Examination of Patrick Lord Baron of Dunsany

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1642-03-22
Identifier: 840016r007


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County: Misc
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Confederacy
Commissioners: Charles Lambert, Lord Lambert, Robert Meredith
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 16r


The Examination of Patricke Lord Baron of Dunsanie, taken the xxiith day of March 1641 Before vs Charles Lord Lambert, & Sir Robert Meredith knight Chancelor of his Maiesties Court of Exchequer By direction of the right honnorable the Lorde Justices & Councell./.
Who being Examined & sworne vnto soe much of this his Exa{mination} as concerneth others, saith, that he this Examinant among other Lords of the Pale, were entreated by a letter from the Lord of Gormons{ton} to a meeteing held at Duleeke. But vnderstanding that the said meeting, was for theire ioyneing with the Northeren Rebbells, his Lordship t{he} Examinant absented himselfe & forbear to be at that meeteing, And the{re} beeing likewise annother meeteing; appointed to bee hold the next day {at} the same place, and itt beeing made knowne unto him this Examinant that other Lordes had taken offence at his absence the day before & withall { } the Lordes and Gentrie of the Pale had agreed & ioyned with the Northeren Rebbells, hee this Examinant went unto the seacond meeteinge, there beeing then there of the Northeren Rebbells, Phillip mcHugh mcShane Relie, & Edmund รด Relie att which tyme there was a letter tendred unto this Examinant by the lord of Gormanston to bee signed, in answear of Letters sent from the right honnorable the Lordes Justices & Councell, { } reasons therein offered why they the said Lordes might not repaire u{nto} Dublin, to consult with the said Lordes Justices & Councell as theire letters desi{red} him this Examinant & the other Lordes to doe, And this Examinant further saith he was likewise present att another meeteinge held at the Hill of Tarr{agh} where mett the Lordes of ffingall, Gormanston, Neterfeild, Slane, Trimbleston & of the Gentrie Sir Richard Barnewall Baronet, Bath of Athcarne, Linch of the Knock Wesley of the Dingan, Cusack of Garrat{ } Bringham Brimingham of the Corrballies, Sir Thomas Nugent knight, Sir Luke ffitz Gerrald knight Nicholas Plunckett the Lawyer, Patrick Barnwall of Kilb{ } Lynan of Adamston, & sundrie others whom this Examinant remembers n{ot} & the work of that meeteinge was, touching Propositions to be made for { } constituteing of a Councell of warr, and likewise for giuinge of { }

fol. 16v

To certaine of the Lordes and Gentrie to nominate & appoint Capptaines in the seuerall Barronies respectiuelie assigned vnto them for that purpose, And accordingly the Baronie of Kells & halfe Barronie of Demifore, was assigned unto him this Examinant whoe accordingly appointed for Captaines there, Gerrald Barnewall of Roberston, Patrick Bealagh of Newtowne eldest son unto Bealagh of Moynallagh, Walter Cruce of Arlamon John Pluncket of Castle Caron, And the men or Companies for the said Captaines were to be raised by the Gennerall rule consented unto in maner following, vizt eight men out of euery Plough Land within the said Baronies & a halfe: And this Examinant alsoe saith that two of the aforementioned Captaines also with namely Captaine Barnewall & Captaine Cruce, went vnto the Seidge of Drogheda by expresse command of the Lord of Gormanston, vnder the command of Captaine ffox, and the others Captaines were to raise their men as they could, in regard the extent of the said Barroney of Kells was soe small as itt could not affoard more men then for the said two Captaines which went unto the Seidge as aforesaid. And further saith that dureing the Seidge of Drogheda there went out from him, for the provisions of the Army there, about five or six Cowes, & corne proportionable. And this Examinant beeing demanded what Baronies were were assigned unto the other Lordes & Gentrie aforesaid, & what Companies were by them nominated, & how the said Captaines with theire Companies were disposed of saith, that the Baronies of Navan & Lane, were assigned unto the Lord of Trimbleston, in which he alsoe nominated for Captaines, Captain Inigo Rochford of Kilbride, second brother untoRochford of Kilbride A younger brother unto Warren of Churchtowne, Mr Barnwall a brother or Uncle unto the said Lord of Trimblestowne, who commanded his Lordships owne Companie, Shurlock of ffraine & one Cusack, all which Captaines aforesaid with their Companies were sent unto the Seidge of Drogheda, & were to bee under the Commande of Collonell Preston, Brother unto the Lord of Gormanston as this Examinant was enformed The Barronies of Dease & Skreene were ensigned unto the Earle of ffingall, who likewise nominated Lawrence Dowdall of Athlumney Patrick Cusack of Gerraldstown, George Plunckett a Brother

fol. 17r

of his Lordships, who commanded his Lordships own Companie, Edward Hussey of Mulhussey, & Hugh Hussey of Galtrim, part of whom were sent unto the Seidge of Drogheda, and part unto Kilshalcan. And being alsoe demanded by whom the English in his Neighbourhood were robbed, Saith that all the English thereabouts were robbed by the comon people & inhabitants, next neighboures unto the English soe robbed as aforesaid And beeing further demanded what horse his Lordship sent to attend the said Earle of ffingall in this Rebellion saith, that the Earle sent unto him for certaine number of horses & men, with threats in case of refusall, But this Examinat sent not any vnto his Lordship

Cha: Lambert
Robte: Meredith
Ex p D.
Copia vera Exr per Valentinu Savage Dep Clin Corone

fol. 17v

The Lord of Dunsanys owne

Deponent Fullname: Patricke Lord Baron of Dunsanie
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Lord Baron
Deponent County of Residence: Meath
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Lord of Gormonston, * ffingall, * Neterfeild, * Slane, * Trimbleston, Richard Barnewall, * Bath, * Linch, * Wesley, * Cusack, * Brimingham, Thomas Nugent, Luke ffitz Gerrald, Nicholas Plunckett, Patrick Barnwall, * Lynan, Phillip mcHugh mcShane Relie, Edmund , Gerrald Barnewall, Patrick Bealagh, Walter Cruce, John Pluncket, Captaine ffox, Inigo Rochford, * Rochford, * Warren, Mr Barnwall, * Shurlock, Lord of Trimblestowne, Collonell Preston, Lawrence Dowdall, Patrick Cusack, George Plunckett, Edward Hussey, Hugh Hussey
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Confederate, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned