Examination of Alexander Aikin

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-03-25
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County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Captivity, Multiple Killing
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 154r

honorable Sirs
By vertue of the power Authoritie and order giuen me by your honors for to repare into the province of vlster, with a commanded partie of Sir George St. George souldiers for the apprehending of the bodies of such persons <A> as had a hand in the Murther of Robert Aikins, and others who werre, murthered at once with him, according to your honors order I haue been in the foresaid Province And haue done as much as possible Lay in my power to doe in executeing my duetye in performance of the trust Laid vpon me, yett could not find any of the said persons orders haueing been sent to the Commissioners of the Reuenwe of Derry ten dayes before my goeing into those partes viz: to Mayor Bolton Raph King owen Winne and John Reeue for the causeing of the bodie of Colo Myles mcSwyne to be apprehended and sent close prisoner to Dubline, they said Collo mc Swyne not thinking of any such thing went as I was informed to the Gates of Derry, And there got intelligence, that if he would goe into the towne he would be apprehended, which way he could haue been thus informed I cannot tell unless it werre by some person belonging to the Commissioners for they told me that none did know of it but themselues And some officers that they had giuen order to for the apprehending of him, but being informed one way or other, at the very gates of Derry he went away and could not be found, neither could I heare where he should be, he being so well beloued by all in those partes, And especially by Collo. Venables Liwt Collo Thomas Newburgh And the rest of the Commissioners, they told me, that they werre sure he was cleared of the murther laid to his chardge before them alreadie, And that they would doe there indeauor that he should not suffer for it as for the rest of the Murtherers, there is three of them, in the Countie of Dunagall and barronie of KillmcCrenan, viz Dwaltagh mc Garuie donnell mc Gilbridie, And Bryan reach offarry, they are maintained by there friendes in the said barronye <B> yett hath this long tyme been upon there keeping they werre at my being there treateing with one liwt Mathew Scot that they might haue his safe conduct to come in and Cleare themselues, And lay the fact vpon Collo: mc Swyne, who is Guiltie of it but they would not come in as long as I was in the countrey

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yet they are much affraid to come in by reason that they are informed Collo: Venables is such a great friend of <C> Collo: mc Swynes, And would right or wrong haue them to suffer for what mc Swyne hath done, for what they did, they say they will make it appeare that it was by his dirrections and command, he being then there commander, Collo: venables I am Confident hath written to Dubline that, mc Swyne, may be granted the priuiledge to be tryed in Vlster where, as I hard liwt Collo Thomas Newburgh say he would be willing to come in And there to be tryed, but as for to be sent to dubline he conceiued that they werre as sufficient to try him there as to [carie] [to] him to anie other place, I know very well if they pleased they might apprehend him, but they had rather giue him inteligence of any such thing then doe him any such prejudice, they are all of them, such great friendes of his And will if possible they can Cleare him I deliuered your honors letter unto the Commissioners wherein yow desyred that they would be pleased to giue me there warrant it being within there precinct for the Seazeing vpon the Goodes of the Murderers, the which at first they granted And wrote there warrant vpon my petition And after they had signed it they said one to another that Collo venables would be offended at it And then they Tore it, in pieces And told that they would giue no warrant for any thing vntill they did know Collo. venables pleasure in it vpon which Collo: venables came to Derry where I did question the Commissioners before him the reason of not Granting me my lawfull request, they Answered me that they would consider what they thought fitting to be done, And bid me to waite, And they would giue me ane answer, so after haueing waited ten dayes vpon them, there answer to me at last was that they would giue no order against those goodes until they see whether they werre condemned or not, there pretence for it is that I may not haue any abilitie wherewith I may be able to purswe against mc Swyne in law, neither am I able, for want of the same to purswe him nor any other, they made me waite vpon them now so long that it did prove very Chargeable to me, haueing the charges of eight souldiers for to pay for the space of twelwe dayes which the said Commissioners kept me there, And nothing the better got my stayeing I haue sent heere enclosed unto your honors my petition humbly desyreing that your honors may be pleased to gett me a warrant vpon for the goodes of the Murtherers without which I am not able neither to purswe, them nor answer at any Courte, where I shall be summonned to appeare, all which I shall humbly desyre your honors to take into Consideration I trust they will be found out that striues to defend the cause of Murderers there is two of them as I am informed viz Manus mc Conocher and Neill o donnell in the Countye of Tirone but what place I cannot tell within that Countie this being all that I can giue yow account of I take leaue and Rest
<Carrig Dromrusk this 25th of March 1653
your honors in all humblenes to serue yow
Allexander Aikins>

fol. 155r


fol. 155v


impression of seal

5 March 1653
Carrik Drumriske
Mr Alex: Akins
giueing account of his proceeding
in indeavouring to apprehend
Collonell Miles mc Swyne

remains of seal

To the honorable the Commissioners of Revenwe
for the Precinct of Athlone
these present
hast hast

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fol. 156v

Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: George St. George, Mayor Bolton, Raph King, Winne Reeue, John Reeue, Collo. Venables, Liwt Collo Thomas Newburgh, liwt Mathew Scot, Robert Aikins, Myles mcSwyne, Dwaltagh mc Garuie, donnell mc Gilbridie, Bryan reach offarry, Manus mc Conocher, Neill o donnell
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