Deposition of John Ridge

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Date: 1643-03-11
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County: Galway & Roscommon
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: John Watson, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 14r

John Ridge late of the Abbey of Roscomon in the County of Roscomon Esquire sworne and examined deposeth and saith That since the begining of the present Rebellion, and by meanes thereof He was, & still is forceibly by the Rebells expelled & driven of [ ] the possession of his land e s Capitall and other Messuages Landes farmes Rents Revenues and meanes within the seuerall Counties of Sligoe Mayo: Galway, Roscomon, Longford Dublin & Wickloe within the Kingdome of Ireland & of his part goodes and to hi Chattells of the values herein hereafter mencioned vizt, of Rents of Landes of inheritance Lands in Mortgage and lands in lease within the County of Sligoe over & above the Lords Rents, due at Easter 1643 amounting to one thowsand three hundreth Powndes ster, Of English sheepe that were kept at Altannellick in the same County by Tho Coote his servant whoe with his wife & some of his Children were Killd at Tomregoe by ô Connor of Sligos brother, amounting Eleven hundreth and odd sheepe [ ] worth CCCCx li. Corne in stock in that County worth 10 li. of debts due by seuerall persons within that County most of them by those that are in Rebellion: amounting to Clvj li. And of his meanes within the County of Mayo vizt, of the Rents of his lands of inheritance Landes in Mortgage and in leas: Besides the Rents thereout payable, and in tythes in seuerall parishes in the Barrony of Kilmaine. Eight hundreth & seventeene Powndes ster: of English sheepe taken from him att and about Kilmaine in the same County being 4350 in number worth one thowsand seven hundreth & forty Pounds: Of debts in that County due by Sir James John Dillon Knight a Rebell 500 li. Besides this deponent paid him 800 li. for which he made the deponent a leas of

fol. 14v

the Castle & landes of Bealaveele and 7 quarters of land therevnt{o} belonging for nynety nyne yeres at a pepper corne Rente before the warrs began Soe as he accompteth lost by the said Sir John James Dillon only the 500 li. aforesaid, And of Cowes and horses in that County worth xxj li. And of fforty eight horses Mares & studd & tenn Cowes taken away from Kilmolagh <A> in the County of Galway by William Mc Hubbert Bourke gent all worth Clxxj li. And of his meanes goods and Chattells within the County of Roscomon vizt of clere Rents of Lands in leas, and of the Rents of landes in mortgage & of rents of landes of inheritance within that County worth amounting to CC li. & of fynes of leases for some of the same landes Clxxx li., of twoe thowsand nyne hundred sixty six english sheepe, lost at Mulloghdow & the Bowghe that Countie And twelve hundreth sixty english sheepe Lost at Abbytowne all worth one thowsand nyne hundreth Poundes And of English Cowes draught oxen at the Abbey of Roscomon besides cattle & Calves worth CCxix li. And of Saddle horses geldings & Mares worth Cxl li. And of xvjn plowe garrans worth xxxij li., & forty waine load of hay burnt by the Rebells worth 40 li. And the Rebells burnd of this deponents a stable & oxhowse, a french Killhowse, A wooll howse A Cowhowse and five dwelling howses of his English tenants worth in all worth CCxlv li., And the Rebells burnd this deponents howse at the Abbey of Roscommon cont xxv Roomes Howsholdstuff corne Malt timberbords implements of husbandry swyne & other thinges burnd Killd & spoyled by the Rebells worth in all seven hundred seventy five Pownds And of a debt due to the deponent, by Dermott o Connor Dun by bond & otherwise, he dying in Rebellion Lxxx li. And of his meanes goodes and Chattells within the Countie of Longford vizt, Of Rents improved in the Calloughe amounting to Clx li. And of improved Rent a more in three

fol. 15r

quarters of lands of in the Collough aforesaid xxx li., of one thowsand one hundreth and thirty sheepe worth CCCClij li. horses & Cowes worth xxxviij li. Of the dwelling howse and owthowses at Vlfeidd burnd, & his howsholdstuff whether burnt or stollen hee knoweth not, the howse being furnished all worth Cxx li. And of his meanes goods and Chattells within the County of Dublin vizt, of the value of his interest of 2 farmes at Templeoge the fynes whereof cost him CCl li. & repairing thereof cost 40 li. in all CCxC li., goods and howsholdstuff there worth xx li., of 400 sheepe at Templeoge worth Clx li., And of xxviij English milch Cowes worth Lxxxiiij li. nyne other Cowes worth xiij li. 3 horses worth vj li., and hay worth xxx li.: 2 yeres Rent of the further of the said twoe farmes & of 28 Cowes there worth lxx li., And of the clere proffitts of the hither farme Lx li., of debts due by the [Rebel ] <A:> Christopher Burnell of Casteknock whoe is said to be in Rebellion: & by James Plunkett Esquire deceased x x x x CCCCxl li. And of his meanes and goods within the County of wickloe vizt, of twoe yeres proffitts of the landes of of Cloragh & Ballinghorrey CClxx li., of twoe thowsand one hundreth and odd English sheepe worth nyne hundreth forty five Pownds, of howses burned and spojled howsehold goods hay Cowes and horses all worth fforty nyne Pownds: Soe that the deponents whole present losses already remembred (by meanes of the present Rebellion) susteyned doe amount vnto the sume of Eleven Twelve thowsand three twoe hundreth & ffive Powndes ster Besides the future anual proffitt of his stock whereof he giveth noe estimate only saith that he hath (before the Rebellion began) raised & made meerely & only out of and by his woll yerely One thowsand twoe hundreth Powndes Comunibus annis And this deponent is like to be be deprived of & loose the

fol. 15v

future Rents Revenues and proffitts of his landes of Inheritance farmes & meanes, (which when the Rebellion began were worth one thowsand three hundreth Pounds per annum) vntill a Setled peace in this Kingdome bring them to their former future value, And further saith that the Cheefe strength of the Rebell souldjers of the 3 Counties of Leitrim Roscomon & Longford, were at the burning of this deponents howseing att the <symbol> Abbey of Roscomon vpon Christmas Eve 1641 of which <A:> Rebells Conn ô Rourk of the County of Leitrim was the Reputed generall, And there were alsoe actors in the same outrage Hugh ô Connor Dun Colonell eldest sonn to Charles ô Connor Dun C o lonel reputed generall of Roscomon ô Birne Captain, Henry Dillon of Ballimullen in the County of Roscomon Esquire Dowaltaghe Mc Connor oge o Hanley & Hugh oge ô Connors eldest sonn of Castlereogh And out of the County of Longford Colonell <B:> ffarrell and fowre or five other Captaines of the ffarrells Amongst which was Lysaghe Mc Gillernew ô ffarrell and his sonn: But for the rest this deponent cannott expresse their names And this deponent for his owne part from the first tyme of the presente Rebellion manteined fforty men or thereabouts at his owne chardge with armes & munition for the good of his Maiesties service and of the English within the Province of Connaght And after this deponents howses and att the Abbey towne, & the towne alsoe were burned this deponent defended & kept against them a tower of strength att the Abbey towne aforesaid w & still manteineth and holdeth the same against the Rebells, which hath beene of great consequence tending to the benefite of his Maiesties service many waies. And this deponent further saith that hee this Deponent from time to time and vpon all occasions & expedicions of his Maiesties service within the Counties of Roscomon and Leitrim hath sent forth his men horse & foote with their Armes whoe haue Joined with the English forces vnder the Comand of the Lord Ranalaghe & others whoe have [ ] and done what service they Could against the Rebells
John Ridge
Jur xjo Martij 1642
Joh Watson
Will: Aldrich

fol. 16r

John Ridge of the Abbey of Roscomon Esquire in addition to his former examinacion vpon oath And this deponent John Ridge further saith, That whereas before the Rebellion when the first 6 subsidies in the Erle of Straffords gouernement were granted by Parliament to his Maiesty, That he paid nere about 66 li. English money for the 5th subsidy in order collected, and for the last of the six subsidies he paid full 80 li. ster and somwhat more for his lands and goods in all places. That now by meanes of his losses aforesaid, and his charges in keeping souldjers at home, he is left soe bare of all manner of meanes, as if any new subsidies were granted, he hath not wherewithall to pay a penny, And where before he had meanes to manteine threescore and tenn servants at least, He hath now much adoe to manteine himself & one pillidged servant And where yerely his Maiesties Custumes before the Rebellion were by improvements by the deponents wolle only 60 60 li. per annum or thereabouts comunibus Annis, now he hath not soe much as one sheepe left him
John Ridge
Jur vt supra


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Lancelott Carr Jur
xxvijo dec 1642
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Deponent Fullname: John Ridge
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Esquire
Deponent County of Residence: Roscommon
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Tho Coote, James Dillon, Dermott o Connor Dun, Christopher Burnell, James Plunkett, William Mc Hubbert Bourke, Conn , Dun, Dun, * , Henry Dillon, Dowaltaghe Mc Connor oge o Hanley, Colonell ffarrell, Lysaghe Mc Gillernew , Erle of Strafford
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Debtor, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned