Examination of Richard Runinge

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-08-10
Identifier: 839076r050


1641 Deposition Item Type Metadata

County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Killing
Commissioners: Richard Bickerstaff, Roger Lyndon
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 76r

The examination of Richr Runinge of Charlemaunt <A> aiged forty fiue yeares or there about taken at Carickffergus the tenth of August 1653.
Who beinge duly sworne & examined saith that at the first breakeinge out of the Rebellion he liued nere Castle Cawfeild and on the saturday morneinge by breake of day, he was taken prisoner by Art O Donoley, brother to Patricke Modder O Donelley, & by him Caried to Castle Cawfeild where the said Patr: modder O Donelly was. & further saith that Mr Hugh Allen was this examinant comrade and that they two liued together after they were prisoners vntill the said mr Allen was sent by the said Pat: modder O Donelly towards Garvaghie an English Garrison, whether this examinant should haue gone likewise if {he} had pleased, but this examinant haueinge a wiffe & fiue children durst not adventure to goe with the said Convoy least that his children should haue miscaried by the way, And this examinant saith that when a file of men that came from Pat: modder O Donelley as aforesaid to convay the said Mr Allen, this examinant & the said mr Allen were standinge together in the mill nere the Castle and doth verily beleeue that if he did see againe the said file of men he could know them. And further saith that mrs Allen and her child came backe to this examinant to the said Mill after that the Irish had slaine her husband, & tould this examinant that another a partie of Pat: modder O Donelleys men did meete them by the way & murdered her husband & that <B> as her husband was prayinge one Loghran (as this examinant remembreth) with a skeine cutt off the said mr Allens head, & it did hange downe by the thraple And further saith that the said Loghran was a broagmaker & was one of Patr: modd: souldiers as to the best of his memory, & further this examinant saith not
Richard R Runinge
Sworne before vs
Rich: Bickerstaffe
Roger Lyndon

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fol. 77v


The exam: of Richard
Runinge against
Patricke modder O Doneley

Deponent Fullname: Richard Runinge
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent County of Residence: Unknown
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Art O Donoley, Patricke Modder O Donelley, Loghran *, Hugh Allen, mrs Allen
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Victim, Victim