Examination of Lieutenant John Betty

Citation: TCD, 1641 Depositions Project, online transcript January 1970
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Date: 1652-02-14
Identifier: 839053r034


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County: Derry, Donegal & Tyrone
Deposition Type: Commonwealth
Nature of Deposition: Arson, Killing, Multiple Killing, Words
Commissioners: Thomas Newburgh
Deposition Transcription:

fol. 53r

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The Examinacion of Lieutenant John Betty taken vppon oa{th} at Liffer before me Tho: Newburgh Esquire one of the Justices of the peace by authoryty of parlyment in the p Province of vlster the 14th day february 1652
Whoe beinge asked if he can say any thinge touchinge the Murthering of William Betty the elder William Betty the younger and David Long for which Edmond oge o Neill is accused & at present committed to the Gaoll at derry saith that as Jane this examinants mother whoe was the wife of the said William Betty the elder and Lieutenant ffrissells wife and Edward Betty told him, that Edmond oge o Neill at the breakeinge out of the late rebellion Came in the Morninge vnto the said William Bells house seituat vpon Cabra in the County of Tyrone with a great Companie and Neill oge o Neill with his Companey likewise, and <A> caused the howses there to be sett on fire, and the said Edmond oge o Neill caused the abouesaid David Long to be presently Murthered, and the said Edmond oge o Neill and Neill oge o Neill haueinge some contest about the liffe of William Betty, the one being willinge to saue his life but Edmond oge said noe Scotts bloud should be saued that day and soe prevayled that the said William Betty & sundry others were then ymediately Murthered, And this examinant saith that much more hath ben related vnto him but he himselfe being not an ey wittnes must referr it to the proofe and testymoney of his mother, Brother, and the wife of Lieutenant ffrissell and others whom he will produce to declare their knowledges in the premisses where soever the said Edmond oge o Neill shalbe brought to a tryall, or that they shall be there vnto required by any Justice of the peace whoe will alsoe testyfy that the said Edmond oge o Neill did take the said William Bettyes wiffe at that tyme by the hand, meaneing to kill her likewise vnles she would confess where her husbands money was, but she was preserved by one John Woods whoe was then of the said Edmond oges Company and farther at present saith not
Jo: Betty
Tho: Newburgh

fol. 53v


Deponent Fullname: John Betty
Deponent Gender: Male
Deponent Occupation: Lieutenant
Deponent County of Residence: Unknown
Mentioned Non-Deponent Fullnames: William the elder Betty, William Betty, David Long, Edmond oge o Neill, Neill oge o Neill, Jane *, Edward Betty, * ffrissell
Mentioned Non-Deponent Roles: Victim, Victim, Victim, Rebel, Rebel, Witness, Witness, Mentioned