Deposition of John Kerdiffe

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-02-28
Identifier: 839002r004


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Waring Copy
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Assault, Captivity, Desecration, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words, Succour
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 2r

The use of the first person has been systematically eliminated.
Line 1, replacement: ‘Kerdiffe’ instead of ‘Kerdiff’

fol. 2v

Lines 3-5, replacement: ‘vizt of books horses debts ready money Arrerages of rents Apparell, howseholdstuffe, and tythes all amounting to CClxvij li. ster’ instead of list of losses in original
Lines 7-9, replacement: ‘They were as followeth vizt On the xxiijth & xxiiijth of October 1641 the Rebells surprised’ instead of ‘were as followeth oct. 23 & 24 1641 they surprisd’
Line 13, replacement: ‘English’ instead of ‘Englishman’
Line 21, replacement: ‘myle of the towne they murthered Mr Blith: he holding’ instead of ‘mile, to the town murthered, mr Blith holding’
Lines 26-27, replacement: ‘About which tyme about lxxx or 100’ instead of ‘at which tyme about 4xx or an 100’
Lines 27-28, added: ‘of Loghgall or thereabouts’
Lines 32-26, replacement: ‘And whilest he was in robbing Sir Phelim o Neile and his Company turned him naked out of his howse: The Rebells leaveing neither dublett Coate hatt nor shirt with him: By which outrags his wiffe is fallen ino an extreame frenzie’ instead of ‘Whiles he was robbing Sir Phelim o Neile & his company passed by he was turned out naked out of his house, the Rebbels neither, leauing dublet coat hat nor shirt with him his wife is fallen into an extreme frenzy by these outrages.’

fol. 3r

No significant variations.

fol. 3v

Line 20, added: ‘a Prophesie amongst the Rebells there’
Lines 23-32, added:
1 [coat of arms] A hand stretched out for gould
<П> 2 [coat of arms] a mankiller
3 [coat of arms] an elfe
<П> 4 [coat of arms] God for the woman
5 [coat of arms] a Religion & nought
6 [coat of arms] An othier[a leg] A legg greene cutt from the tree
7 [coat of arms] Nihill
<Talpa> 8 [coat of arms] Leo non Coronatus
9 [mitre and sword] Prelatus Aureus
10 [mitre and sword] { }

fol. 4r

Lines 1-17, added: ‘Scotia cum Scotia pugnet sed hic interpellatis
<A> Tandem Leo non Coronatus dormivit, sic voluit deus et determinavit venit ab oriente Tyrone, et coniungit se cum Clanrikard in Hibernia et qumque aliis bestijs magnarum virium, et faciunt conflagare Dublinum, tunc væ Anglis extendunt caudas suas a Dublinio, vsque ad west Cestriam et primum primum prælium erit apud Sherwood forrest nere an headles Crosse, tunc væ Anglis illud apud prælium erit supra Dunsmore heath Occumbet Tyrone fugit talpa morietur in via Et semen Regis erit mendicum in terra aliena in æternum
Theis figures here disciphered by Escutchions were in the originall coppy expressed by the heads of kinges: & expounded as follow{s} By the first was understood king H:7 by the 2d H8 & by the gallowes the persecucion in his tyme: By the 3: E:6 / 4:Q M: in her tyme persecucion / 5.Q.E. / 6 K Ja{ } by the leg P.H: 7.K.C. 8 the palsgrave / 9 a Prelate which should ryse without Corruption: Before and after his tyme much perescucion by the twoe swordes Then 2 bishops / the Last an end of the papacie’
Lines 30-32, replacement: ‘of which be part & were actors in this Rebellion were the said Sir Phelim o Neile’ instead of ‘of which b were part in this rebellion were Sir Phelim o Neyle general, of Kinard’
Line 32, replacement: ‘Turlogh oge o Neile’ instead of ‘Turlogh o Neyle’

fol. 4v

No significant variations.

fol. 5r

Line 4, replacement: ‘sett vpon by the Scotts’ instead of ‘sett vpon by some of the scotts’