Examination of James Byrne

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-03-29
Identifier: 830098r083


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County: Galway & Roscommon
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Death, Robbery, Stripping, Words
Commissioners: H Wadington, John Cole
Deposition Transcription:

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The Examinacion of Quarter Master James Byrne taken before John Cole Henry Waddington Esquires on the behalfe of the Comon wealth the 29th of Aprill 1653 concerninge the Murther of Owen Corkran neere Boyle aboute the 30th of January 1642
Quartermaster James Byrne sworne and examined saith that the said Owen Corkran was his vncle, and the said Corkran beeinge robbed of all that hee had but one Mayre Mare at Knockrowe within two miles of the Boyle was forced to fly thether for releife where hee lived with this deponent, and havinge occacion to goe a quarter of a mile from <A> the Boyle for the said Mayre Mare was sett vpon by three men whose names was as this deponent hath heard is Bryan Mc Shane Carraugh Mc Hugh, Murtaugh Mc Laughlan Carraugh Mc Hugh and a sonne of ffarrell Ballaugh Mc Hugh and then and there by them most barbarously Cutt and wounded, and it was reported by the woemen that tended him, that hee had noe lesse then seaven or eight and thirty wound Cutts and Stobbs of which hee dyed the same night, And the deponents cause of knowledge of his beeinge wounded was by one of the said Towne haueinge some occacions that way where Corkran was and did see him, a little before hee was soe wounded, and imediately after, discovered some men lyeing in a Ditch and mistrusted that they lay in waite for the said Corkran wherevpon hee returned to the Towne with what speede hee could and told this deponent that hee feared his vncle would bee sett on for that because there lay some men in a ditch between him and the Towne, vpon Notice of which, this deponent with others of the Garrison went out towards the place where these men were first discovered and there found the said Corkran lyeinge in the High way soe wounded as aforesaid, and stripped, and after hee was brought to this Deponents house, hee desired the Minister to bee sent for which accordingly was and being demaunded whoe it was that wounded him hee answered <B> that it was the man that had the Sword whoe formerly robbed him, And this deponent saith that it was Commonly reported that not any one of that partie wherein hee was that wounded him had a sword but the said Bryan Mc Shane who lead the partie.

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And this deponent further saith that soone after this murther Committed one Rory Clevey Mc Hugh vncle vnto the said Bryan Mc Shane Carraugh Mc Hugh beeinge much troubled to heare that his Nephew should comitt soe horred an Act and beeinge afraide to remaine at his vsuall place of <C> abode sent to this deponent desireinge him to procure him a Conduct to Convey him to a place neere Boyle where hee desired to speake with this deponant, which accordingly hee did, and Att their meetinge the said Rory Clevey Mc Hugh told the deponant that hee thought good to make knowne who Committed the foresaid Murthur because hee it should not reflect vpon himselfe on any the rest of his Kindred that were not Guilty and told the deponent that the said Bryan Mc Shane Carraugh that were not Guilty Mc Hugh with two other were a one day gon into the Country and vpon their returne, hee demaunded of the said Bryan where they had beene hee answered that hee had beene towards the Boyle, and had done good service in the Killinge of one Corkran because hee was a protestant and one that had formerly beene a souldier and a greate Enemy to the Irish in the former Warrs.
And this deponent further sayth that about two yeres after it Chanced that hee was ridinge two Miles from Boyle and meete with the said Bryan Mc Shane and his father but they beeinge neere a Bogg the where they did both runn into the said Bogg where the deponent could not come at them But called vnto him, the said Bryan Mac Shane Carraugh and told him that hee heard that hee killed his his vncle Owen Corkan whereto hee answered that hee wou would not deny it to him but if it were to doe againe hee would both kill him and [ ] this deponent likewise if he could, and that hee did not care for all that ever this deponent or any elce could doe to him, for it
And this Deponent sayth that hee was told by QuarterMaster Kinge that hee meete with Bryan Mc Shane & with a sword by his side in the tyme of the Sessation and demaunded the reason why hee did weare one, hee answered that hee would never parte with it why said QuarterMaster Kinge, be was it for killinge old Corkran and hee answered that it had Cutt his flesh and hact his bones
Ja: Birne
Theis deposicions were taken
and signed in the presence of vs
John: Cole:
H: Wadington

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{The Examinacion of James}
Byrne concerning the death
of Corkoran.

At the Courte at the Boyle.

Deponent Fullname: James Byrne
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Quarter Master
Deponent County of Residence: Roscommon
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Owen Corkran, Bryan Mc Shane Carraugh Mc Hugh, Murtaugh Mc Laughlan Carraugh Mc Hugh, Rory Clevey Mc Hugh, QuarterMaster Kinge
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Mentioned, Mentioned