Examination of Morgan Coslett

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-06-06
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County: Antrim
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words, Succour
Commissioners: George Rawdon, Tobias Norris
Deposition Transcription:

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The examinacion of Morgan Coslett of Deriaghy in Com: Antrim aged threscore yeares or thereabouts taken at Lisnegaruy 6 June 1653
Who saith that he Liued in Deriaghy aforesaid at the begining of the Rebellion & about a month or thereabouts after his Cattle was taken away by his seruants & under tennants being <A> Irish & some of the said seruants & tennants spoke to this examinant to goe along with them & they would rescue his Cattle back againe vpon which this examinant went along with them & they h e this examinant ouertook his said seruants & tennants named Rory O Hamell Donell O Hamell Cormuck O Sheale & others whose names he remembers not in the Lord Conwayes Park & when he this examinant had ouertaken them all aforesaid the said Rory O Hamell with the rest the said Donnell O Hamell & Cormuck O Sheale who were part of those which spoke to this examinant as aforesaid to goe along to see if his Cattle could be rescwed back were onely those men which layed hands on this examinant & caried him prisoner to Brookhill to Maior Rawdens house where the whole party of the Irish under the Comand of Sir Phill: O Neill were whome this examinant saw were & were vpon their { } to Lisnegaruy to destroy such English there as they had done in such other places as they had left behind them & marched through & beinge co being come thither as aforesaid he saw some of the Irish pulling out of Maior Rawdens Cellar seuerall of the English that were their prisoners which were lyeing bound vpon their backes therein & them they brought towarde Lisnegaruy vnto whom this examinants seruants were asisting & they brought this

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examinant also along with them & when they came neer to <C> Lisnegaruy aforesaid they hanged & k the Irish vnder the comand of Sir Phill: O Neille took all the said prisoners & such other English as they mett vpon the highway & them they all hanged & kild to about the number of threescore & soe had all this examinant ben if it had not ben for some of his seruants which indeauoured to saue his life at that time And saith they presently after fell vpon the said towne of Lisnegaruy with all their force to destroy such English as were Left therein & had also brought with them a horseload of withes which this examinant saw & did heare some of them said party of Irish whome he knew not say that they were to hang such of the said withes were to hang such of the English nation as they should not kill And being demanded where his said seruants are who were in the party vnder the comand of the said Sir Phill: & whome he saw or heard that he knew which was there at their comeing against Lisnegaruy as aforesaid saith he doth not know of any his seruants which are aliue but saith that the said Rory Hamell & such others of them whose name he remembers are all dead And saith he saw Sir Phill: O Neille very actiue in the serving on of the said Irish against the said towne of Lisnegaruy <D> as aforesaid & did also heare that George Michaell Doine & his two sonnes in Law Humphry Sexton & Geo: Sexton were there & this examinant doth { }confidently belieue he saw the said Michaell Doine there afarr of him which he knewe { } him by his goeing but saith he saw him haue neuer a sword about him neither actiue in any matter but walkeing vp & downe amongst them & also this examinant doth verely belieue he saw the said Humphry Sexton & Geo: Sexton within less then halfe a muskett shott of him very actiue with their swords drawne out in beating on such of the Irish

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as were retreating from the said towne of Lisnegaruy when the English had beaten them of And the cause of this <E> examinants knowledge is that he some of h his owne seruants did shew un which had brought him prisoner there & had saued his life did shew vnto this examinant [ ] the said Humphry & Geo: Sexton when they had their swords drawne & beating vp the retreating Irish as aforesaid & also saying vnto this examinant look where Geo: & Humphry Sexton are with their swords drawne beating vp the Irish against the towne And the cause of this examinants knowledge further is that those two persons which was told vnto him by his said seruants to be the said Humphry & George Sexton had wore the same coloured Clothes & fashion to the best of this examinants remembr ance which he had seen the said Humphry & Geo: weare about a month or two before the warres with whome this examinant was acquainted very well & a l so this examinant doth further belieue that it was the said Humphry & Geo: which was there by And the cause of this examinants knowledge is further that he doth undoubtedly belieue that they were there in that he knew them by their goeing & by their personage & stature of body And And this examinant saith that he saued his owne life by promiseing vnto his owne seruants thirty pound which he had at home And this examinant saith that they came home with him that night & he escaped from them to Malone And further saith not

Morgan Coslett his marke [mark]

Taken before vs
8o June 1653
Geo: Raudon
Tobias Norrice

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Morgan Cosletts examinacion
Mich Donne Mr Geo Sexton
Mr Humph: Sexton

Deponent Fullname: Morgan Coslett
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Antrim
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Rory O Hamell, Donell O Hamell, Cormuck O Sheale, Phill: O Neill, Lord Conwaye, Maior Rawden, Humphry Sexton, Geo: Sexton, Michaell Doine
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Denounced, Denounced, Denounced