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Date: 1642-01-06
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County: Kildare
Deposition Type: Information
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Robbery, Words
Commissioners: John Sterne, Roger Puttock
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 274r

The examination of Cahire Toole taken before vs. theday of January 1641.
Being duely examined and sworne vppon the holy Euangelist he saith that amongst many other servants he was left in trust by his master William Golburne Archdeacon of Kildare to keep his Castle and house with the goodes and Chattells belonging vnto him at Bodenstowne ffleshtown <A> and Cassamsex And on Sunday att night being the fif{t} of December Oliuer Wogan of Downings gentleman and William fitz Edward of the same accompan{ied} with Barnaby Kellan of Downings, Rory Doyne of the feug{ } Oghy Kegho of the wood of Allen, William Dillin, Walter Dillin Murtogh smith, of Longtowne, Auly Morris, Auly Caghan, Richard Groves of Blackwood miller with many others, did driue away from of the Land of ffleshtowne of the goodes of the said William Golburne all the Cowes and sheep that were ther, but what and other Cattle, but what number he knoweth not, and the said Cowes & sheep and other Cattle as aforesaid did diuide amongst them, his Cause of knowledg is that he did prosecute and follow the Cry with other of his said maisters servants and did see what he hath deposed And further he declareth vppon oath as aforesaid that on Sund{ay}

fol. 274v

<B> att night being the xijth of december aforesaid James fitz Edward fitz garrald of Blackhall accompanied with many other persons came to Bodenstowne aforesaid and commaunded this examinant and Thomas ffarback with others that had the Chardg of keeping the said Castle of Bodenstown aforesaid from his said master to deliuer vpp vnto him the said Ch James the said Castle which they refused to doe, whervppon the said James commaunded fire to be putt to the house, which was done by one Doolin, & the said house with the goodes therin contayned were in a short time consumed with fire. And immediately the said James fitz garrald spake to this examinant and the rest of his fellow servants that were then in the said Castle, and told them that vnlesse they would forthwith deliuer vpp vnto him the said James the said Castle, he would burne the rest of the houses within the said Bawne and withall take of Thomas ffarbacks head. And the next morning; william fitz Garrald of Blakhall esquire sent for the said ffarback and tould him he must deliuer vpp the said Castle vnto his said Brother James, which if he refused to doe without ffurther trouble he would send his Brother Oliuer (the ffryar) for <B> an Army to the Mountaines that should break downe the said Castle And no (as the said Thomas afterward tould this examinant and the rest of his felow servants) And not long after the said William fitz Garrald came with the said ffarback to Bodenstowne aforesaid, and finding some of his this examinants felow servants remooving some of his said Maisters goodes out of the Castle to hide them for the more security the said William took possession of the said Castle and the goodes that were therin saying in the hearing of this examinant that the said Castle was fitter for him the said william fitz garrald then any other and threatened to hang him this examinant or any other of his fellow servants that should meddle with any goodes that were therin or in any other place that belonged to the said him this examinants maister ther. And thervppon tooke away the kayes, as well of the said Castle & and other roomes about the said house & Castle especially of his this examinants maister his study which was in the hands of Thomas fferback aforesaid; and left therin as a guard from <A> him the said William fitz garrald his Brother John, Thomas margats and a frechman called John both houshold servants to the said William fitz Garrald. who presently went into the study of this examinants maister, and not long after brought in one Edward Sherlock a popish preist and a fryar who tooke what they pleased from thence but this examinant knoweth not what. And he saith further that the said John fitz Garrald did lodg for many nights togather in the said study and he and the rest as aforesaid did feed vppon and consume such provision of Bear victualls and firing as his said master had left in the house. He further deposeth that the said ffarback hauing {sent} out of the said Castle (when he saw no other remedy but that he must needs deliuer it vpp or els be killed) a quantity of Gunpouder and bulletts with a great ffowling peec (which his said master had left for defence of his said Castle and [ ] to a freind of his the said ffarbacks to be kept dwelling in ladycastle the said william fitz garrald hauing notice therof did go to Ladiecastle aforesaid, and breaking a chest of the said ffarbacks wherin the said pouder & Bulletts were; did carry away with him the same togather with the said great fouling peec, which peec he still keepeth and the said pouder & bullets likewise if he haue not otherwise

fol. 275r

otherwise disposed of them this examinant going to him and demaunding the same after his so taking them away, which he refused to restore.
This examinant further deposeth that he was present when the said William fitz Garrald did take away <D> the Kayes of the Barne of the said William Golburne from the Taskers appoynted by the said his said Maister to thrash his Corne and sett his the said William fitz Garralds owne servants to looke to the haggard of his said this examinants said master. ffurthermore he declareth the said James fitz Garrald after the Burning of the house as aforesaid, was and is dayly releeved by his brother william fitz garrald. and lodgeth and dieteth in his house att Blackhall at his pleasure. And that he this examinant did hear the said James and John his Brother aforesaid, that nether his (this examinants master) nor any other Englishman should euer come in that Castle or place againe. And moreouer he declareth that the said John fitz Garrald and the rest which the said William fitz Garrald did leav in possession of the said Castle att Bodenstowne did to his knowledg and in his sight carry away out of the said study many Bookes from time to time during ther being in the said Castel, but what the bookes were so carried away, he this examinant knoweth not. And also he deposeth that the said James fitz Garrald and others in his Company did presently after driue away with him and them of the goods of the said William Golburne, Eight Cowes of English Breed, And also he saith that the Castle of Cassamsex was broken by Owen ffahey, Edmund <E> Dun and another servant of Luke Dormers by name Doyne with many others, and certayne goodes of the said his said maisters taken and Carried away with them out of the said Castle And he further saith that ouer and aboue those he formerly named that were with the said James fitz Garrald att the burning of his masters house as aforesaid he remembreth to haue seen ther Richard fflatisbury Patrick Donochoe of Clane, Donnogh mc James of Blackhall with many others whose names he knowes not, nor remembreth. And further he declareth not.
Cahir [mark] O Toole
his marke
Jur 6to Januarij 1641
Roger Puttocke
John Sterne


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fol. 276v

Mr Archdeacon Golborns
deposition 7to Januarij 1641
Cert fact
1 dec


Deponent Fullname: Cahire Toole
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Servant
Deponent County of Residence: Kildare
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: William Golburne, Oliuer Wogan, William fitz Edward, Barnaby Kellan, Rory Doyne, Oghy Kegho, William Dillin, Walter Dillin, Murtogh smith, Auly Morris, Auly Caghan, Richard Groves, James fitz garrald, william fitz Garrald, Oliuer fitzgarrald, Thomas margats, Edward Sherlock, John fitz Garrald, Owen ffahey, Edmund Dun, * Doyne, Richard fflatisbury, Patrick Donochoe, Donnogh mc James, Luke Dormers, Thomas fferback
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned