Deposition of Henry Dodwell

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-02-25
Identifier: 831058r066


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County: Leitrim, Sligo & Mayo
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Robbery, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: John Sterne, John Watson
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 58r

Henry Dodwell Minister Deposed the day of ffebruary 1641 that at Michaell{mas} Last he was possessed of theise vndernamed Lands goods and Chattells and of these debts vi d td whereof he was deprived &c. by the Rebells in the begining of the Rebellion vizt
In the county of Sligo, in Lands in the Barrony of Currin
Ronyerouge one quarter of Lande, Ardmenane halfe a quarter, Euerland halfe a quarter, Ranylaghtah a quarter and the third parte of a quarter Towiehowen, and Knocknagowre halfe a quarter, Ruskihmore a cartron and a halfe a cartron, ffinnisland a Cartron, Colltyteig halfe a cartron, Ballintrohan one quarter, and the Third parte of a quarter; Carrowereoh one Cartron, and the fowrth parte of a Cartron, Knocklough halfe a quarter; Tullibegg, and Knocktully halfe a quarter; Coahlabane a cartron, Carrickdraintaine one Cartron; Coahes one quarter______________________________________________}119 li. 14 s. 0 d.
In the Barrony of Tirrerill in the said County
Knockkerrine halfe a quarter
In the Barrony in the afforsaid County of Tirrerah in the County afforsaid
Rosse, Geib, and Carowrye Twoe quarters; Caldry one quarter; Lissnarowre one quarter; in Carrowcashell five Cartons, in Tonrego Twoe quarters, called Carrowbegg, and Carrowharry of the said Lands, a years rent did amount to___________________}213 li.-1 s.-0 d.
In Leasses in the said County of Sligo
Knockmore, Carrowbanine, and Carrowskeah three quarters worth yearly aboue the cheif rent Twenty Eight pounds Clonybane one Cartron worth yearly aboue the cheif rent Twoe pounds the said Lands, a years rent did amount to 20 li. [ ]
the Lease was worth 120 li. ______________________________}120 li.-0 s.-0 d.
In goods, and Cattell in the said County
ffourscoore Cowes, Oxen and yonge Cattell; Threescoore, and Tenn Mares, Coults, rideinge horses, and Garrons, in Corne Thirty pounds worth in Hay Tenn pounds, Turffe six pounds the Burninge of his house that was worth Twenty pounds, Twenty English weathers worth ffive pounds, in all worth ____________________________________}371 li.-0 s.- 0 d.
Totall some aforsaid comes to___________ 614 li.-1 s.- 0 d.
Debts in the said County due to him Twoe yeares since 120 li.
Soe in all in the said County _____________734 li.- 1 s. - 0 d.
Lands in the County of Rosscommon
In Letrime in the Barrony of Ballintobber Seuen quarters one Cartron and one Third parte of a Cartron one years rent at Allhollintyde one hundred forty and seuen pounds, in the quarter of Ahowheryny one cartron and a halfe one years rent at Allsaints Suen pounds and Seuen shillings; Carrowgarrife one quarter one years rent Thirty one pounds, and Tenn shillings; Carrowskeah one quarter, one years rent at Allsaints Sixteen pounds Sixteen shillings; Mullinygihy halfe a quarter one years rent Eight pounds Eight shillings; Ralenah and Lisparsons Twoe quarters one years rent at Allsaints fforty and Twoe pounds, Carrowkeell one quarter, one yeares rent at Allsaints Twelue pounds, Twelue shillinges, Lisnagearke Twoe Gneeues, one years rent at Allsaints, Eight pounds, Eight shillings, the rent of the said lands as afforsaid comes to ____________________________________________________ 274 li.-1 s.-0 d.

fol. 58v

more Lands in the County of Rosscommon
Clonymeltoge halfe quarter one years rent Eight pounds Eight shillings, Corresline Twoe gneefes, one years rent Six pounds, Six shillings; Kearnes one quarter Twenty and one pound; Killnadoan one quarter Thirteen pounds and one shillinge, for one years rent; the Totall some for the said Lands for one years rent endinge at All Saints Last______________________________________ 322 li.-15 s.-0 d.
The Totall some for the years rent of the lands in the said County of Rosscommon and Sligo as afforsaid comes_____________________________ 596 li. 16 s. 0 d.
Debts, goods, and Cattell in the said County of Rosscommon
On the quarter of land called the quarter of Cluncullin Twoe hundred and fifty ponds, payeinge fforty pounds thereout per annum till it did amount to the said some; Twoe Thowsand and five hundred English sheep worth at least foure hundred pounds, the said somes come to_________________________________________650 li.-0 s.-0 d.
Chattells, goods and Cattells in the County of Gallway
The Tythe Corne of A the Parsonages of Ahaskerah and Killasollan sould this said for one hundred and twenty pounds to be paid at Allsaints and Saint Patricks day, Eight Rydeinge horses and garrens worth Thirty pounds; Beddinge, Pewter, Brasse, Tables, Stooles, Beddsteeds, househould stuffe plate, and corne to the valew of Twoe hundred pounds certaine Leasses, and Mortgages to the valew of Twenty pounds,
The said parcells comes to ____________________ 350 li.-0 s.-0 d.
Totall some of the said debts, goods, and Cattells is in the said County of Roscommon Gallway__________________________________1000 li._0 s._0 d.
The full some of all the said rents, debts, goods and Cattells that was taken by Rebbells, from the said Henry Dodwell, in the County of Sligo, Rosscommon, and Gallway, about <420 li.> Michaelmas a month before Christmas 1641 comes to________________________________________2430 li.-17 s.-0 d.
Jurat Febr: 25to 1641 coram nobis
John Watson
John Sterne

Deponent Fullname: Henry Dodwell
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Clergy
Deponent County of Residence: Sligo