Deposition of George Butterwyke

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Date: 1642-01-08
Identifier: 832196r187


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County: Cavan
Deposition Type: Dublin Original
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Assault, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: Henry Brereton, William Aldrich
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 196r

Taken from me George Butterwyke of the parish of dromelan and Barrony of Lofte within the County of Cavant a brittish Protestant being dewly sworne deposeth
That on or about the 24th of October 1641 last past about 8 or 9 of the Clocke in the fornoone he was Robb{d} of by the Rebells &
Lost in Cattell fforty ffoure
from my ground worth58
Lost in hogg and Poultry01
Lost in Hay Corne turffe and
garden prouision worth60
Lost in bedding lynnen brasse
pewter with all manner of
Houshold stuffe els within
[doores?] and without as geare
for oxen for horses both for the
plow and Cart worth60
Lost a large fowling peeice
a muskatt a pistoll which were
worth in all03
In all122 li.
which muskett mr Rychard Ashe
wyshed me to deliuer into mr
Phillip a Rely mans hand for that mr Ashe had bynn the day before at mr Phillip a Relyes of marne at his howse and that that Phillip a Rely and other of the Relyes had gyven vnder their hand that vppon the deliuery of our the English weapons they should haye our kowes <a> and [ ] other Cattell agayne with our other goods which we Howbeit they Could never gett agayne yett
Chal And saith that Charles Megowran and Galeece Megowran and many other of the magowrans their kindred and frends of Tullohaw and many of their tennant{s} and servants and their neyghbors did fett and driu{e} away my Cattell and beate my tennants for that they did offer to hinder them for dryuing away my Cattell

fol. 196v

The said megowrans after that they had sent away my Cattell did come backe to my howse and take away most of my goods and did threaten my wife that <they> would knocke her on in the head Iff she would not gyue them her monies and had done so but that my man being an Irishman did intreat for her and sayd that he knew that his master had not receiued his rent as yett and that money was very scarce with him so that day and the next they our neygbors of Gallequill Shane mecall and his s onne and Phillip a Rely of the same and Edmond Br ady and some others and my man S hane Macdonnaham and his bre th r e n and for the Corne and hay and turffe and garden stuff on Daniell a Rely Clayming of that to be his right did entre on the howse and land and all the <goods> as his right that were there left, And soe he
Lost his lease and 13 li. 4 s. rent due this halfe yeare
worth by the yeare
in all being 5 poles
60 pounds a yeare
and I for which he payed 27 li. a yeare
to his damage of I having 21 yeares in that
except on fyue pounds I
receiued beforehand of on
of my tennants which doth
amount to
541 li.
<And he> Lost the aparrell my of himselfe my wife and two Children had and my all which his servant had and an old mayde I kept whose name was Elizabeth Church being 69 yeares old at the least who being stript was not able to follow vs for the the weather was very Co Cold both with frost and

fol. 197r

Snow and the fyrst night we gate neyther bread meate nor drincke but only a few Cabbadge leaues with turffe for fyring and hay and an old howse to lodge in and water to drinck which was Cold Comfort to vs being almost naked but only some small peeices of rugs many which some of th{e} Irysh gaue to hide our naked nes the Irish came that nig{ht} about twelue of the Clock and threatned vs to kill vs or to fyre the howse over our heads yf we did not gyue them some moneys but where god knowes we had none for them my old mayde did surely dye by the for we neve{r} heard of her since we mett with English people that with vyctualls [ fyring ?] old howses and straw for lodging but for our parts we mett Att length the deponent mett with a frend twelue myles from dublynn so that from thence we ridd to Dublynn but from that tyme vntill a month afterward we Could <not> be sound of our feete and for our bodies we are not sound as yett
Theise Rebells Phillip A Rely manus mac Shane before with the rest of the Relyes did promise when we came from Turbatt tha t t they would send vs with a convoy to the next County I meane all the pari{sh} of dromlane & of the the towne of Turbat and all the English betweene Turbatt and cavant came away that they would send with them with a Convoy to the next countie but when and tooke what goods we Could Carry about vs we might take away so that some gott lyberty to goe with horses and carrs to Carry old folke and Children Howbeit but befor{e} we gonn 9 myles we might see and Army of men Coming agaynst vs and then sayd the Convoys that vnlesse we would gyue them more monies they woul{d} not hinder them those men we having gyven them monies in the moring but theise Armed men came vppon vs and the convoys helpe them and some of vs they kild outwright and dyuers mayned of vs Soe that he I doe veryly beleeueth of old folke and Children there died almost a hundred but there were of vs the English when they the Rebells begynn to Stripp about some two thowsand or more at the least of men woemen and Children that were stripped
George Butterwy{ke}
Deposed this 8th of Ja 1641
William Aldrich
Hen: Brereton
worth fforty pounds

fol. 197v

Com: Cavan . x
George Butterwyke
Jur: Jan: 8o 1641
Intw hand


[Copy at MS 832, fols 49v-50r]

Deponent Fullname: George Butterwyke
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Cavan
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Rychard Ashe, Phillip a Rely, Charles Megowran, Galeece Megowran, Daniell a Rely, Elizabeth Church
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim