Deposition of Glawde Bonny

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Date: 1646-06-16
Identifier: 814271r167


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County: King's Co
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Killing, Robbery
Commissioners: Henry Jones, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 271r

Glawde Bonny Late of Gloaster in the kinges Countie gentleman sworne & examined deposeth & saith That he this Deponent being by birth a frenchman came into this kingdome of Ireland about 20ty yeres since, & haveing vntill the begining of the present Rebellion Lived at Gloaster aforesaid in the faith & Religion of a protestant he this deponent (amongst many other protestants his neighbours) was about the 20th of November 1641 & at tymes since at Gloaster aforesaid & other places forceibly deprived & dispoiled of his goods & chattells & expelled & driven from his habitacion & course of liveing to his now Losse & damage of 200 li. at the Least, & he is like to be deprived of & loose the future proffitts & benefite of his imployment worth when before the Rebellion began 40 li., Communibus Annis) And further saith that the parties that soe deprived dispoiled & drive him from his habitacion were <hand A> and are theis vizt James kenedie of Ballengarry in Lower Ormond in the Countie of Tipperary Esquire John Coughlan of Streamstowne Esquire Art Molloy of Rathleighan Esquire John oge McGarrett ô Coughlan of Horne Castle in the Kinges County Esquire Cosny Molloy of Cuilly gent Con n Coughlan of Miltowne gentleman James ô Coughlen ofnere Gloaster aforesaid his kinsman Morrogh ô kenedie of Lackin esquire John oge kenedy of Inchrone in the County of Tipperary gent & their Complicees partakers and followers whose names he cannott expresse, And further saith that at the same time Phillipp Bigoe gent Maister & owner of the Glasshowse at Gloaster aforesaid, was alsoe deprived & robbed of his goodes & meanes at Gloaster aforesaid & other places of very great value & hee this deponent & divers others french and English protestants expelled & driven from thence by the parties Rebells aforesaid, & from thence (for more safety) fledd to the Castle of Newtowne alias Ballinoe in the County of Galway then alsoe belonging to the said Mr. Bigoe. Where they stood [ ] vpon their owne defence & keepeing for the space of divers months one yere or thereabouts vntill And then they & that Castle were beseiged by the said James kenedy John Coughlan Art Molloy John oge McGarrett <hand> ô Coghlan Cosny Molloy Conn Coughlan James ô Coughlan & by Garrett Moore of Cloughan in the County of Galway Esquire & the saide Morrogh ô kenedie John oge Kened ie & by divers others of

fol. 271v

the names and septs of the ô Cadies & ô Hogans of the <B> Countie of Tipperary whose in Lower Ormond aforesaid whose names Chrissen names he knoweth not, & divers others their confederats as Phillipp kenedie of or nere Loragh in the County of Tipperary gentleman & Art McGeoghahan ofin the said County of Tipperary gentleman, Owen oge ô Madden of Curclogh in the County of Galway gentleman, & divers others whose names he cannott expresse, amounting to at least 500 persons which said Rebells contynued that seige without ceaseing for about 12 daies together, And the deponent said Phillip Bigoe then and for a long time before haveing at his owne charges (without releefe of any) manteined & kept at his said Castle of Newtowne 12 souldiers & 42 protestants more women & children) They defended that Castle as well as they could, and with their shott killed many of the Rebells, and many others they hurt, But the said Mr Bigoe & this deponent, and the rest of his the souldiers, being much distressed especially by the want of powder, shott amunition & men & being also debarred of water & other meanes of longer subsistence, were inforced to submitt to that want, & with much difficultie gott Quarter to come away & depart with their lives, only with 2 musketts, twoe swordes, 2 pistolls, their apparell and the most part of their other goodes, But the deponent said Mr Bigo e was inforced then to give & deliver to those Rebells 91 li. xj s. in money to this deponents best remembrance And further saith that euer since they fled to the Castle of Newtowne aforesaid he & the rest of the holders thereof were soe watched besett and kept soe straitly in the said Castle by the Rebells that they durst not stirr publiquely abroad, saveing that one time one Jacob Dehooe, brother in law to the said Mr Bigoe, and 4r other souldiers martching privately out of the said Castle, were suddenly surprized by an Ambushe of three or fowre hundred Rebells. Whoe then and there slew the said Jacob Dohooe, But the other 4r said souldiers escaped and fled towards the said Castle & w ere rescued by such as sallied in their defence out of the same, And att another

fol. 272r

another time afterwards vizt about the month of August 1642 one William Wasbery (whoe had bin one of the souldiers of the said Castle) and his wife, were was slaine nere Balliboy in the kings County by Rebe as he was goeing to visitt his sonn whom the Rebells had wounded, The wife of the said William Wasbery being att but a little before that tyme hanged by the Rebells nere Balliboy aforesaid Att another tyme vizt in the yere 1642 <C> vizt (to this deponents now best Remembrance) one Captai n Carroll whoe then beseiged knocknemeis & some other Rebells whose name he knoweth not, did at a place nere knocknemeis in the kinges County aforesaid hang to death vpon a tree one James Melvill a french man whoe was a very zealous protestant, And this deponent further saith that about the month of May 1642 the said Phillip Bigoe & this deponent, and some other of their souldiers privatelie rideing from the said Castle of Newtowne Mett by accident with one Donohoe Deere of Birr in the kinges County merchant nere vnto the said Castle, whom they suspecting examined & searched, and fownd about him a gun a pistoll a sword & a skeane & vpon search in his pocketts fownd a letter written & sent by and from the Rebell Art ô Molloy of Rathleighin in the kings County Esquire to a frier in Galway whose name this deponent hath now forgotten, Whereby he requested that frier to send him that thing Whereof the Cuntry stood in most need, & which was most pretious amongst them, and to send to him what the price thereof was, And that he had sent mony for it by that bearer, or to that effect: And vpon further search they fownd and tooke from the said Donoghoe threescore powndes in money, & a great letherne bagg wherein had bin gunpowder (which letter the said Mr Bigoe sent afterwards to the lord of Clanrickard) And haveing taken the said Donoghoe into their Custodie he the said Donoghoe tould them that 20 li. of that lx li. was the said Arte one ô Molloys owne money: Wherefore, & for that he theis deponent
<Catherl ghe
Geo Morris

fol. 272v

Deponent conceived said Mr Bigoe and the rest conceived (as this deponent yet doth) that the letter was cheefly sent for gunpowder (being the thing in the letter meant and writt for & esteemed soe <D> precious, he this deponent kept the said 60 li., & deliuered the said donoghoe to the said Garrett Moore, whoe vndertooke to to bring him before the said Erle of Clanrickard Howbeit afterwards whenas the said Garrett Moore should have deliuered him to the said Erle, there was a peticion preferred to his honour by Nicholas Harbert thelder of killian Esquire in the name of the said Donoghoe, That this deponent might be Comanded to deliuer againe vnto him the said lx li. The said Harbert then most vntruly averring to the Erle that the said Donoghoe was an honest man and a Merchant that onely went to buy Wares Wherevpon the deponent received a Comand from the said Erle either to redeliver the said money or shew cawse to the Contrary, Vpon which the his Mr Bigoe deponent had letters from Sir Arthur Blundell knighte and Captaine Parsons that the said Donoghoe was a notorious Rebell, which letters he sent to the said Erle, whoe (vpon view of them) said, he would hang him the said Donoghoe ô Deere, (as this deponent hath been told) Howbeit as this Deponent thincketh and was credibly tould, the said Donoghoe was by the said Garrett Moore and Nicholas Harbert or thone of them conveyed away & sett at Libertie
Ju xvjo Junij 1646
Hen: Clogher
Will: Aldrich

Deponent Fullname: Glawde Bonny
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Kings County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: James kenedie, John Coughlan, Art Molloy, John oge McGarrett Coughlan, Cosny Molloy, Conn Coughlan, James Coughlen, Morrogh kenedie, John oge kenedie, Garrett Moore, * , Phillipp kenedie, Art McGeoghahan, Owen oge Madden, * Carroll, Donohoe Deere, Phillipp Bigoe, Jacob Dehooe, William Wasbery, James Melvill, * Clanrickard, Arthur Blundell, * Parsons
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned