Deposition of William Walsh

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Date: 1644-02-28
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County: Leitrim, Sligo & Mayo
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Captivity, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words, Succour, Lost By Debts
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, Henry Jones
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 65r

William Walsh Sonne to William Walsh late of Sligo in the Countie of Sligo gent: deceased who with his wife and Thirtie eight Protestants more of the Brittish, were at midnight in the month of January 1641 inhumanely murthered in the goale of Sligo, after they were taken into the protection of Teige o Connor Sligo) deposeth and saith . sworn and examined before his Maiesties Commissioners deposeth and saith
That his said father in his Life time was deprived and robbed by the rebells of his meanes and goods by the Rebells heerein heereafter mentioned (vizt)
Of coyne in silver and gold, the summe of one hundred and forty poundes ster or thereabouts, of Seaventeene gold ringes and Braceletts worth Thirtie poundes belonging to his mother Elizabeth Walsh then likewise murthered. Of three silver Bowles one dozen and halfe of silver spoones, and a silver Salt worth eighteene poundes. of three firelocks, fiue Musquetts, one sword and Pistoll worth Tenne poundes. Of sixscore cowes fiftie horses, and two hundred sheepe, worth Three hundred poundes or thereabouts. Of the moyetie of the profitts of the customes of the faires and marketts of Sligo and the moyetie of the half quarter of Knockneganny held by a Long Lease, for which he paid a great fine worth yearely over and aboue the Lo: rent fiftie poundes sterling Whereof he accompteth 3 yeres proffitt losse & he is like the future is Like to be lost vntill a peace et c. Of the profitts of a farmes of a quarter of land and the profitte of the faires and marketts in Temple house, which he held by lease from William Crofton esquire worth yearely (over and aboue the Lo rent) two and twentie poundes ster. whereof he acco mpteth three yeres proffitt lost besids the future wilbe lost vntill a peace etc of wheate Malt, oates, Rie, Barly, and all other manner of corne drest a nd vndrest worth two hundred and fiftie poundes ster or thereabouts of Bedds, Bolsters, Pillowes, Rugges Caddowes and Curtaines worth fiftie pounds or thereabouts of Holland, Scotch cloath, Camrick, Diaper, Damask, fflaxen and all other sorts of wearing linnen worth forty poundes of Wollen cloathes of his fathers, mothers and fiue children worth Thirtie poundes. of all sorts of Pewter and Brass as Brewing pans, Candlesticks , Skillets and Posnetts worth Thirtie fowre poundes. of Iron of howshold goods of potts, S p i tt s, Trippetts, dripping pans, plow Irons and other Irons belonging to a house worth Tenne poundes. Of Meale, Butter, Brasse

fol. 65v

Bacon, Salt and all other of provision worth Twentie poundes of Beddsteeds, Cubbards, Chaires Stooles, Trunckes <present Losse 1254 li. future 72 li. per annum> Tables and all manner of Brewing vessells worth Tenne poundes, of houses built by the deponents father in Sligo which cost him one hundred poundes at least. And saith that These vndernamed persons being rebells were at the Seige and Taking of Sligo and devided the before mentioned goods and Chattells betweene amongst them, and the goods and Chattells of the rest of the Protestants of Sligo vizt which Rebells are thus named vizt <A> Teige o Connor Sligo reputed Generall of the Rebells in those partes Mr Bryan o Conner, Captain Charles o Connor a fryar Captain Hugh o Conner all brothers vnto the said o Connor Sligo, Captain Bryan mcDonnogh, Captain Luke Taaffe <B> Captain ffrancis Taaffe, Captain Patrick Plunckett, Captain Donell mcBryan Darrogh o Connor, Captain John o Crean, Captain Bryan mcSwine, Captain Roger mcOwen mcSwine, Captain Phelim Mc ô Connor, Captain Teige boy o Connor, Captain Teige o Connor of the Glan Captain Con o Connor of the same Collonell Owen o Royrke <C:> Captain mcOwen oge o Royrke, Captain Bryan ballagh o Royrke Captain Teige mcBryan ballagh o Royrke, Captain Hugh mcDonnogh Captain Robert mcNemey, Captain William oge mcPhelim mcGlonnagh of the Dartry in the County of Letrim, Captain <D> Teige mcPhelim mcGlonnagh of the same, Captain William mcGlonnagh of the same Mr Mr Kedagh o Bannaghan gent Mr Mr James ffrench and Jeffry ffrench his sonne, and Edmond mcBryan mcSwine, Guardian of the Dominicans of the Abby of Sligo. But for the rest of their confederates this deponent cannot for the present remember. their names. His cause of knowledge is that he this deponent was present when the before mencioned Rebells and their confederates forciblie tooke the towne of Sligo and deprived his this deponents father and the rest of the Protestants their of all their goods and Chattells
And this deponent further saith that when the said Captain Luke Taaffe and Captain Bryan mcDonnogh were raised to greater comandes by the Irish in their Army, they the said Luke Taaffe and Bryan mcDonnogh, and divers the before mentioned Captains (accompanied with greate numbers of Armed men) then vnder their comand) did (vpon Easter Eue last) 164 3 March towards Mannor Hamilton in the

fol. 66r

Countie of Letrim of purpose to kill and destroy the Brittish Protestants there, and to despoile them of their goods and Chattells. At which time it pleased God that in the fight betweene the Brittish then engarrisoned at Mannorhamilton and the said Rebells, the said Bryan mcDonnogh was then by the Brittish killed, and the rest of his confederates routed and put to flight, his cause of knowledge is [ ] for that he this deponent was sometimes a Trooper and sometimes a foote soldier engarrisoned at Mannor Hamiltan aforesaid and was present at the fight when the said Bryan mcDonnogh was slaine.
<B> The said deponent further saith that in December 1641 the said towne of Sligo was taken by the before mentioned Captains of the Rebells and their confederates, and quarter was therevpon given or promissed to this deponents father William Walsh and his mother Elizabeth Walsh and to the rest of the Brittish then there remaining vnkilled being then in number thirtie eight persons or thereabouts (vizt) William Braxton (this deponents vnckle) Thomas Steward James Scott and a man child of his of the age of fowre or fiue yeares, Sampson Part and his wife Mary Part, and her father (whose name he cannot remember) of the age of Seaventie years or thereabouts, John Littell, Arthure Martin, William Doolitle, his wife and three children, William Carter, John Lewis Seriant of the foote companie vnder the comand of the right honorable the Lo: President of Connaght then engarrisoned there and Elizabeth his wife Robert Syens, Elizabeth Harla, Will{iam} Blatt, and other severall Brittish protestants whose names this Deponent cannot for the present remember, who were three weekes in the protection of Teige o Connor Sligo then reputed Generall for the Irish in the said Countie of Sligo, who had good Store of their goods and monies But the same the Brittish were afterwards <symbol> by consent of the said o Connor Sligo put into the goale of <C> Sligo by Charles ô Connor and by Hugh o Connor (brothers vnto the said o Connor Sligo, which And the said Brittish Protestants were about midnight of the 13th of January 1641 most inhumane{ly} and barbarously murthered in the said goale, by the said Charles o Connor, and Hugh o Connor, and by one Hugh o Connor of Maghere mcGillernew in the said Countie of Sligo, Teige o Sheale,

fol. 66v

<A> Roger McMurry, Kedagh o Hart, Edmond o fflin, Charles Gilgin Richard Walsh, Nicholas Walsh, Thomas Walsh, and other Rebells whose names this deponent, cannot for the present remember And this deponent knoweth, that Collonell Owen o Roirke, Bryan <B> ballagh o Royrke his brother, Charles o Connor and Hugh o Connor brethren vnto o Connor Sligo, Teige boy o Connor of Cloonderrereer Phelim o Connor, and divers others of the before mentioned Rebells were (some fowre or fiue houres before the said Brittish were soe murthered) consulting in the Lady Jones late house in Sligo about the said murther, and how it should be done, This deponents cause of knowledge is for that he was brought into the said house by owen mcRory o Connor <C> and stood behind the dore in the next roome in the said house, and heard their discourse of what he hath therein deposed, and afterwards was sent privately away to the said Owen o Connors lodging by his man.
<B C> And this deponent further saith that William Sheeles and his sonne, and two other Scotch men (whose names he cannot remember) were on the said 13th of January likewise bloodily butchered, and killed in the streets of the said towne of Sligo by Hugh mcToole o Gallogher and others of the before recited Rebells, And saith that Elizabeth Scott wife vnto James Scot (that was soe murthered in the said goale, making an escape out of the said towne the next morning) being greate with child and neere the tyme of her deliuery, was apprehended by some of the before mencioned Rebells as shee was a going over the river of Sligo, and by some of them then stabbed with skeanes to death., her belly being then by some of the said Rebells ript vp, and one of the hands of the child within her wombe body let out. His this deponents cause of knowledge is both before concerning the before mentioned murther in the goale and the said murther in the said streete and River) for that he went
[Note: William Walsh’s deposition continues on fols 69r -69v]

fol. 69r

into the goale to see his father and mother some fowre or fiue houres before they were murthered, and was there the next morning before day after they were murthered, and saw them and the rest Lying their murthered, and was privately carried thither by the said owen o Connor, who protected this deponent for the loue he bore to his father and continued in the said towne part of the next day, vntill the other before related murthers were likewise comitted, and was afterwards for his safety convaied to Mr Robert Parkes house to Newtowne, where he served as a soldier while he staied there
<Dr J: Mr B>
Will: Welshe
Jur vlt febr 1643
Hen: Jones
Hen: Brereton


fol. 69v


William Walsh Jur vlt
ffebr 1643
Cert fact Ex



Deponent Fullname: William Walsh
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Sligo
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Teige o Connor Sligo, Bryan o Conner, Charles o Connor, Hugh o Conner, Bryan McDonnogh, Luke Taaffe, ffrancis Taaffe, Patrick Plunckett, Donell McBryan, Darrogh o Connor, John o Crean, Bryan McSwine, Roger McOwen McSwine, Phelim o Connor, Teige boy o Connor, Teige o Connor, Con o Connor, Owen o Royrke, mcOwen oge o Royrke, Bryan ballagh o Royrke, Teige McBryan ballagh o Royrk, Hugh McDonnogh, Robert McNemey, William oge mc Phelim mcGlonnagh, William McGlonnagh, Kedagh o Bannaghan, James ffrench, Jeffry ffrench, Edmond McBryan McSwine, Maghere McGillernew, Teige o Sheale, Roger McMurry, Kedagh o Hart, Edmond o fflin, Charles Gilgin, Richard Walsh, Nicholas Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Owen McRory o Connor, Hugh McToole o Gallogher, William the elder Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh, William Braxton, Thomas Steward, James Scott, Sampson Part, Mary Part, John Littell, Arthure Martin, William Doolitle, William Carter, John Lewis, Robert Syens, Elizabeth Harla, Elizabeth Lewis, William Blatt, William Sheele, Elizabeth Scott, James Scot, Lady Jones, Robert Parke
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned