Examination oc Hiber Scott

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1653-12-23
Identifier: 830226r162


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County: Galway & Roscommon
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Assault, Captivity, Death, Multiple Killing, Robbery, Words, Succour
Commissioners: Thomas Richardson
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 226r

<The examjnacion of> Lieutenant Hiber Scott the sonne of Thomas Scott of Moyestown in the Kings County gent aged 34 yeres or thereabouts taken at Dublin the xxiijth day of december 1653 before us before Thomas Richardson Esquire one of the Members of the high Court of Justice
Whoe being duely sworne & examined deposeth & saith That <A> about Ester next after the begining of the present Rebellion in this Land of Ireland hee this Examinant was a Lodger in the howse of Alderman Martin Linch Provost in the Towne of Galway Into which howse not onely himself, but one Mris Harding the wife one Mr Harding a Minister & her sister Mistris Scotte & another English gentlewomen named (as he remembreth either Mris ffloyd or Mris Jenkinson, were together in one roome, And one Mris Butler was in another roome in that howse, And this Examinant then Lookeing out of a windowe of that howse into the streete sawe then one Morrogh รด fflahertie (stiled Collonel) of Eere Connagh (being a tall swarthy young man) Marching downe the streete with about 300 Irish rebells following him: which said Morragh & his Rebellious company being soe there, made a stand near the said howse, & imediatly forced into another howse iust over the way where about five of those souldjers first stabbed with their skeanes one Mris Collins an English gentlewoman whereof shee dyed then & there alsoe they Killd one John ffox a Chandler being an English Protestant by cutting off his head, & one of them in this Examinants sight brought out his head so cutt off, & by its haire threw it vpp Then (when it was fallen to the ground) a great Lustie <B> Irish woman tooke it vpp by the haire (in his sight alsoe, & threw it as high as shee could & it fell downe againe, Then about 20 or thirtie More of those Rebells entered at the dore where the Examinant & his frends before named were, in great violence, whereat, the Examinant (fearing their mallice to him) opened or rather brake a window in the Chamber where he was, & crept through the same, soe as by dangerous

fol. 226v

adventure in clymeing, he gott to the topp of the howse, from thence to seuerall other howses to escape their furie, but was not <C> out of hearing when he heard Mris Harding aforesaid & her Sister Mris Scott & another woman with them drawne downe the stares whoe pittifully striched becawse of the barbarous vsage then exercised vpon them, which in deed was such that the said Mris Scott (whoe was his brothers wiffe) djed (of bruises & hurts which shee then receaved by them,) within a short time after But this Examinant, notwithstanding his adventurous clymeing & flight was pursued by some of those rebells, yet by Gods providence gott into a secrett dark place betwixt the Eves of two howses where he crammed or forced himself to lye all night in the cold, And when he endeavored to es p escape in the morning he was vnfortunately mett withall & suprized by some of the same party whoe (as he is verely perswaded) was sent thither by a daughter of the said Martin Linch Provost, (whoe hath but one eye) for shee the night before Maliciously sought & searched after him, saying (in Irish) where is this English dogg, & came soe neare him in such her search, that he out of his obscure place could have touched her clothes, And saith that when those Rebells had soe surprized him, one Mr Bodkin (nicknamed blynd Bodkin) cryed out vpon them, & charged them not to kill him vpon their perills: By which occasion they carried him before the then Maior where he was to be examined, And quickly after <D> a tall Corpulent & high complexioned man of Galway whom the said Mr Maior then called by the name of Mr Darcie & whom this Examinant thincketh that (vpon syght) he can know againe) came to the said Mr Maiors howse, & into the roome where this Examinant was, before the said Mr Maior, with seven or viijt more or thereabouts with him & went into a roome next that where the Examinant then was, & then the said Mr Maior standing in the door betwixt them & the Examinant, did in their hearing) demand and ask of him this Examinant, whether he was sent to burne the towne or noe, he answered he was not, nor had any such intention but onely endeavoured to save his Liffe from those souldjers that had killd some other of his English frends at that tyme, and had

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<E> eagarly pursued him the nyght before to take away his life also (as he conceived), & then he had not done them any hurt, but being sickly hadd lycence from the said Maior to lye in the towne to recover his health wherevpon the said Mr Maior went into the next roome, & consulted with the said Mr Darcie and the rest for their advise in that busines, which fell out to be such that he this Examinant was then sent to the Common prison where he was restrained in great Misery about 3 weeks or a Moneth. But the next day after his comeing thither they putt into prison with him a barbarous bloody Rebell, whoe had a very long skeane & brack bragged how he had kild an English woman, & what good it had done him to see her child sprawle after he had ript it out of her wombe This barbarous villaine stayd there till the next day & was for the most part overtaken with drinck, The Examinant being vnarmed feared his liffe, but God deliuered him & that man was after many visitts of the townsmen) sent away the next day: Att length an English shipp comeing not in, the examinant (becawse he could speake both English & dutch was taken out of prison & sent to try whether the shipp was English or a hamburger, & goeinge accordingly mett with one that gott him such liberty that hee escaped to the ffort by his meanes, The parties name he hath now forgotten, although this Examinant (according to his ability) did afterwards make him some requitall And this Examinant further saith that he this Examinant & one Mathew Heys nowe of Liverpoole in Lancashire were in the fa doe very well know of the surprisall & murther of some of the men in Captaine Clarks shipp for he this Examinant being in the ffort of Galway did with much greefe behold the same &

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the said Mathew Heys was one of them that was in, & <G> belonged to the said shipp: And saith that at that time there was such compliance betwixt the towne & the English in the ffort, that those of the ffort were suffered to come into the towne vnarmed, & to buy what they could, but the day that the said shipp was taken & men therein killd, the then Maior of the towne & his Councell and Assembly cawsed the gates of the towne to be sh[ ] shutt, Then those of the ffort sent to know the reason thereof, & why they went about to surprize the shipp, but could gett noe answere that day: But when the shipp gunns & Amunition were taken & the Men killd, then the Maior & those of his Councell said it was done by the men of Ereconnogh which was vntrue, for this Examinant & the rest in the Castle saw the goods of the said shipp carried into the towne by the townsmen: He further saith that whilest hee was in Galway aforesaid he heard divers <h> of the souldjers of Ere Connaght say & affirme that the towne of Galway had promissed them good pay to destroy the English there, & that they would not depart the towne till they had their pay
The Examinant being asked what the said Maiors name of Galway was or is he saith he hath now forgotten the same, but well hopeth to discover the s ame it
Hee further saith that about [ ] eight moneths next after the begining of the Rebellion six seven Englishmen by name Mr Adam Nowell Serjeant Rowlright Mr James Percivall Tho: or James Bennett Tho Wright John fforlong John Gell gentlemen, went out of the ffort to proclaime a Cessation of Armes, which was agreed on betwixt the Erle of Clanrickard, & Captain Willoughby & others of the ffort, & for that purpose went as farr as Oranmore (being fowre miles from Galway) & there <I> were all suddenly surprized & taken prisoners (saveing the said Thomas Wright (whoe escaped by flight) by the Lord Clanmorrice & his forcs whoe carrjed them to or nere to Kilcornan, where they hanged the said Rowleright Bennett, & the said Mr Percivall, & also one Mr Adam Nowell And the said fforlong & Gell was carried away from thence by one Mr John Morgan of Kilcolgann, to a place not farr off: whose lives he saved as he

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might haue done the lives of the other fowre three (if he would) as this Examinant is verely perswaded
About Ester then next following a party of the English belonging to the fort goeing by boate into Ereconnoght to fetch <k> in forrage by were surprized by a great company & by them carried into Galway, where nyne of them were killd, & the heads of six cutt of & sett vpon Poles vpon the walls of the said towne of Galway, which was done by the Merchants & Irish gentlemen of the said towne, & (as he is verely perswaded) could not be done without the consent & concurrence of the then Maior with his Councell Assembly
Hyber Scott

The said examinant haveing now seene Patrick Darcy Esquire (a Prisoner in the Marshelseys) says That he is the same person which before <L> in his examjnation was is called Mr Darcie [ ] & was with the Maior of Galway aforesaid when this examinant was there, as he verely beleeveth & is perswaded in his Conscience:
Hyber Scott
23th of dec 1653.
Sworne before mee
Tho: Richardson

fol. 228v

The examjnation of
Lieutenant Hiber Scott

Deponent Fullname: Hiber Scott
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Gentleman
Deponent County of Residence: Kings County
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: Martin Linch, * Harding, Mris ffloyd, Mris Jenkinson, Mr Bodkin, Erle of Clanrickard, Captain Willoughby, Mris Harding, Mistris Scotte, Mris Collins, John ffox, Mathew Heys, Adam Nowell, Serjeant Rowlright, James Percivall, Tho Wright, John fforlong, John Gell, Tho: Bennett, Thomas Scott, Morrogh , Mr Maior, Patrick Darcie, Lord Clanmorrice, John Morgan, Captaine Clark
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Mentioned, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Witness, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Victim, Witness, Mentioned, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Rebel, Succour, Mentioned