Deposition of Damian Huchinson

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Date: 1642-05-18
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1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Kildare
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Randall Adams, William Hitchcock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 339r

Damian Huchinson of ArdneCross, in the County of Kildare gent: Sworne and examined, deposeth, and saith that since the begininge of this rebellion, in this Kingdome and by meanes therof, his father in his life time (of whose last will & testament to whome this deponet is Joynt executor with his mother) and hee both & his mother haue lost, and bin expelled from robbed, depriued, disposesed, and dispoyled, of theire goods and Chattles, heareafter mentioned vizt: housholdstuff worth 100 li. Corne and hay worth 200 li. Beasts and Cattle, worth fowerscore pownds horses and Colts, worth xx li. Swine worth 5 li. all which was goodes w ere taken away by the rebles, in his fathers life time, and since his fathers his desease, By his improuements of land and buildinge demolished by fier and layde waste 300 li. In Rents 100 li. And in his this deponents verye Interest of his land, for which; his father, in his life time, and before this rebellion began might haue had 1000 li. & this deponent doth verilie beleeue, when it shall please god, to send peace, it will not be worth 500 li. In Corne in ground whereof the saide deponet, conceaueth he shall receaue, noe benefit, one hundred pownds. Soe that his whole loss and damage by meanes of this rebellion amounteth vnto <1405 li. ster> one thousand, fower hundred, and fiue pownds att the least.
The men, by no whome this deponet, hath bein robbed, of his goods and Chattles are of seuerall Cowntys and places.
first his horses and colts taken away by men of the County of Catherlowe, with parte of his housholdstuffe,
<A> 2 his cowes oxen and swine, by one Paule fitz Gerald of Narraghmore, in the Cownty of kildare, with others of his Company
3 his Corne and house, entered vppon, by one Garrott fitz Gerald, sonn to william fitz Gerald of CastleRowe, whoe was landlord, to this saide deponet, and there made hauock & wast, of corne, and goods, not allowinge him, nor his father, one graine of theire owne corne to releeue them (with all

fol. 339v

ffurdther he saith that one Moris fitz Gerald, of Glashely <B> in the county of Kildare (brother to the saide, paule fitz Gerald, whoe robbed him, had most of his oxen, to whome when this depp[onents] father, sent for them, he saide if he would com himselfe, or his sonn for them, they should haue them, but would not send them by the seruant: But neither the deponent nor his father durst goe to fetch them for fear of their lives And further saith, that one Garrat Wolfe, of the Moate, in the County of Kildare, whoe was tenant to this deponets father, he when this deponet mother, vppon his father deathbed, sent to the said Garrot to releue her with som of [ ] the rent du e, but, he sent her word againe, [here] that he was one, of the three Charged sessors, for the Barrony of Narragh and Reaban, and had taken an oath, vppon paine of death, not to releeue any protestant especially where they were, vnles wee did as they did
Damian: Huchinson
Jur May 18th 1642
Randall: Adams:
Will: Hitchcocke



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fol. 340v

Damian Hutchinson
Jur 18o May 1642
Cert fact
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Deponent Fullname: Damian Huchinson
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Kildare
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Paule fitz Gerald, Garrott fitz Gerald, Moris fitz Gerald, Garrat Wolfe, william fitz Gerald
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Confederate, Mentioned