Examination of Susan Smith

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-05-03
Identifier: 838206r257


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County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Captivity, Multiple Killing, Robbery
Commissioners: George Rawdon
Deposition Transcription:

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The examinacion of Susan the wife of Arthur Smith of Ballenderry in Com Antrim aged 50 & vpwards taken vpon oath the 3 of May 1653
Who saith that her first Husband Frances Symonds was carryed together with herselfe & children from their house at Donnoghmore 4 <A> miles of the Newry prissoners to Newry at the begining of the Rebellion by one Neile oge o Heire who [ ] is now vnder protecion in mourne & there they were deliuered by to a bailiffe named Dauid Greame & all their goods the said Neile had Goods to a great value & shortly after her said Husband & herselfe & children & Will: Wallace & seuerall other prisoners were sent away vnder [ ar ?] Mr Russel l of Ramill on in Lecale with a Guard towards Downepatrick as was alledged to be exchanged, but were all kild by the way except this examinante, & 2 another women named An Lowther & one Jane bell who <B> are either in Engl: or Scotland i f they be living, & she saith Lieutenant Treuir was kild there & Mr Tuch minister of the Newry & seuerall others to being about 25 in number, but who kild them she doth not know, but she saith

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<C> one Magine a bailiffe was very busie & cruell to Lieutenant Treuir & driue him forward with a pyke when he was not able to goe fast, & beinge demaunded how she parted with the Rest of the Company saith one nyght when the were all in a house nere newcastle 2 Irishmen with drawne swords tooke then all the said Company away to their execution & she neuer saw any of them after & farther saith not

Geo: Rauden

Susan Smith
examinacion to be written
versus Mr Russell of Ramullen Hugh oge Magin

Deponent Fullname: Susan Smith
Deponent Gender: Female
Deponent Occupation: Wife
Deponent County of Residence: Antrim
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Arthur Smith, Frances Symonds, Will: Wallace, Mr Russell, Lieutenant Treuir, Mr Tuch, Neile oge o Heire, Dauid Greame, An Lowther, Jane bell, * Magine
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Denounced, Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Denounced