassionate bowells of her our bretheren there to a contribution some way answereable to or great numbers (being at Least one thowsand in the whole kingdome), and

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pressing and daily increasing necessities; We are like to followe those many of our bretheren whoe have alreadie perished for want of all thinges: The good Lord forbidd that scandall from ever Lying vpon the professors of our comon faith: That those painfull Labourers in gods viniard whoe have taken Joyfully the spoiling of their goodes for the Gospell: should perish aswell through their brethrens neglect, as their enemies persecution The successe of our armys contynue (blessed be god) as prosperous as in such want of monies and men against soe numerous and flying an enemy: may well be expected: God of his mercies send vs tymely supplys hither: & a blessed and happie peace with you in England to his glorie & the reviveing of our harts as much now distracted for your feared miseries, as ours felt: Such are the dayly prayers of
Yours truly loving & affectionate
John Watson
John Sterne
Will: Aldrich
Will: Hitchcocke
Randall Adams
Hen: Brereton
Edw: Pigott
Dublin this xxth of July 1642

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fol. 50v

The Commissioners Letter

To the reverend his verie
Loving frend Henry Jones
Doctor in Divinity at the signe
of the gun in pawles church
yard London theis


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