Evidence against Michaell Doyne

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Date: 1653-07-29
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County: Armagh
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Captivity, Killing, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: Thomas Richardson
Deposition Transcription:

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State of the Evidence against Michaell Doyne Esquire out of seuerall Examinacions vizt
<A> Roberte ffermunt deposeth that about ffebr the first in the first yeare of the Rebellion hee saw about 60ty ffoot of the Irishe partye neere Castle Robin marching towards Michaell Doynes house and also saw a party of ffoot comming from the said Mr Doynes house consisting of about 70 ot 80ty persons with whom came a servant of mr Doynes who being demanded what news said noe newes but peace neverthelesse stand to your Armes and presently after both the said partyes fell vppon a party of Scotts and killed about 18 persons and carried Mr Hamilton prisoner to Mr Doynes house where hee was killed the same day, And sayth that Michaell Doyne soone after went into Rebellion.
<B> James Harper prooves foure or fyve of Michaell Doynes servants Actors in the said murther vizt Richard mc Surley, John white, Walter Belher, Turlogh ô Beglan, Murtagh ô Gwillman and Cormacke ô ffearye.
John ffulton deposeth that Michaell Doynes and Humfrey Sextons tennants with Turlogh ô Beaglie mr Do yne his Groome and Cane ô Hara his Bailiffe, fell vppon the Examinant and others of his neighbors and slew 13 or 14 in the place whereof the Examinants owne father was one and that the said Beglie and

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ô Hara were mounted vppon two of mr Doynes owne horses and hotly pursued their victory

<C> Jane Beere deposeth that Michaell Doyne brought his wife to and family the same winter to Hockley neere Armagh and there cruellye turned out all the English inhabitants and possessed themselues of their howses Corne and Cattle (as some of the said English told her, and further sayth that the Irish there made their boast that Michaell Doyne went after from Hockley himselfe to Knockearne and there killed and murthered all the English and Scotts that dwelt about his land And sayth positiuely that the winter before Armagh was burned Michaell Doyne returned thither and ioyned with Sir Phelim ô Neile and rid forth with him to seuerall places to fight with the English And hath heard that Michaell Doyne told one Dixon Thomas Dixon (now liveing at Drogheda) that hee the said Michaell and another in the first winter of the Rebellion did kill and murther at one tyme twenty seaven and at another tyme seaventeene English and Scotts
Thomas Harpur prooves that Michaell Doyne was with a <2 examinacions> partye of horse and saw Captaine Hamilton <D B> runing by his horse side desiring to haue his life saved being close pursued by one of Doynes servants Donnell ô Prentye with a pistoll and a drawne Skeane and that presently after ioyned with them a partye of Sir Phelim ô Neiles horse, and then all marched
<And that it is cleare by this Examinacion that the Scotts were murthered by doyne and the rest before>

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<doyne was (seemingly) taken prisoner by Sir Phelim ô Neiles partye>
to Mr Doynes house and sayth that hee was afterwards told by mr Stutsbury one of mr <E> Doynes partye that the said Captaine Hamilton was killed.
Kean ô Hara prooves Michaell Doyne goeing to the Irish in his Informacion, nothing materiall in his Examinacion.
John ffultan prooves further that the Cattle preyed from the Scotts were carried to Michaell Doynes house, that hee often promised restitution but never performed that Hamilton & h is partye went to fetch the said Cattle onely that two of h is D o ynes servants rode in the head of a party of Irish and killed, 17 Scotts took Capt Hamilton prisoner to Michaell Doyns house, where hee was afterwards killed as hee heard (Examinacion not signed at all)
Thomas Dixon of Drogheda prooves that Bromley Tailor of Armagh was carried away by Michaell Doyne and his men to Charlemont to Sir Phelim ô Neile where the said Bramley was hanged the next day e after <F> sayth that hee heard Michaell Doyne relating to the Irish that hee and his men had in one morneing killed about twenty seaven English and Scotts, That hee said Doyne often in the company often of Sir Phelim ô Neile at [ ] Armag Armagh, and that hee and Alderman Stanley of Drogheda were all in all with Sir Phelim and that it was commonly reported that Michaell Doyne was one of the principal men that sate with him in Councell to put the English to death. That Bromley Tailor was seised on by Michaell Doynes men at Castledillon neere

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Armagh and carried to Doyne who bade them carry him to Sir Phelim ô Neile then at and <G> Charlemont where hee was the next day hanged That Doyne finding an Englishman called great Ned neere Hockley (formerly the Examinants plowman) tooke him to himselfe and kept him as his plowman till Armagh was burned and then hee and his men hanged the said great Ned, as the said Neds wife afterwards told the Examinant.
<h> That william Apleby and his brother and John Harding a Tanners sonne ne ere of Clenavey neere Doynes house were all killed by Doyne or his servants, as the Examinant was told by Anne Orson wife of Richard Orson of Drogheda
<o > Thomas Dixon his Informacion taken at Droghedah March the 7th 1652 prooves Michaell Doyn declaring to some Irish in Armagh at <I> in the Examinants hearing in a house where hee used to drinke Aquavite that hee and his servants men had killed twenty seaven English & Scotts and that hee himself e had sett his own e house on fire & and that great Nedds wife told the Examinant that Doyne and his men had hanged her husband the day that the towne of Armagh was sett on fire.
Roberte ffermunt the yonger prooves the carryeing of Captaine Hamilton

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Hamilton a prisoner to Michaell Doynes house <k> where (by heresay) hee was afterwards mu murthered, and the next day the Examinant saw Michaell Doynes house on fire and heard hee was then gone out in rebellion
T Richardson
29th of July 1653

Nicholas Simpson of Drogheda Esquire prooves Michaell Doyne his owne acknowledgement that hee his servants & tennants, had killed seaventeene or eighteene Scotts and that hee durst stay noe longer in those parts and that hee <L> gave or sold two serviceable horses to Sir Phelim roe ô Neile in the begining of the Rebellion
heard it reported in the Countrey that doyne seazed all the Corne of Brownelow Tailors ffather and hee or his servants sent Brownelow to Charlemont where hee was hanged.
William Bentley of Bewley and the last aboue Examinant proove Doynes wagons and droves of Cattle goeing to the <M> Enemys quarters, and Bentley prooves that by report of the English in those parts Doyne was very inveterate against all of the English nacion
Q what became of the Scotts Cattle for which they were comming to Doyne when cruelly murthered, insted of the Restitucion promised. ffultons Examinacion

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Substance of the
Evidence against
Michaell Doyne
vppon seuerall

Deponent Fullname: Roberte ffermunt, James Harper, John ffulton, Jane Beere, Thomas Harpur, Kean , Thomas Dixon, Nicholas Simpson, William Bentley
Deponent Gender: Male, Male, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral, Neutral
Deponent County of Residence: Armagh,
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Michaell Doynes, Richard mc Surley, John white, Walter Belher, Turlogh , Murtagh , Cormacke , Cane , Phelim , Donnell , Alderman Stanley, Mr Hamilton, Bromley Tailor, william Apleby, John Harding, Richard Orson, Humfrey Sexton, mr Stutsbury, Anne Orson
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Mentioned, Mentioned, Witness, Witness